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You can't intentionally repeat accidental mediocrity
debtman16 May 2013
Let me start by saying, I am a huge fan of the original Birdemic. I've seen a lot of bad movies. Battlefield Earth is pretty bad. The Room is pretty bad. Manos, The Hands of Fate is pretty bad. Birdemic trumps them all.

And now we have a sequel. Believe me, I was excited to see this. So very very excited, which no one I know understands. But whatever, I know what I like and I like crap. Unfortunately, this movie does not deliver. I'm sorry, but there it is. The major problem you've got here is that this movie is trying way to hard to be as terrible as the first one, and that effort completely ruins it.

It's like William Hung on American Idol. You just can't believe it and are mesmerized by how awful it is. But then he just keeps doing the same thing over and over, milking it for fame and money once he realizes people like that he's terrible. Yes, I'm comparing this movie to William Hung. And yes, like poor Will this sequel has hit the point where it goes from being amusing to just being annoying.

Birdemic failed in essentially every way a movie could fail. The acting was horrible, the camera work dismal, the script was ridiculous, the sound work utterly terrible. I could run out of synonyms for 'bad' just trying to describe the first movie. And that, friends, is what made it great. Here you have a work of art lovingly created by someone and thrust out into the world, and you just cannot believe anyone could create something so awful.

Now imagine that experience, but now it's completely obvious they were trying to make something that awful on purpose. The magic is gone. Birdemic 2 is not so much a sequel, as it is the EXACT same movie but with better sound and camera work. The plot is the same. There are many scenes that are EXACT recreations of scenes in the first movie. In short the movie is, quite obviously, trying to pander to fans of the first movie's unintentional success. It's like watching someone absolutely terrible on American Idol, but then realizing that they're just trying to be terrible on purpose to get attention. It's not the same. The magic is gone.

And, to be honest, decent camera work and sound kind of kills the hilarity. Plus I like Whitney Moore better with long hair...
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As bad as the first "Birdemic" movie...
The first "Birdemic" movie was horrible, and while "Birdemic 2: The Resurrection" definitely had a major step up in production value, editing and sound, then it was still a complete waste of time.

Much similar to the first movie, the storyline is laughable and unfathomably stupid. Prehistoric vultures and eagles emerge from tar pits in Hollywood and start a murderous killing spree.

Right, well that was basically the storyline, nothing impressive here, and noting believable.

But wait, it gets better. The birds were equally horribly animated as in the previous movie, giving the audience a laugh at how awful the CGI is, and not being even remotely believable for one second. And while we are on the birds, then I was impressed with how they exploded in a red mist when they were shot by guns, but also how they never left behind any dead bird bodies as they died, and most impressively the fact that they could sound like diving airplanes and explode in a horribly CGI animated column of fire when the birds struck a solid surface.

The people in the movie were definitely using proper Hollywood guns, because they never reloaded their guns and apparently had infinite amounts of bullets in the magazines. It was just so bad to witness.

But it wasn't just all birds in the movie, no... There was also a complete and utterly horribly animated jellyfish that was attacking a pair of kicking legs, that was supposed to be underwater. I use the word "supposed" here, because that scene was so fake in every aspect that my eyes almost started to bleed. And to top it off, there were these laughable surfacing air bubbles sounds. Not even a dead person would be fooled into thinking that it was for a second underwater.

And as if badly animated jellyfish wasn't enough, then there suddenly were zombies in the movie as well. Are you kidding me? Zombies? And they were in the movie for about less than 5 minutes.

I didn't know that dead people still breathed, but I was proved wrong. Pay attention to a guy in dark clothes who dies on a street somewhere around the middle of the movie; during a close up on him you can clearly see the chest heaving as he breathes.

If you have had the misfortune of suffering through the first "Birdemic" movie, then you are in for the same kind of wooden acting, horrible script and equally poorly executed dialogue in "Birdemic 2: The Resurrection". And not even the actors and actresses believed they were being attacked by these poorly animated birds.

I am at least giving the movie a thumbs up for the major step up in the editing, sound and production value in general, but it didn't add anything to increase the enjoyment of this movie. As such, "Birdemic 2: The Resurrection" scores a mere 1 out of 10 stars, just as the previous movie.
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Still not as bad as Actium Maximus
boots_mcg23 March 2015
This movie was poorly thought out, badly executed, and terribly acted. The cast was bored, the crew was incompetent and they recycled the plot of and characters (including bridge scientist and Tree Hugger) which I guess is green...

Having said that, the 'special' effects are less 'special' than the original. The CGI birds occasionally interact with the world around them and are not fixed to the spastic camera. Also the driving scene has been replaced with a somewhat shorter swagger walk scene.

This is not a movie to watch sober, or alone. I spent so much time correcting my typos. This movie is still not as bad as Actium Maximus: Alien Dinosaur Wars.

