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The Best & Worst Twilight.
Matt_Layden20 November 2012
This is the first time I sat in a theatre to watch a Twilight movie. I think the theatre experience maybe helped me enjoy the film more than I should have. Nevertheless, Breaking Dawn Part II is not only the best entry in the franchise, it's also the worst. How can that be? For a good 20 minutes, the film tries to be daring and does something different. Yet it is all undone by playing it safe and ruining what came before it.

I have to stress that yes, this film did NOT have to be broken up into two. The first film was an hour and a half of filler, followed by 20 minutes of awesomeness. This entry is an hour and a half of build-up, followed by 20 minutes of awesomeness X10, followed by the worst decision the series has ever made to date.

I have seen every Twilight movie, I'm not a fan, nor am I a hater. I'm always objective when it comes to these movies. The highest rating I've given one of them is a 5, that went to Eclipse. Breaking Dawn Part II could have easily gotten a 7 from me, had they had the balls to go through with what we were witnessing. A twist so inane, that it actually made me boo at the screen. I don't think I've ever booed at any movie in the theatre before, so congratulations Breaking Dawn Part II, you achieved something.

Now, that awesomeness that I was speaking of, it is indeed awesome. I was cheering, I was laughing, I was having a blast. The people around me, I'm assuming fans, were gasping at the carnage they were witnessing. I had a giant smile on my face. Did the creators finally take the series in a bold direction? Did they finally have the balls to do something different? Yes, they did, but then they ruin it. I can't stress how awful that made me feel.

K-Stew, finally has something to do other than swoon over Edward, resist the urges from Jacob and act like a whiny teenager. She is a vampire, so she has to learn to be one, although it seems she has no problem with the thirst and heightened senses. There is no struggle for her, which makes this whole aspect a bit shallow. Jacob, unfortunately has nothing to do in this entry other than glare at everyone who comes near Renesmee. So the character shifts his focus from one girl to the next, nothing more for him to do, yawn.

Speaking of Renesmee (stupid name), we have what is probably one of the creepiest babies to ever grace the silver screen. Why they chose to use CGI for the face of the baby, other than using a normal one is beyond me. It looks unnatural and comical. The movement doesn't flow and for some reason they decide to keep this CGI face with the kid as she grows older until they finally have the older actress in the role.

As with every Twilight film, there are moments of unintentional laughter, bad acting, dialogue and CGI. Michael Sheen seems to be having fun acting like a complete weirdo and the others seem to be happy they are finished with this series. Now, to be completely honest, this entire saga could have been told in three movies. Twilight for the set up, Eclipse for conflict, Breaking Dawn for the closure. Eliminate the pointless New Moon and condense these two movies into one.

Twilight is finally over. No more sparkling vampires, no more team Edwards or team Jacobs and no more shirtless scenes of young men. Good bye Twilight, I do not look forward to the inevitable remakes.
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Who's Mom did the CG for this film?
triffidtom28 January 2014
Honestly, I'm not a Twilight doomsayer. I found the first couple at least fair to decent, but the series did deteriorate.

When I watched and cackled during Breaking Dawn Part 1, I couldn't believe how bad the film was, but my wife, in her wisdom and accuracy said 'you shouldn't see part 2 then'. I responded with 'well part 1 was terrible - generally without dialogue or direction and the CG that has been awful through the other movies has continued the tradition in part 1.' Honestly, those wolves are so poorly modeled and animated, it's painful.

My wife looked at me and said, 'I really don't want to be in the room with you if you watch part 2'. She was right. She didn't want to be in the room.

OMG, that baby was complete freakshow. I think Sharktopus on the SciFi channel was built and rigged better. Baby needs bloom.

Part 2 sadly is without dialogue or direction. The special effects cause a migration in the film from just bad to humorous so that leaves me with this rating.

I might have rated it slightly higher if it hadn't cost so much. I know where the money went in this film, but it wasn't in production, creation, concept or detail.

Enjoy the film if you can
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guy-nicholas21 November 2012
It has finally come...yes, the final installment of the gushy billion-dollar making series made famous by Stephenie Meyer. Mehtunately (a cross between "unfortunately" and "fortunately"), I have read the books and knew what to expect. Unfortunately, I have seen all of the movies, with some different opinions. I found Eclipse to be the best, even though it is quite mediocre. Twilight was too dull, with boring actors, New Moon was just a repeat of that, except with wolves, and Breaking Dawn Part 1 was two hours of three things: 1. Bella and Edward getting married, 2. Bella and Edward having very unessential foreplay that results in a pregnancy, and 3. Bella sitting on a couch moaning and groaning with said pregnancy. I will say I did not have many great expectations for this final installment. But I did see it. It did not raise the bar, nor did it lower it. To me, it was just another Twilight movie.

