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4 Jan. 2011
Storm's a-Brewin'
Angry customers face long lines, and Les decides whether a customer is fencing stolen goods. Then, the Golds consider an old tractor. Later, Les must intervene in Seth and Ashley's feud.
11 Jan. 2011
Desperate Pawn
Seth takes a beating when a negotiation turns into a Kung Fu fiasco. Then, Ashley scrambles to find a customer's guitar. Later, the Golds face off against a mob of desperate customers.
18 Jan. 2011
Skulls & Scoundrels
A man claims he was sold a fake watch, and the Golds must prove themselves. Then, Ashley explodes when her dad doubts her, and Seth disagrees when Les buys an elephant skull.
25 Jan. 2011
The Gambler
When a high-stakes gambler needs funds, are the Golds pressing their luck? Then, Les calls security when an argument gets violent. Later, a customer tries to sell a gynecologist's table.
1 Feb. 2011
Fool's Gold
Things heat up when an employee is asked to strip down and test out a tanning machine then a customer tries to sell her gold bracelet but Les tells her it's a fake.
8 Feb. 2011
Cash Kings
Les makes an out-of-character impulse purchase that turns the pawn shop into an arcade. Then Ashley is threatened by a customer when a negotiation goes too far.
15 Feb. 2011
Hot Rods, Raging Tempers
When a customer tries to sell his dead wife's diamond ring, the Golds surprise him by turning the item into a priceless pendant. Plus, Ashley butts in on a heated negotiation sending Les through the roof and resulting in a full-out family feud.
22 Feb. 2011
Whack Job
A customer pushes the staff to their breaking point with an endless parade of worthless items. Then, Ashley asserts herself when a woman brings in what she claims is rare music box. And, Ashley and Seth band together against an unruly customer.
1 Mar. 2011
Acid Test
Seth wants to make an expensive purchase that he says can save the store thousands. Plus, a customer wants to sell a fur coat allegedly made of rare monkey fur. Will Les bite or is this deal just bananas?
8 Mar. 2011
Gold War
A granny threatens Seth with a shotgun when her fur coat turns up torn. Plus, Les has his hands full with a negotiation over a vintage gumball machine and an enticing gold sale.
22 Mar. 2011
Family Feud
Les and Seth battle it out over the business when a difference of opinion explodes into a family feud.
22 Mar. 2011
Bad Blood
Les and Seth go through the roof when an employee smashes a flat-screen TV. Then, a couple unloads a storage facility worth of goods on the Golds. Will it be a windfall or trash pile?
29 Mar. 2011
Les' Revenge
Les exacts revenge when Seth spends company money on an impulse purchase. Then, a customer pushes Rich too far and gets kicked to the curb.
29 Mar. 2011
Gold Hustle
Les loses it on Ashley when her bad behavior costs him a big customer. Then, it's showdown time when Ashley stands her ground against her father and brother.
5 Apr. 2011
Sibling War
Seth and Ashley's bitter rivalry reaches a boiling point and turns the store upside down.
12 Apr. 2011
Les' Way or the Highway
Les fights Seth over a critical business decision. Then, a mad scientist claims his vintage device can cure deadly diseases. Will the Golds bite or give Dr. Evil the boot?
26 Apr. 2011
Sucker Punch
Les scrambles to find a buyer for a pimped out party bus in order to win an old bet with Seth. And later, Seth makes a shocking revelation that sends a couple into a rampage.
10 May 2011
Melted Gold
Seth steps in when a customer and employee square off in the parking lot. Then, Les and Ashley learn the meaning of "nut up" when they try to calm down a customer's maniacal mother.
24 May 2011
I Quit!
Les and Seth face down Ashley in a final power struggle that could change the face of American Jewelry & Loan forever.
21 Jun. 2011
Life After Death
With Ashley gone, business is booming - so Seth thinks. A battle erupts over a customer's loan. Then, a rare Mustang interests Les. Later, Les wants Ashley back, but Seth won't hear of it.
21 Jun. 2011
Return of the Queen?
An angry customer makes Lee snap. The Golds are offered Saddam Hussein's personal items, but are they real? Les calls a family talk. Will Ashley return to the business or will Seth intervene?
28 Jun. 2011
Fire Bomb!
A customer tries to rip off the store. The Golds have a chance to buy a genuine Olympic torch. A car fire in the parking lot and even worse, someone may be inside.
5 Jul. 2011
Les Walks Out
With Les gone, Ashley plots Seth's demise. A disagreement over jewelry leads to a vicious standoff. The Golds debate purchasing signed Michael Jackson memorabilia. Seth dangles a deal, but is someone getting shafted?
19 Jul. 2011
Les' Loses It
Seth is determined to snag a trove of vintage sports cards. The Golds scream when they discover how a customer had been wearing some jewelry. Later drunk customer pushes Les too far.
26 Jul. 2011
Blood Lines
Ashley impresses with her negotiating skills, reigniting her feud with Seth.? Les is threatened when a shark suit sale goes wrong. Struggling with sibling rivalry, Les is forced to make a big decision.
2 Aug. 2011
Turf Wars
The store divided, Seth and Ashley fight to defend their turf. A fake ID puts Les in a dangerous situation. A man with some gear for sale turns a business deal into a brawl.?
16 Aug. 2011
All in the Family
Tensions between Ashley and Seth run high, but a demanding customer forces them to band together. An Elvis record may command major cash. The gloves come off when a customer threatens Les.
30 Aug. 2011
Ashley vs. Rich
Rich invades Ashley's territory in the jewelry and loan department. Seth negotiates for jewels --and freaks at a customer's bad behavior. Les eyes a piece of movie memorabilia.
6 Sep. 2011
New Hire. Now Fire!
Seth challenges a 'roid-raging meathead to protect his father. Ashley surprises everyone with a new hire, who ends up taking the store's jewelry. A confrontation erupts and Seth is forced to step in.
13 Sep. 2011
Seth vs. Rich
Ashley faces danger head-on when a riled-up customer refuses to leave the store.
27 Sep. 2011
Drop the Bomb
Les hatches a plan to celebrate the store's 30th Anniversary.
4 Oct. 2011
Total Meltdown
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15 Nov. 2011
With Les' threat of opening another store looming in the air, Seth and Ashley must band together to convince him otherwise.
22 Nov. 2011
Final Decision
Les reveals to Seth and Ashley whether he'll buy the new pawn shop, but his decision has bigger consequences than anyone could have imagined.
29 Nov. 2011
Stolen Gold?
After purchasing the new store, Les discovers a bag of jewels in an old employee's desk.
13 Dec. 2011
Banned for Life
Seth gets schooled when a customer gives him a hard lesson in fine crystal jewelry.
20 Dec. 2011
Rematch: Ashley vs. Tressa
Ashley's nemesis Tressa returns to sell the Rolex that got her fired.
27 Dec. 2011
More Money. More Problems.
Les sends a troop of employees to the new store.

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