The existence of Actium Maximus is the one reason this movie got 2/10... We have seen rock bottom and this is not it.
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Intentionally bad that is about 50% as funny as the first Birdemic
hunter_kudjo27 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
When you look at it, there really are four elements that make a "funny bad movie" one which we all enjoy: 1.) Bad technical execution (camera angles, audio noise, continuity).

2.) Bad plot that makes no sense.

3.) Stupid unexpected "twists" or actual unexpected crap that's hilariously bizarre.

4.) Bad dialogue.

Movies like The Room, Troll 2, Ninja Justice Style, and Birdemic: S&T all share these qualities. However there is a fifth element I totally missed, that I only realized after watching Birdemic 2:

5.) Unintentional ignorance on behalf of the director and crew.

This ignorance is what makes The Room so special...Wiseau agrees its a black comedy, but originally he thought he had made something incredible. Equally, Nguyen believed he was the reincarnation of Hitchcock in the first Birdemic. You can watch interviews and see that no matter what he's told, he believes that Birdemic is NOT a comedy. Nguyen is possibly the best horrible director in this respect, because of that stone-solid ignorance.

Fast forward to Birdemic 2 in 2013. The four elements are all still there, but at one point in the film, you realize that ignorance is missing. There are so many gags and obvious similarities between the first Birdemic and the sequel, that I began to wonder if Nguyen had really tried at all to continue his Hitchcock ambition in his own vision. Gags such as (((SPOILER))) random nude women, an insane amount of bad continuity (i.e., car ride with Bill and Gloria), hundreds of sequel similarities, and of course the blatant ending, all point to something inspiration.

It's essentially the first Birdemic, just in HD, more actors, more blood and CGI, more set locations, and no unintentional "creative" ingnorance from Nguyen.

I enjoyed the stupidity of the film, but not as much, since I feel Nguyen realized he could rake in more money from crowd-sourcing by just making a very similar bad movie. Yet again in several interviews, he explains how amazed he is that showings for Birdemic sold out. Nguyen actually makes more money than he ever dreamed of via theater showings and crowd-sourcing for the second film. Why try a different path for success, *Executive producer whispers in ear*, when the one you've got works? On the bright-side, the essential dialogue script must be Nguyen's own genius: obviously showing his struggle with English, same weird phrasing in conversations, and yet AGAIN with plot, no explanation as to why the Birds always leave for no reason. Most every spoken line I enjoyed much more than the same old gags on screen.

In the end, yeah, you should probably see this if you're a bad movie fan...but I look forward to Nguyen's next piece of ORIGINAL work that will undoubtedly be unintentionally terrible. Perhaps that's what the money from this one will go towards. :)
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The same bulls**t all over again…
swedzin9 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Hey, kids! Guess what? Our favorite worst director is back! James "The Crazy Guy" Nguyen is back in town with the sequel of the most shockingly stupid film "Birdemic" called "Birdemic 2: The Resurrection". And guess what? This one is amazingly bad too and it's not far away from the first one. It's basically the same story all over again, but the birds appeared in kind of… different way… James Nguyen… probably the guy who suffers from some mental disease… he still thinks, even today… that he made a big hit film! More like… big hit failure. Please… don't finance him anymore, whenever you see Nguyen on the doorway of your studio, don't open… or run! I won't deny that I had a good time watching 'Birdemics' with my friends, but, it's time to stop this…

OK, now let's dive into the film. Check out the names of the studios… "Chill" and "I got the fish movies"… oh… the good old names for movie studio… you know "The Devil's Testicle Movies", "Sugar Pimple Pictures" and so on… Again, you don't know… are you watching documentary or a porn? Or a documentary about making porn. There's nothing much to say, except that is pretty much same as the first film, we have some new characters and we a have a bunch of old ones from the first one. Alan Bagh (or as I like to call him, the actor of steel, because he gave us the most chilling and the most unemotional, inhuman performance, I still think that he is a robot! Programmed by Nguyen!) and Whitney Moore (the girl with the plastic performance, but here… she looked kind of like she didn't have a proper sleep for a few days… I think that she was bored, quite uninterested in her performance) are here! Yep, Rod and Nathalie are here, and… they obviously do not remember anything about the events from the first film… They didn't say anything, literally nothing about the first film. Like it never happened! What a hell?! The two new characters are Bill and Gloria. Bill is played by Thomas Favaloro, this guy's acting is like… well, he looks like a handsome, retarded tool. Acting is zero. Gloria is played by Chelsea Tumbo, acting is silly, her character (like all of them, actually) is dumb, she was just a dumb, beautiful mannequin. The first part of the movie, before the bird attack, the entire plot revolves mostly around them… so what about Rod and Nathalie? What is their purpose here? To compete? What!? We also have Dr. Johns, again on the bridge… explaining something about eagles in prehistoric times… I say 'something' because I couldn't hear him properly, because audio is freakin' low… the movie is like a video game, you need to set voice audio little higher… for f**k sake… The tree hugger is also here, and he found his mate, he looks even creepier here, with his Crispin Glover face… and still gives the same explanation about global warming… oh for f**k sake… again the environment message… because of this film… I just want to kill every bird in the world and cut all the trees… with fire and incendiary bombs! Nathalie's mother Nancy is also back, played by the same actress… and we didn't hear anything about her in the first film, after the bird attack, did she died, did she hide and survive, she come out of nowhere, without any explanation… I mean… characters in this film are living by some porn logic… only without fuc**ng… And the character of Bill Stone is also here (the guy who says "for a billion dollars in the first film") and plays a movie producer, by the same name, his character in the first film was a… director of the firm in which Rod worked, or something like that… and somehow… these characters… they are just magical! So unusual! So… dumb.

