The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2
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4 out of 4 people found the following review useful:

Awful movie!

Author: Abbiiee B from Chile
13 December 2015

For the budget they had, this movie was terrible!! The special effects where awful! They had a lot more money... Why didn't you spend it on that? And the acting was horrible! It has been one of the worst movies I've ever seen... I really can't believe the dialogue and the acting. I've just lost 2 hours of my life because of this movie.

The acting in general it was pretty bad, the dialogue was awful and the effects were worst.

I was expecting a little bit more of this movie, it was the end of a saga, so I thought, everyone was expecting a little bit more, but it really showed us, that people just want to save their money, and just give the audience a sliced piece of the book.

I'm really disappointed of this movie in general.

People, please, save some time and don't watch it, it does not worth your time :/

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4 out of 4 people found the following review useful:

A pooh pooh sequel

Author: jacobjohntaylor1 from Barry's bay Ontario Canada
15 November 2015

This movie is awful. Twilight is great film. Twilight new moon is also a great film. Twilight eclipse is also a great film. But this is crap. It has an awful story line. And it has the worst ending ever. Good actors wasted there talent being in this awful movie. Do not wast your time. Do not wast your money. Do not see this awful movie. This movie is werewolf pooh pooh. Bella has picked Edward a long time ago so why even care about that. The way thing turn out with good with the evil vampires is just lame. This movie is pooh pooh. It the fifth Twilight movie and is just total pooh pooh. I take a big pooh on this movie. I was very disappointed by this movie. So I pooh on it.

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6 out of 8 people found the following review useful:

I'm glad this series is done.

Author: callanvass from victoria b.c canada
3 February 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

(Credit IMDb) After the birth of Renesmee, the Cullens gather other vampire clans in order to protect the child from a false allegation that puts the family in front of the Volturi.

I'm not a Twilight hater. I enjoy the first three to a certain extent, even gave Breaking Dawn-Part 1 a lot of credit for being as audacious as it was. I've just grown tired of all the hype, the fan girls, and everything else. This one was rather middling in all honesty. For a final film in this series, it was rather pedestrian. As much as I love Kristen Stewart as an actress, I had a lot of trouble with some of the things she does in this movie. She's a vampire now and it should have been more exciting than it was, especially with all the circumstances surrounding it. It does have one great scene with Billy Burke, aka Charlie Swan and Bella, which is quite emotional. Overall, I just didn't care for it.


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6 out of 8 people found the following review useful:

Don't get excited-- this movie is not that much better

Author: leahkarol93 from United States
28 December 2012

About myself: I am a teenager. I enjoyed the twilight books, the movies--not so much. I went in expecting more. People kept telling me, "oh this movie is so much better than the others." I went in with my friends, excited and expecting a lot. I soon realized that it was not any different. Bella was still awkward and annoying, with her stutter and super loud breathing. Edward was still impeccably stoic and awkward. And Jacob still had an awkward high voice and broody looks. As you can see, this movie is in a word-- awkward. Well moviegoers, prepare yourself for awkward make out sessions, confusing plot (for anyone who hasn't read the book in a while), and too many vampires to keep track of. Call me cynical. Call me no fun. But I am just not a fan of characters I can't relate to. I had no time to attach to any of the characters. Half of them, I could not even keep track of names. Overall, the movie is scattered, poorly acted, confusing, and gave into a lot of gimmicks. There is one particular twist that was a bit much. As you can see, I gave the film four stars. I admit, I was generous. But the film's redeeming factor was the nostalgia. It is the end of a teen era. I read the books as a middle schooler. The end credits actually made me a little misty-eyed. That particular segment was particularly well-done. There were moments that made me laugh; others were suspenseful. The battle scene was particularly well done. I almost enjoyed the film. Almost. The actors and the rushed plot did nothing for me. Overall, don't listen to the hype. It is really not all that different from the others. See it if you're feeling nostalgic, but if you're looking for quality film, don't see it.

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7 out of 10 people found the following review useful:

The franchise may be done, but the nutcase teens are still out there.

Author: ArT_of_InSaNiTy from United Kingdom
21 October 2013

The biggest cop out in the history of films. In what is possibly one of the worst franchises ever.You could have probably done this story in 2 films, if you would have cut out all the staring and moping about. But no, the directors were smart and literally went by the book in order to make more money out of the delusional teens who religiously follow the films. Is it watchable? Yes, there are a lot worse films out there, but does that stop it from being a bad film? No, it is slow, so slow a snail could complete a triathlon before you would finish watching the series of films. And as i said the ending was terrible; it must have been to avoid a flood destroying the world with all the nutcase teens crying like loonies. Ah well at least it's done now.

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7 out of 10 people found the following review useful:

The end of a movie saga I wish to forget.