Bella and Edward are now married. Hooray. They have a newborn half-mortal half-immortal vampire baby. Hooray. Bella is now a vampire. Hooray. The baby, or Renesmee, is the driving force of the otherwise tedious plot of this movie. The Volturi is given false reasons to believe that this baby will somehow, in its later life, kill many people and expose the other world that humans don't know about. The Cullens set out to bring in other vampire clans to defend themselves from the Volturi. The short plot summary that you can find on the front page of IMDb practically summarizes the entire movie: "After the birth of Renesmee, the Cullens gather other vampire clans in order to protect the child from a false allegation that puts the family in front of the Volturi." You can basically just use your imagination to fill in the blank spots. That's the whole plot. This isn't a very strong plot to work with, and thus gave me a sense of boredom throughout the whole movie, except for the end, but we'll get to that.

The bad...well, the usual. The only new bad that I can't seem to get away from is the pacing of this movie. The pacing was terrible. If I were to guess, they covered the first 100 pages of the last half of the book within the first five minutes. Each scene felt like it was missing a beginning and an end, and the transitions between each scene were non-existent. Along with that you have the acting, which mainly focuses on Kristen Stewart's one facial expression. The rest of the acting is decent, and the only good actors have very minor parts. The script needs more to add more dialogue. Within three lines of dialogue, they tried to cover as much as they could, and when they weren't talking about significant things, the dialogue was weak and uninteresting. The special effects, now, were atrocious. With the two billion dollars that this series has made, you would think that the special effects would be somewhat believable. Nope. I'm a very negative person, I know, and I'm probably going to get hated on, but notice that I've given this movie a three star rating. There was one thing in this movie that was worth that, which if you think about it, is a lot if you are talking about a full-length movie. The ending. There will be no spoilers, but I can only say that the ending was absolutely sensational. They changed it from the book in such a huge way, and such a good way, that I thought the movie was going to redeem itself in its final half-hour. Obviously it couldn't make up for all that was bad, but the ending was absolutely amazing. That's all I can say.

Overall, fans of the series...I mean, single teenage girls will enjoy the final installment. It has the same elements of the other movies that made it so popular, so there's nothing to complain about with fans of the series. It's just not my cup of tea, but, who am I? I'm just one person voicing his opinion.

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Be Kind. Destroy.
Rachel McReynolds9 February 2015
NOPE. NOPE. NOPE. NOPE. Oh look a NOPEmovie. If you ever come across this film in your travels, do the world a favor; take it from where you have found it, set it gently on the ground, take a machine gun and unload a round or two into it. After you've finished with that, scoop up the remains, then transport those remains to the nearest fire. When there is nothing but ashes left, sweep up those ashes and deposit them into a container of acid. Take that container of acid and travel to the deepest body of water you can find and release that acid into the middle of it. Then we can rest assured it can't hurt anyone else. You can help all of your fellow humans by deciding to take these simple steps to avoid the pain and suffering. Thank you.
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Awful movie!
Abbiiee B13 December 2015
For the budget they had, this movie was terrible!! The special effects where awful! They had a lot more money... Why didn't you spend it on that? And the acting was horrible! It has been one of the worst movies I've ever seen... I really can't believe the dialogue and the acting. I've just lost 2 hours of my life because of this movie.

The acting in general it was pretty bad, the dialogue was awful and the effects were worst.

I was expecting a little bit more of this movie, it was the end of a saga, so I thought, everyone was expecting a little bit more, but it really showed us, that people just want to save their money, and just give the audience a sliced piece of the book.

I'm really disappointed of this movie in general.

People, please, save some time and don't watch it, it does not worth your time :/
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A pooh pooh sequel
jacobjohntaylor115 November 2015
This movie is awful. Twilight is great film. Twilight new moon is also a great film. Twilight eclipse is also a great film. But this is crap. It has an awful story line. And it has the worst ending ever. Good actors wasted there talent being in this awful movie. Do not wast your time. Do not waste your money. Do not see this awful movie. This movie is werewolf pooh pooh. Bella has picked Edward a long time ago so why even care about that. The way thing turn out with good with the evil vampires is just lame. This movie is pooh pooh. It the fifth Twilight movie and is just total pooh pooh. I take a big pooh on this movie. I was very disappointed by this movie. So I pooh on it.
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Thank God for the last 20 minutes
Aishwarya Sivakumar20 November 2012
It is actually impossible to rate a twilight film as "good" because it's an established fact that those films make zilch sense and do not provide any remote sense of satisfaction to the general moviegoers apart from the amazingly passionate legion of fans called "twihards". So when a person who is not a fan of the series says a twilight movie is good, it means that it is still terrible but not as terrible as the other ones.