So… the story is pretty much the same… Bill and Gloria are our new characters and they are getting to know each other better, they date, they enjoy, they have sex… blah blah, and after that …the birds attack. Always after sex. Which makes me wonder… Were Nathalie and Gloria virgins? Because after the sex scenes in the first and in this film… the birds attack… it somehow gives me this idea that they were virgins… and remember how in some old films, the leading virgin girl is not supposed to be hurt… but here… the birds waited for that intimate moment and they attacked. OK, but that is just a funny idea… forget what I said. Then we have an unexplained 'red rain', or maybe blood rain that somehow resurrect caveman and cave woman to do… nothing. Absolutely nothing. We also have zombies! Zombies! Yeah, why the f**k not?! Obviously, Nguyen is a fan of "Walking Dead"… well, being the most popular zombie drama at this moment. So, it's just the amazing ride through the film… Lord, have mercy… the budget was just incy wincy bigger than before, but it was poorly used again… poor audio, poor home camera, poor script… the CGI… oh, see the film if you want to know what I am talking about. My favorite scene is jumbo jellyfish scene… that girl… that was definitely a porn actress… her manners, oh, they were so porn like, I expected a good hardcore f**k on the beach.

So, here you go… the movie is just unexplained, mental adventure, and I suggest you get high or drunk, or both before watching it. The only positive thing about this film and the first one… it can make you laugh. And remember, laughter is a very healthy thing.
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A cinematic masterpiece
Max Harper13 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
A beautifully constructed crap-fest by visionary idiot James Nguyen. With more continuity errors and awful sex scenes than the room. I would recommend this to a friend if I hated them and they had a spare pair of pants. To say this is so bad it's good would be an insult to directors everywhere. My favourite actor was the cameraman in the motel sex scene looking on and probably thinking "WHAT AM I DOING?" And also the boom Mic gave a wonderful performance in blocking out the camera so I didn't have to see the film. The film is also full of pretentious preachy messages about global warming, so much so that you could probably make a drinking game every time they mention it or check to see if a blood covered corpse is still alive. Aside from the ending my favourite part was the topless women attacking birds with towels, they actually put on a decent performance by porn standards. Another interesting factor is how the film promotes itself with references to how indie cinema is better than Hollywood, it backfires and assures me that I never want to see an indie film again. Overall it is a well crafted defecation on cinema. 10 out of 10
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All Birdemic 1 had was a lack of self awareness that made it funny. Birdemic 2 doesn't even have that.
Achoo425 August 2016
I tried watching it for free on Youtube and I still feel like I got ripped off.

Let's start with the highs: None. This is not a "so bad it's good" movie like the first Birdemic. It's a "so bad it's bad" movie.

Lows: Everyhing. All the unintentional mistakes from Birdemic 1 are now intentional in Birdemic 2. This proves just how much of a moron James Nguyen is. You can't expect to have the same level of charm by intentionally repeating your mistakes. It was funny the first time, from the terrible audio, to the coat hangers, to the idiotic birds, that had a level of humor and charm to it that you just can't repeat. I hate this movie with a passion. I loved Birdemic 1. 2 just ruined the franchise for me.

Verdict: The worst movie I've seen all year. Definitely on my top 10 most hated list. This is absolute garbage. Get Birdemic 1, Trolls 2, The Room, whatever, just stay clear of this movie.
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I wish I could vote negative!
mikey-242-43576722 November 2014
One of the actresses says it: "Bill, you're a terrible shot". They fire and fire and fire and fire and fire and don't hit a single bird for the longest time. And this is inside a closed building. How did these huge birds get inside the building. And why in the world would any of these people, shooting a movie, have guns? And MULTIPLE of the people standing around had guns. And let's wave an umbrella at them. That will help. And when they hit the birds, they disintegrate! The just blow up without leaving any blood of bodies hanging around.