Author: blue_rain-x from New Zealand
8 October 2013

I loved the Twilight books, and as I watched the credits roll in this film, it upset me because when they created these films, they got it all so wrong. They had the potential to do so much with the books, but with mediocre actors, average directors and bad visual effects, the films lost the spark that the novels had, and gained a following of young girls, obsessing over the choice between Vampire and Werewolf. As for this last installment, I do think it was slightly better than it's predecessors, and much better than Breaking Dawn part one. Many parts of the film did make me cringe, especially the bad acting and the laughable special effects. If you have been enjoying the Twilight Saga films so far, you won't be disappointed, but if the films have not been meeting your expectation, don't expect this one to.

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7 out of 10 people found the following review useful:

This isn't happening!

Author: miguel-guitarra from Portugal
6 September 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Actually it's a 0, but that score doesn't count. We have vamps and wolves as friends, in cool houses, (wolves are with shirts on for a while until Taylor does a little gay strip for Kristen's dad, so teen girls can watch his chest. The story is this: Volturi are after the offspring of Kristen and Robert because Remesmee (yeah, great name, lol) is half human, half vamp. Apparently this can't be, so the Volturi are going to kill her. They talk amongst their friends around the world to have witnesses (whatever that is for the film's purpose) to claim she's not a threat. We then have 90 minutes of nothing with this, apart from some random vamps jumping just for fun. In the end, Alice (who sees the future) takes the hand of the Volturi chief, so he can see it too. After this moment, battle (as in all of this saga thing) ensues, etc etc, just to learn in the end that none of it happened at all. Alice showed the Volturi guy what would happen, and the battle never took place. They part, each side, the couples kiss, and the movie ends. Bravo Stephenie for making vamps with lipstick and shining under the sun, and werewolves whose only obligation is being naked for teens' purpose a SAGA! 0 out of 10

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9 out of 14 people found the following review useful:

The scene that saved the day

Author: Blackbird8
23 December 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

It's hard for me to understand what it is that Twilight fans expect when they approach a new twilight movie release. More than once I've seen them displeased with the results, but what is there to be displeased about? The books have very poor character development, a plot with more holes than accuracies and a web of "convenient happenings" that always end up transforming the story into nothing more than a series of catastrophic events that always, yes always, end wonderfully well for everybody. Everything is always so convenient that the only characters to ever suffer any consequences are the ones made up in such a hurry that no one would ever get attached to them that quickly. So, what happens when the movie is just that? Nothing, because it's a faithful copy of the book…

It there's one thing the twilight movies have always been consistent about is their poor plot development. The narrative is slow and often choppy. The characters are terribly alike, and almost all of them share a poker face that inhibits them from showing any emotion whatsoever. The only new fiasco the movies provide is poor visual effects. But, let's face it, that's a budget issue and a little lack of creativity that comes from the awful need to please the fans and show them everything exactly as the books narrate it. So, once again, it all comes down to being chained to the original story.

So, basically, after watching four movies that are practically the same thing you can't really expect much of an improvement during the fifth installment, can you? Well, Bill Condon, director of Breaking Dawn, begs to differ. I have no idea how he dared to suggest the last climatic sequence of the movie he recreated, but it feels like he basically said: we have to fix this, otherwise this movie will spend hours of build up that ultimately turns into: nothing.

So, what did he do? The movie constructed a, never before seen in the Twilight saga, fight scene where valuable lives are actually lost and for once the good guys are not almighty Greek gods that will survive anything, anytime of the day. The scene is actually pretty exciting, especially when you start to see the main characters reacting to the loss of their loved ones, fighting harder to revenge them and especially to protect everything they have left. Once the main characters start winning and kicking some bad vampire butts the sequence becomes even more exciting, especially for the viewers who all these years have been sadly trained to put up with two hours of pointless buildup. I'm talking here about boyfriends, parents and best friends who sit next to the fans and painfully roll their eyes every fifteen minutes.

Overall, and except for a few weird CGIs, the sequence is pretty good. Of course, it all ends up being a vision, but even that moment of disappointment serves well to add substance to the original story. The fake fight scene helps to save the day, convincing Aro (leader of the Vulturi) that it is not convenient for him to fight against the heroes of the story. Even that explanation had a better construction than the one provided in the book. The sense of danger, loss and excitement this last fight scene adds to the story provide something the rest of the movies lack of: closure. After it all happens (or almost happens) you can finally sit back and tolerate the last minutes of the story, the kissing, the romance, the happy ending, because even if the scene was nothing more than a vision, it helped to develop a little emotion towards the main characters.

Other than that, the movie is pretty much the same as always: Bella is lucky for everything she has, her happiness is suddenly in danger, and she whines a little to eventually get everything she wants. The scenes often feel awkward and never ending. Almost all the characters feel alike, but at least we are entertained from time to time with some interesting new additions, even if their contribution to the movie is very little.

Having all this said, I have to be fair. Us, non-twilight fans are not the ones to truly break the box office, are we? So, whom would the producers of an -all about the money- franchise rather please? Whinny fans or whinny critics?