The final instalment of this outrageously successful series, called Breaking Dawn part 2, tries the patience of the viewer for the first 30- 40 minutes. There is hardly anything that happens apart from the trademark Edward and Bella moments and a little bit of shirltess Jacob. There is also a poorly done CGI baby which is called Renesmee, Edward and Bella's daughter. Just when you contemplate walking out of the cinema hall, you get to see something that can be perceived as a successful attempt to placate the disappointed audience. There is a very well-executed battle sequence with a clever twist that makes you wonder why such scenes were so sporadic throughout the series. Yes, the battle sequence was effective damage control.

The performances were mediocre as opposed to the hitherto awful monotony that the cast put up in the past four movies except Pattinson,. who still continues to look jaded, but you can't really blame him.

On the whole, for an non-fan, this movie would visually punish you for a while and then give you a breather during its last 20 minutes. If you think the ticket cost is worth those 20 minutes, I suggest that you watch it. Bland film otherwise
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devilsadvocatered615 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
It's over. I figured out the cause of my headaches, my blackouts. I know why those pictures keep appearing on my wall. They were all named Isabella, Kristen or Stephanie. I've been...what have I become? There's a woman lying at my feet, bleeding her last pint of blood through a vicious slash in her throat. My hands are sticky and wet in a substance I can all too readily identify. Yet, all I feel is hollow. Empty. Food has no taste. Hope has become meaningless. Joy is but a distant memory that brings no comfort.

As such, I did what any person would do when they realize that they're sick: I called for help. They're coming for me now. I can hear their sirens in the distance, wailing their morose call. Perhaps they will kill me. One can only hope. As I sit here at Bella's computer waiting for the Reaper to claim me, I feel it is only appropriate to finish what I have started: I will review the final movie of this franchise before I am laid to rest.

Words cannot express the sheer disappointment that accompanies this "film". Oh, I knew how it would end going in. I've watched and read reviews from sources I trust. There have been countless parodies. Even with no investment whatsoever, the ending to this wretched movie is a slap in the face. It broke something inside of me that I never knew was there until it pleaded for aid with its final bit of strength.

Literally nothing happens. The entire series was building up to this. This...unholy abomination sports a runtime of 115 minutes, most of which is spent building up some would-be tension for the central conflict. There will be a showdown between Martin Sheen with his band of LGBT vampires and the Cullens who amass a vampire version of the X-Men. It sounds a lot more interesting than it actually is.

So, this is it. This is what four previous movies built up to. What happens here will permanently alter these characters for better or for worse. Some of them may even die here. And for a few minutes, they do. All retarded Hell breaks loose in a poorly shot fight sequence. You all know what happens next. It was just a vision for for the sake of Martin Sheen. None of it actually happened. They decide to part ways amicably, which makes every choice, every action and every scene up to here entirely pointless.

And that's when I realized that it's all pointless, isn't it? Whether you live or die, whether you're good or bad, whether you watch a movie or don't. None of it matters. We are but specks of cosmic dust briefly granted sentience in a universe so vast that our entire planet could fall into the sun and nobody would notice or care. Nobody hears you cry out in pain in the abyss. They're at the gates now, reader. This is where I leave you. Do not repeat my mistake. Do not watch this movie.

PS - This is what can be loosely called satire. Don't call the cops.
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Revenge of the Department-Store Manikins
RichardSRussell-129 November 2012
This movie cost a reported $120,000,000. In only 2 weeks, it's already doubled that take at the box office, but what I'd like to know is where all that money went. Not on sets or locations, since it's mainly set in the woods. Elegant costumes, to be sure, but you're not gonna blow 9 digits' worth of bucks on epaulets. The effects are sparse and nothing special. Fersher not on the writing (execrable screenplay by Melissa Rosenberg).

So it has to have been on the actors. And boy, did they ever NOT get their money's worth. The entire film consists of people standing around like statues, reading dialog to each other, with an occasional flicker of attempted facial expression. Really, this is not an exaggeration. 80% of the film is literally people just standing there like an array of department-store manikins, spouting inane, vapid dialog.