That's just one small bit of a horrible movie. Shy in the world is there no negative rating on this site. The birds just hover. They don't attack anyone. Just hover and seem mean but never dive down and do anything. Oh, wait, they figured out now to dive now. Evolution in action!! Oh, here's an idea, let's use Ju Jutsu on them.

This is so bad it is not even good. The birds are still flying but they just stop shooting and the birds disappear. Here's an idea. Don't shoot and they will disappear in the first place.

How awful. Really a waste of time unless you want a travelogue of the Universal back lot.
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Just a masterpiece.
BloodMethAndTears27 July 2016
Ι proudly admit to have watched this masterpiece of a movie. The effects and cgi were just astonishing and the SFX sound was... breathtaking. It is indeed a horror film,nothing like what you have seen. The best horror movie I have ever seen. Horror movies like Psycho,The Exorcist,Seven are nothing compared to this movie. Oh, I should mention also the incredible acting... Its just astonishing to watch the lead actor acting the hell out of it. The way he walks and speak... its pure magic. Also, I loved the ecological messenger of the movie: "Don't cut down trees to make toilet paper". A movie you must watch before you die. It is NAWWTTT even a movie. Its a whole experience that's going to alter your life.
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If you need a reason to live, this is it
rebecca_rinehart25 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Before watching this movie, I felt empty. I lived a boring life day after day... Until I found this movie. The banging cavemen carved a mental imagine into my mind that will never be healed. This movie made me feel something. Love. This movie saved me. A solid 10/10. Have you ever felt neglected? Scared? Hurt? Well this movie is here to comfort you. You go on an emotional journey with these horribly developed characters. By the end of it, you feel renewed. You feel young. Have you ever felt self-hatred? This movie will make you LOVE yourself because this is just so bad there is nothing good about this entire train wreck.
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Yep... They did it!
Spooneads .3 October 2014
Birdemic was an absolutely terrible film! Some people consider it to be so terrible that it's kind of fascinating in its own special way. No one expected a sequel, especially considering how poorly received the movie was and how preachy it was. But, with the compelling box art this movie got, and the $40,000,000 budget, you've got to think, they could make this work! It might actually be decent! But no. This movie... managed to be WORSE than the first one! I wasn't aware this was possible but hey, I guess if you give it your all, anything can end up being absolutely diabolical. And that's exactly what they did! With this movie's huge budget, how they didn't seem to learn or improve on ANYTHING, I can only assume that this was done purposely bad. The first birdemic movie was cute, a failed attempt at an amateur movie which you're just... fascinated by. However, Birdemic 2... has no excuse. This is just... sad.
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Pretty much what you'd expect from a sequel to a terrible film.
MartinHafer12 April 2016
"Birdemic" is a notoriously bad film that is currently #8 on the IMDb Bottom 100 list. Surprisingly, the same filmmaker decided on a sequel, as apparently he decided to bring us more of the same because there is an odd cult-like following for this bad film. "Birdemic 2" is currently #34 on the obviously James Nguyen didn't learn much from his previous outing.

The plot, for what it matters, is about a couple of guys who are going to make a film. However, during shooting, a bunch of ridiculously unreal looking CGI birds start ripping everyone apart. The 'birds' are about as scary as a sock puppet bird and are sad to look at because of the 1990-quality CGI. Additionally, the acting, direction, editing and, especially sound quality, are just awful. However, the director has fun with it this time...tossing in some obviously gratuitous boobs, an almost funny cameo by a couple of tree-huggers, zombies, global warming and inserting an actor playing himself into the film as a guy planning on using this bird attack as inspiration for an upcoming film. So, while everything about the film is bad, at least the movie never takes itself seriously and appears to be a deliberate attempt to cash in on its being a bad film! Strangely enjoyable for bad film buffs but crap through and through.

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This movie is not worth the 3.99 to watch it.
Jarrod Halpern22 March 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is really not worth the 3.99 you have to pay to watch it legally. There are points where it seems like James Nguyen is just trying to get people to watch it by desperately throwing in pointless nudity, zombies, and cavemen. The audio HAS improved since the first movie, but it still sounds like IPhone 3g audio at times. The signs on buildings are blurred out in many scenes, and it just seems like a very low quality film. You can't just take a bunch of 5 dollar props, a few clips from the internet, and some CGI birds you used in your last movie and throw it all together. The budget just cannot be blamed for this abomination. It is fun to make fun of and to mock. I barely got through the first 10 minutes without laughing at the mockery of a movie this is.
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I haven't laughed this hard since... well, the first Birdemic!
abqstreetcar18 April 2013
I am a HUGE fan of the first Birdemic. It changed me. Never had I seen such an honestly sincere attempt at film go so hilariously wrong. I recommend it to anyone who loves so-bad-it's-good movies, it's so awesome.

