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Three Ring Circus Part 2

It's the day of the big event. Can ringmaster Karen pull it off without a hitch? Or will someone sabotage her efforts to impress her Uncle Les? And later, Ashley gives Les an ultimatum that could change the history of ...

Season 7

26 Mar. 2013
Frisky Business
After a devastating betrayal by their head of security, the Golds must crack down to protect themselves and their business - but when Seth's security measures go too far, he finds himself in the line of fire from Les, Ashley, and the entire staff.?
2 Apr. 2013
Short Staffed
Seth's security crackdown rubs the redeem girls the wrong way, and American Jewelry comes up short staffed - forcing the Golds to man the windows.? Out of his element, Seth struggles to stay on the ball, and with each new high drama customer, gets closer and closer to his breaking point.?
9 Apr. 2013
Monster Deals
Seth and Ashley battle it out to see who can bring in more new customers to the store.? Ashley's idea really blows up, but Seth has a secret plan in the works - and one that might just push his sister over the edge, and out of American Jewelry.?
16 Apr. 2013
Tipped Off
Customer drama is nothing new to the Golds, but when uproar in the pawn line reveals that an employee may be taking bribes, Ashley vows to get to the bottom of things.? Les and Seth brush off her conspiracy theory until a blow up on the floor forces them to pay attention.?
23 Apr. 2013
Redeem Girl Rumble
With employee relations not his strong suit, Seth tries to make amends by moving staff around.? Yet his plan backfires when his swap leads to a staff throw down.? Plus, Les checks out an old school peep show,
30 Apr. 2013
With their father/son relationship already on the rocks, a major miscommunication between Les and Seth could land a key employee on the chopping block.? Ashley tries to keep the peace, but could the damage be too deep??
7 May 2013
Watch Your Back
When Les allows a $60,000 watch to walk out the door on a handshake agreement, Seth and Ashley flip out. Will Les' old school rule pay off - or leave the family in the lurch? Plus, a life sized Silver Surfer slides into the shop, and Didgeridoo leaves the staff breathless.
4 Jun. 2013
American Jewelry & Zoo
n the wake of Les' bum watch deal, Seth and Ashley get on his case to curb his crazy buys.? He makes a deal to get the kids off his back, but when some interesting animals come through the door, it might be too much for Les to resist.?
11 Jun. 2013
Les Sells Out
Les has finally heard enough from Seth and Ashley about his bum watchband deal and bets that he can sell them off just to get the kids off his back.
18 Jun. 2013
You Bet Your Butt
Seth and Ashley have betting on the brain and start the day with a wager that has leaves one of them dressed to the nines.
25 Jun. 2013
Homefront Heat
Ashley is livid when she gets cut out of a deal by Les and Seth.? Trying to keep the peace and the business running smoothly, Les separates the siblings, but the battle spills onto the sales floor in a huge way.
2 Jul. 2013
Strike Out
Sibling rivalry is at an all-time high between Seth and Ashley, and when she faces down not one but two baseball deals that are clearly outside her comfort zone, Seth cries foul.
9 Jul. 2013
Les Goes Down
Brawling isn't out of the ordinary at American Jewelry and loan, but when customers throw down in the parking lot before the doors even open, Les knows it's a bad sign.
30 Jul. 2013
Bad Trouble Here
With Les out of commission, Seth and Ashley run the shop as co-managers, but when Seth's decision to cut back on staff leaves Ashley alone on the floor with one too many crazy customers, it's clear that sharing duties just won't work.
6 Aug. 2013
The Trouble with Michael
When a problem customer crosses the line, Ashley wants to ban him for good, while Seth thinks he's harmless.
13 Aug. 2013
Seth in Charge
With Les on the mend, Seth jumps at the chance to manage the store but his new idea to overhaul the lines creates major problems that Ashley is quick to point out.? Will these growing pains blow over?
20 Aug. 2013
Back in Action
Les is back on top, taking full control of the store - but when he crashes in on deal after deal, Seth and Ashley think he might be pushing too far, too fast.
27 Aug. 2013
Back to the Hustle
When two teens claim that they got scammed by a mystery woman with an inside connection to the shop, Seth brushes them off, but Ashley makes it her job to find out if they are telling the truth.
3 Sep. 2013
Seth Snaps
As acting manager, Ashley makes sure Seth feels the heat - and gets major payback. Will he grin and bear it, so that Les will finally take him off probation?
10 Sep. 2013
Computer Crash
When the computers go down, chaos at American Jewelry runs sky high. Lines run out the door and the customers are not too happy about waiting around - forcing Ashley to swallow her pride and ask her brother for help.
17 Sep. 2013
All-American Jewelry and Loan
Seth gets his hands on a baseball allegedly signed by Babe Ruth himself. But when he shells out some major bucks to have it authenticated, will his gamble pay off? Or will he strike out?
24 Sep. 2013
Breakdown at Tiffany's
When a cranky customer brings in a rare antique diamond pocket watch, Ashley and Les think it could be worth thousands but need verification before shelling out the big bucks.
15 Oct. 2013
Gold Crash
With a major drop in the price of gold, the store takes a huge financial hit. It's up to the Golds to sell, sell, sell, and make up for the loss.
22 Oct. 2013
Harold's Gamble
Les falls in love with a luxury watch and asks the store's watch expert, Harold, for his opinion on its legitimacy.
29 Oct. 2013
The Outsider
Seth brings in a consultant in a desperate bid to increase their retail business in the wake of the gold price crash. But when the outsider calls Les' expertise into question, there may be hell to pay at American Jewelry. Plus, the Golds check out Star Trek memorabilia that is out of this world, and one hot mama throws a tantrum when Ashley refuses to pawn her busted car seat.
5 Nov. 2013
Seth's Secret
Angry over his father's dismissal of the consultant hired to help increase their sales, Seth goes MIA, leaving the store in the lurch. When he doesn't come back, Les goes looking - and is shocked at where he finds his son spending his time. Plus, Ashley holds her own with a pack of wild animals, and a lady who thinks bigger is better - no matter what.

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