The entire premise of the film is based on the idea that the Volturi, self-appointed overlords of the vampire world, will not tolerate a human child being turned into a vampire (with some justification, based on terrible experiences in the past, when the tykes had tantrums and couldn't control their appetites). And now the Volturi mistakenly believe that Bella and Edward's new child, the regrettably named Renesmee, is one such, and they're coming to wreak vengeance on her and the entire Cullen clan — having politely given several weeks advance notice. All of this could have been cleared up with a little home video, or perhaps a Skype call. Ditto for the Cullens' attempts to round up witnesses to little Nessie's amazing growth spurt (newborn to an apparent age 6 in a couple of weeks). Could they just ring up their friends on their cell phones or e-mail them? Nooooooo, gotta travel twice around the world to ask them in person. And then they all show up in the Pacific northwoods, where they get to stand around like statues like everyone else. When there finally IS a flurry of action, the cameras move so rapidly and jerkily that you can't get any sense at all of who's doing what to whom.

This is a terrible movie, all posing and posturing and protestations of undying love less sincere than a Twinkies commercial.
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There are two types of reviews for this movie. I'll try to be the third one.
MegaGothmog24 July 2015
OK. I know this movie came out years ago and people still love it, or hate it. The reason why i post this review anyways is because it was on TV and i thought: "What the hell, why not. Lets check". I am not a Twilight fan, or a mindless hater, so i'll try to be as neutral as possible.

Lets start with the good sides, because i'll be lying if i said that the movie doesn't have those. The story on it self (this includes part 1) is good to follow, even if you didn't see the previous movies. I could understand everything without issues, and i'll confess; The story was not as horrific as people made me believe.

There are also a few actors in the movie that seem to know what they are doing. Not all of them but there are a few that are not bad.

That is all i could think of when it comes to the good side of the movie. Now lets go for the bad part, so please ladies and gentlemen. 'Fasten your seat-belts.'

The general acting is nothing near immersive. With the main characters like Bella (Kristen Stewart), Edward (Robert Pattinson) and Jacob (Taylor Lautner) i got used to their way of acting. It is not very exiting to see them act, because they have a very passive way of acting. They don't shine on screen, and if they show major emotions, it is only for a few seconds. As for the other characters? Every time they introduced a new character, they seemed weird and a bit... 'over the top'? No... out of place? Yea. something like that.

Lets also dive into the lore of Vampires and Werewolves. I HATE THE VAMPIRES AND WEREWOLVES IN THIS SAGA!!!!!! So, now that i released that, lets explain. The vampires in (almost) every other story have the 3 basics: Sucking Blood (or else they die), Deathly vulnerable to sunlight, and have enhanced abilities like speed and strength. The vampires here only have the enhanced abilities, but they kind of need blood, but animal blood will do just fine. So why are they a threat to humans if they can feed on your cat just fine????? Also they are not weak to sunlight, but sparkle in them. THEY!!! FREAKING!!!! SPARKLEEEEE!!!!. I am sure that Bram Stoker is spinning in his grave and Dracula just committed suicide. The vampires also seem to have a random grab-bag of powers that make no sense in any way, and are not related to Vampires at all. This dude can control the four elements? What is this? Avatar? Someone else can generate lightning in her fingers? ehhh... right? Needless to say, these guys suck. And with that i mean ass, and not blood.

The Werewolves are also dumb and can transform into... a normal wolf form. Just a bit bigger. Whenever and wherever they like! This is not a Werewolf, but an Animagus from Harry Potter. Also they are in full control, do not go into a feral rage and do not need the full moon, or the moon for that matter.

The CGI in the movie looks weird and amateurish. Especially the running of the vampires. They just look like they are played in fast- fore-ward.

They story also has incredible weird and even disturbing moments. Given the fact that a Vampire (whose body is actually dead) has sex with a human. Therefore: Necrophilia. Also a Werewolf guy gets over his childhood crush by instead falling in love... with her creepy, CGI baby, while excusing it as 'Imprinting and he cannot control that'. Ugghh, this takes underage romances to a whole new low.

With all of that i think it is safe for me to say that i will never watch this movie again. It was not as horrific as i feared, i did not have to puke every time during the commercial-brake, and i did not throw it out. But the movie stays incredibly bad, with terrible lore, acting, CGI, romances and basically everything that makes a movie bad. Now please excuse me, while i play Castlevania. I really need to see a real Vampire.
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