Birdemic 2 isn't the perfect sequel to Birdemic, but it's still pretty damn entertaining. Rest assured that the sincerity of the first movie is still there, as is James Nguyen's heavy-handed touch (the main character, now a Hollywood movie director, is still a placeholder for Nguyen himself). The dialogue is just as insane (all the clumsy writing trying to explain what happened since the first Birdemic was definitely my favorite thing in this film). The graphics are still so awful they leave you clutching your sides. And characters are introduced and then immediately forgotten about, just like in the first movie. The magic is still there.

In fact, many of the elements of the first Birdemic have been reproduced in the sequel. Indeed, the story follows much the same arc as the first, with events occurring in the same order. I get the strong sense that Nguyen saw this as an opportunity not just to tell a new Birdemic story, but to essentially remake Birdemic; to do it the way he would have done it if he had had money and a crew the first time around. So some might look at this as a cheap attempt to just copy the first movie to capitalize on its success. And perhaps that is what happened.

But I'm going to give Nguyen the benefit of the doubt, because he does add a lot of new elements to this movie, and this is where Birdemic 2 really shines. I don't want to spoil anything, but the new things he throws in are insane and absolutely hilarious. In fact, strangely enough, the bird scenes were my least favorite part of this movie (and they were my favorite in the first) because they started to get rather repetitive. Fortunately, there is enough wackiness going on that it doesn't bog down the movie too badly.

So no, I wouldn't say it's the perfect sequel to Birdemic. But it's pretty damn awesome. The heart is still there, and the clumsy tie-ins to the first and the new stuff makes it totally worth the money I paid for an online copy. This is definitely a movie I'm going to watch a hundred times over, just like the first Birdemic. Like I said, it feels like Nguyen tried essentially to remake Birdemic but bigger and better this time. I'm not sure if you need to have seen the first Birdemic to really enjoy this, but there's a lot of silly tie-ins which you can only appreciate if you've seen the first, so I'd recommend it.
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Birdemic 2 is a perfect sequel to the original!
richardciancioso16 April 2013
James Nguyen certainly hit's a home run with this second incarnation of the Birdemic franchise with the help of producer Jeff Gross I attended the Long Island showing of Birdemic 2 and I have to say I was glad that I attended. I had such a blast there and a great movie experience to say the least.

The original stars were back in Rod and Natahlie, as well as other small returning roles done by Damien Carter(great new song by the way), Tree Hugger(who has a new wife in the movie), "The old guy on the bridge" scientist and Nathalies mother. New star roles by Gloria and Bill were put into the movie to add another love story element to the film.

The movie production you can tell was much, much better then the original. That was expected as the original budget was not nearly as the new movie. For lovers of the original there were a lot of sly references to the first one that made everyone watching have a fond memory of the original as well as spectacular new scenes in this version.

You cannot help but follow the love story with Gloria and Bill just as you did in the original with Rod and Nathalie. It told a story of a struggling actress and movie producer trying to make their big break, and I bet it hit home with a lot of people struggling to become something in life. That's what this movie did, it told stories and gave people realizations on what can really be going on in the world. Some people might want to say that it is to preachy about global warming, but I believe that it is a message that is thrown in there as an add-on to the romantic thriller story that is going on in the movie. Every movie has a message in it some way or another, but sometimes people tend to forget that this is true.

This is one sequel I would recommend seeing, especially if you enjoyed the first one.
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A Hilariously Stupid Good Time!!!
Pumpkin_Man7 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I think that Birdemic 2 is much better and far more entertaining than the original. It's so amazingly bad that you can't help but laugh at the ridiculousness. There is terrible acting, terrible cgi, more global warming PSA's, and even zombies! Rod and Natalie are back, and this time they are helping their friend, Bill make a movie about a struggling actress in Hollywood. Bill meets Gloria and begins falling in love with her. He asks her to be the main star of his film. While filming, the next wave of Birdemic starts up. The group of friends try to stay alive and fight off the fake cgi birds with guns with unlimited ammo and clothes wires. The ending was very anti-climatic. If you want a hilariously awful film in the vein of The Room, ThanksKilling or the original Birdemic, I'm sure you'll love BIRDEMIC 2: THE RESURRECTION!!!
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Did I dream this?
Alan who18 May 2013
The only saving grace for this alleged movie, would have been seeing the LAPD or SWAT turning up when they are all running around shooting. As I don't believe there is yet a law for imprisoning people for crimes against art, I would like to hope that no-one involved in this is ever hired to work on a movie again, not even to fetch coffee.

From the wooden acting, terrible audio (buy a muffler guys) to the continuity errors, not to mention the childlike CGI, this cringe-worthy production had it all, I have to ask did they even watch the completed version? Did it not occur to anyone involved to look at editing the multitude of pauses between dialogue.

I hear people say this follow up was homage to how bad the first Birdemic was, but no I disagree, no-one could make anything as bad as this by design, I do hope those who bankrolled this abomination take time to read the reviews and ask just what the money was spent on, as restitution everyone involved would be better finding a different profession and funding a scholarship for a film student or purchasing film equipment for a local community media group.

I enjoy B-Movies expecting them to be bad, but fun, however, this genuinely made me feel sick and sorry for anyone who spent any money on supporting it being made.
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Well it's... um... not as bad as the first one
nuhc10 November 2015
... in the same sense that having a terrible cold isn't as bad as having the flu. Seriously, this movie stinks as bad as the first one. The format is the same in that we follow our heroes doing virtually nothing for 40 minutes, then the birdemic happens, and then our heroes drive around shooting birds for the rest of the movie.

If there's one thing which can be said in favor of Birdemic 2, it's that the editing is slightly better. But the acting is still totally atrocious, and the main actors didn't seem to learn much about acting between Birdemic 1 and 2. In fact, Whitney Moore's acting ability seemed to have gotten worse. And of course the plot is also nonexistent and the story line is completely ridiculous. And the movie starts out with about 10 minutes of what looks like surveillance footage of a guy walking down the street.

The same usual bad camera work is in use for this sequel as well. At times it's obvious a hand-held camera was being used as the shots got a bit shaky. The sound was atrocious, and often the actors' voices were covered with background music, sound effects, or noise (Mr. Nguyen, please invest in a boom mike before making any more movies). In some scenes no effort was made for sound dampening, as the actors' voices echoed from the room they were shooting in.

The basic plot makes no sense, as somehow some kind of blood rain falls making all sorts of prehistoric eagles and vultures come back to life from the La Brea tar pits. I guess global warming is so bad it melts the tar and makes dead animals stuck in it come back to life. And somehow even a couple of cave people for good measure. Later in the movie it even makes zombies rise from the grave. All of which our heroes have to fight. Of course, if they didn't think they had to stop and help the weirdest people they could find while driving around in a stolen RV, they wouldn't have that problem. And of course, the ending is as anticlimactic as in the first Birdemic. But we are hit over the head with a bunch of anti-global warming and pro-green preaching. Climate change is a big deal, but nobody's going to win someone over to environmental issues with a crappy movie like this.

There are plenty of mistakes in this movie which make it laughable. The actors fire hundreds of shots from pistols, shotguns, and an Uzi, but never have to reload. In the first bird attack scene on the movie set (inside a building, somehow the birds got inside) I counted some 77 shots fired between two actors firing pistols without reloading. And of course with all the birds getting hit and splattering into pieces, none of them end up dead on the floor. The actors constantly have blood on their faces & arms which disappears between shots, and they never actually got scratched by a bird in the first place. The scene in the movie theater where the birds were attacking the moviegoers (again, inside a building), the people were just sitting in their seats being attacked but not running out of the building. And when some people get splattered with bird blood, it makes them fall down and die for some reason. This is never explained. Neither is it explained why the blood rain would make a few zombies crawl out of their graves. Also, in the first movie Rod was a pro-green environmentalist, but in this movie when talking to people about saving the environment he acted like it was a new concept.

And of course we have the same kind of animated .gif birds which were in the first movie, which makes it totally unrealistic and unbelievable. It is, though, funny seeing all these "attacking" birds on the screen over a shot of a public park with people walking around nonchalantly.

There is a gratuitous boobie scene in this movie, which surprised me since in the first movie Nguyen didn't want the lead characters to get naked in the hotel scene. That scene is actually the best thing in this entire movie.

Birdemic 2 is bound to be yet another "so bad it's good" classic. If you're a real masochist, watch both of them in succession.
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Beyond My Expectations
velvetkevorkian61025 April 2013
In my opinion, out of any type of movie to make a sequel for, making a sequel to an outstanding "bad" movie is the hardest. It has to do with the fact that the magic that's captured in a perfect bad movie can be entirely unintentional. I had this in mind when the sequel to the outstanding "Birdemic: Shock and Terror" was announced and was quite nervous for how the result would turn out. After having attended the Chicago premiere of the film tonight, I can say with complete honesty that this movie was outstanding.

The genius of this sequel comes straight from Nguyen himself, who has honestly demonstrated a great amount of skill in the way he created this movie. Instead of taking the good parts from the first film and recycling them in an over the top manner, James instead was able to retain all the charm of everything that was good in the first film while also improving in a few areas over the original.

One really noticeable difference is a new element of intentional comedy in this sequel that wasn't found in the original. This was what most worried me about the movie before seeing it, because the entire reason the first movie was so great is that the comedy was UNintentional. I'm glad to say that the intentional humor was not used in this movie to take the place of the unintentional humor that made the first so great. The jokes are funny and the fact that they are used helps to give the rest of the film a really genuine feeling; you never feel like Nguyen is trying to imitate the "bad" things from the first Birdemic to exploit them for laughs. This is a major plus and in my opinion the greatest success of this movie.
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An Honest, Insane Piece of Filmmaking
zatoichi116 April 2013
I was a huge fan of the first Birdemic movie, but unsure about how a sequel would play out. I loved the original because of its earnestness & passion—mixed with craptitude. The movie worked because the actors & director aspired for greatness, but were hamstrung by their lack of knowledge of the craft. There's always a fine line between a bad to mediocre movie, or one that's so bad it's good. Birdemic: Shock and Terror nailed it. That being said, I was concerned that the director would be in on the joke in the sequel. A Birdemic movie that laughed at itself would ruin everything that made the first one great. It was with these reservations that I went to a NY screening of the sequel, Birdemic 2: Resurrection.

I'm happy to say my fears were unwarranted. Behind a bigger budget lies the same charm as the original. There's terrible dialogue which becomes immediately quotable: "giant jumbo jellyfish" and inexplicable (or perhaps avant-garde) camera-work (think extreme close-ups and uncomfortably long cutaways). The CGI used in the film had me dying—it's not just for birds & fire anymore…. The majority of the old cast is back, with no character too small to reprise their role. Alan Bagh & Whitney Moore return with the same on-screen chemistry & improved hand- to-hand combat techniques. New characters are introduced and fit perfectly into the Birdemic mythos. Some back story is given, which led to some of the biggest laughs of the night. Damien Carter rocks a new song (while making love to the camera) that turns out to be more infectious than "Just Hanging Out". My wife has since forbidden me from playing it.

Despite my hot, sweaty love for the first Birdemic film, I found myself enjoying Birdemic 2 even more. You can't fake heart—and this film has heart. The sequel really benefited from better pacing and improved audio (phone conversations have been hysterically overlaid like the voice of God). At the end of the day, Birdemic 2 is an honest, insane piece of filmmaking by director James Nguyen and I can't wait to return to his world of exploding prehistoric vultures & eagles. And zombies. And cavemen. And giant jumbo jellyfish.
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Dead, they are all dead
Michaelskorn2 May 2013
So bad, not as funny as the first and relied heavily on not only the same loose plot of the first but also relied in the script of the plot of the first.


If the director was making this as a "without pun" comedy then he almost got it right. Further studying of Garth merangies dark place would help him.

Sadly I think he was trying to make a serious movie. If so shame on all the others for stringing him along !!!

So review is.

If movie = director and team trying to be serious


If movie = joke by whole team, not bad but not as good as first
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James Nguyen and cast did not disappoint!
P.j. Regan16 April 2013
I attended a NYC screening of Birdemic 2: Resurrection last week in NYC where I met the cast, director and producer. Having seen the first Birdemic there were certain expectations I had in keeping with the way the original film was written. Truly a cult following has been created seeing as numerous people came out to be a part of the screening. After a brief introduction to the film by the director James Nguyen the film began.

I have to admit, the film did not disappoint. It maintained its consistency with the first Birdemic completely. The long shots, the bird effects, the cast, the periodic awkwardness of the actors, etc. There were some rather "cheesey" points in the film, some that seemed to go a tad off the story line similar to the original, but regardless I thoroughly enjoyed it. This is what I truly wanted to see. Consistency. Too often we see sequels to movies that lack the artistic quality of it's predecessor, whether it be a huge improvement or a totally different story line. The Birdemic movies to date are both extremely persistent.

In fact I went for a second screening on Long Island the next day. Even more people came out to see the screening there, a group even with homemade Birdemic t-shirts. I loved it!

During the Q&A sessions both nights with the cast (Alan and Whitney) and crew (James and Jeff) the audience got to hear what went on behind the scenes. What I did not know was that James Nguyen funded the first Birdemic out of his own pocket. Clearly the man is passionate about his work. He has a vision and he did everything he could to show us his vision with his films. If the second Birdemic had been funded with a Hollywood budget of millions and had been cast with Hollywoods "finest", with professional CGI effects... it would NOT be Birdemic. If the film had been shot any other way than it was and not kept in tune with the first Birdemic... to me it wouldn't have been Birdemic. Cult movies are created and respected because of their consistency and their special characteristics and it's evident these films have created quite a following. The Birdemic franchise has become its own brand with it's own peculiar kind of greatness.

As a matter of fact I plan on seeing another screening soon.
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Despite never reaching the unintentionally-hilarious heights of the first film, "Birdemic 2: The Resurrection" is a serviceable and entertaining sequel.
MaximumMadness5 May 2014
A few years ago, director James Nguyen's infamous "Birdemic: Shock and Terror" swept popular culture. (Well, at least in some circles) An attempt to emulate films like Hitchcock's "The Birds" whilst delivering a contrived environmental message, "Birdemic" became an icon in the word of "so bad, it's good" entertainment. (You know, those films that are so dreadful, they become unintentionally entertaining and hilarious) With it's bizarrely poor direction, robotic acting, laughable production values and special effects, and an almost painful script, it was almost literally a perfect storm of awfulness. And yet it was so... so... funny!

So when I heard that Nguyen was working on a follow-up, I became excited. I was hyped to see more of the trademark awfulness that has plagued all of Nguyen's work. But then I realized something: The first film had become iconic. And it was clear that James Nguyen understood it's appeal was related to how unintentionally goofy it was. I quickly understood that this follow up was likely going to be TRYING to be bad. It was going to make an intentional effort to be silly and of a poor quality. And that almost never works. You just usually can't re-catch that lightning-in-a-bottle if you're trying too hard with the follow-up.

But I gave this film a chance. And I am happy to report that for the most part, despite it's self-referential nature and obvious self- awareness, this film still does more-or-less deliver the chuckles and belly-laughs that the first supplied. Albeit, not as often and not as heartily.

We follow a group of four leads, primarily focusing on Bill (Thomas Favaloro), a Hollywood director trying to make his big comeback after his second film failed to live up to the heights of his first effort. With the financial help of Rod (Alan Bagh) and Nathalie (Whitney Moore), two returning characters from the original film, he is able to move forward with his dream project, "Sunset Dreams." He soon meets Gloria (Chelsea Turnbo), an attractive waitress and struggling actress, and is smitten with her. After casting her in the lead roll of his film and finally consummating a romantic relationship, Bill, Gloria, Rod and Whitney suddenly find themselves under the attack of a new Birdemic. But this time, it's different. The birds are actually ancient, pre- historic birds brought back to life by a toxic red rain (presumably caused by pollution)... And they aren't alone. The same rain has also managed to raise the dead, supplying zombies and other obstacles for our protagonists.

This is honestly a hard film to analyze in many ways. I can't say for sure which of the performances are genuinely good or bad, due to the fact that the production is self-aware, and thus many of the actors are in on the joke this time. The same applies to the effects and writing- it's just too hard to say which scenes were done seriously, and which were done intentionally tongue-in-cheek. Whereas the first film was a clear effort to make a decent film that just backfired spectacularly, this one alternates between trying to be an honest sequel, and trying to be a piece of self-parody from scene to scene. (Although I do believe that more often than not, it's intentionally self-aware.)

All I can say is that analyzing the performances and the various aspects of the production is a moot point here. Instead, I have to speak of this film in broader strokes.

And in the broadest sense, I do think this sequel fundamentally works. Despite its self-awareness, which does rob a bit from the laughs, there is still an overabundant sense of incompetence that lends a lot of humor. And I have to be honest in admitting that there is a certain charm here in seeing the film make fun of itself and of its predecessor. The original was so joyously bad, that just re-visiting these characters and seeing them point out how silly they are... it just works for me. Though it never is able to reach the sheer brilliance of the first film, nor is it able to match the tremendous laughs it supplied... this sequel does do a decent, serviceable job of giving fans of the original more of what they want. It may not be perfect, but by god, this movie is TRYING. It wants to entertain fans. It wants you to love it. It wants audiences to laugh. And I admire that. Even when this film wasn't working, I was still grinning, because this... film... tries.

And if you want me to be REALLY honest... After seeing this, I hope we will one day get a "Birdemic 3."

I am giving "Birdemic 2: The Resurrection" a pretty-good 7 out of 10 for its entertainment value. Grab a hanger for protection, pop it in with some friends, and get ready to chuckle!
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Is bad
kalebodonnell-9310214 November 2017
In birdemic 2: the resurrection they take all the things you could laugh at about birdemic and ruin it The stock transitions with terrible sound effects really ruin the experience further, and when they stop the "fight" scenes start, while it's slightly better they are just birds lazily overlaid onto the film barely moving with people waving around objects

10 out of 10 ign
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Cant Believe They Made a Sequel - Its as bad as the first
The Critic21 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Synopsis - Same crap as the first mutant birds attack city.

Well they made a sequel and its just as bad, bad acting which is very painful, editing, sound, dialogue and so on. Its just like the first one but a touch better as in sound. Why would anyone make this rubbish? The scenes like the opening credits are like how long? The scenes where they are shooting the birds in the cinema and in a town are pitiful. You can tell they're missing the birds cos they're not there.

Please spare us another one of these. The writer, director and whatever else he does needs to go back to film school or something. Hope he has a day job.

Avoid with the plague a second time. They might get the message.
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