You guessed right.

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11 out of 18 people found the following review useful:

Casey's Movie Mania: THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN - PART 2 (2012)

Author: caseymoviemania from Malaysia
19 November 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Oh, finally! After four highly-successful blockbuster movies (beginning with 2008's TWILIGHT and right up to 2011's THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN - PART 1), the lucrative series has come to an end with the fifth and final chapter that sees director Bill Condon back for the second round. In BREAKING DAWN - PART 1, he had a difficult task to adapt what was widely regarded the most controversial book of the series which dramatically alternated from high-school romance to darker subject matters like intimacy issues and unexpected pregnancy. He succeeded some of those elements there, but mostly failed to deliver a compelling whole due to his lackluster direction. So now he returns with THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN - PART 2, and I'm eager to see whether he saves the best for the last. For some reasons, there are slight improvements here and there. But overall, given the fact this is the final chapter of a highly-regarded series, it remains as a disappointment.

Continue where BREAKING DAWN - PART 1 has last left off, we already learn that Bella Swan has become a vampire after her new husband Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) save her during the near-death childbirth of their half-vampire/half-human hybrid daughter Renesmee (Mackenzie Foy). Now Bella feels much more alive than ever, super-strong and also super-sensitive. She tries to cope with her newfound life as a bloodsucking vampire, who trains herself to drink animals rather than humans as well as her power. At the same time, Bella and Edward are worried about Renesmee's aging process which grows at an abnormally fast rate.

But none of that are more worse when Alice (Ashley Greene) receives a psychic vision that the Volturi, lead by Aro (Michael Sheen) will be coming to kill the entire Cullen for breaking the law. Apparently the Volturi finds out about Renesmee's existence and they are misinformed that the little girl is an immortal child that could put all of their vampire kind into jeopardy.

The first half is especially long-winded, while the pacing is as slacking as it goes. Likewise, some of the dialogues from Melissa Rosenberg's tepid screenplay is cringeworthy. All the acting parts here are mixed bag. However, a little credit should goes to the notoriously brooding Kristen Stewart for letting loose in her role as a vampire. The rest, including Robert Pattinson's Edward Cullen and Taylor Lautner's Jacob Black, are more or less the same stereotypical self. Meanwhile, it's nice to see Michael Sheen has a fun time playing an over-the-top, maniacal Aro.

Bill Condon's direction remains as pedestrian as ever, but not until he gives a jolt of life with the final 30 minutes. For a while there, Condon has finally redeems himself with the third-act epic showdown between the good vampires and werewolves and the evil Volturi in an open, snowy land. What follows next is a show-stopping moment of CG-heavy, violently exciting battle (with heads ripped off and such), which is frequently heightened by Carter Burwell's pulse-pounding score.

All seems to be a good turning point, until Condon and Rosenberg almost ruins everything by yanking off all the excitement with a twist revelation that had me in the WTF-moment (you just have to see it for yourself). If you can swallow that particular moment, there's a remaining closure that ends with a classy note reflecting all previous TWILIGHT series' moments -- all accompanied with Christina Perri's achingly beautiful song, A Thousand Years.

Technical credits are above average, while most of the special effects remains as spotty as ever. The F/X transformation of Renesmee's rapid aging process is especially cheap-looking.

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13 out of 22 people found the following review useful:

The Anti-Climatic Climax

Author: Mek Torres from Los Banos, Laguna, Philippines
19 November 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The Twilight Saga finally ends with a bigger and more blockbustery storyline. It steps away from its broody nonsense and stands with a much more appealing way of entertainment. Many would expect for an epic satisfying ending. Unfortunately, the whole anticipation was useless. When the viewers were already having fun, the joy twists at the very end and dispirits the experience. It's like finally finding a cure for a serious disease then you suddenly lost it. It's quite frustrating. In the end, it's all disappointments.

The opening credits strikes with a strong ambition and the very first scene brings a quicker momentum compared to the last films. To be honest, it's mildly entertaining. There is something intriguing about the plot, but it all ends up pretty underwhelming. There were new characters added but we only get to know them briefly and by their unique superpowers, though there isn't really much time to get to know them because if there were then it would be a waste because in the end the assembly will be useless. I have to admit, the climax is pretty awesome but the twist sadly ruins it. I know many would brag about me. I don't read the books and I don't know anything about it. I only take a movie as a movie because if I compare it, it would be another waste of time.

The performances are all the same. The only thing that's changed is Kristen Stewart's character who steps away from being boring and becomes a vampire, but her performance is still not excellent. Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner are just swagging around. Michael Sheen delights as the film's villain. Tearing heads is his cutest feat. The additions, there is something interesting about Lee Pace's character but then he didn't get a lot of scenes. He's there being a pretty war veteran boy. Rami Malek seems like he's having fun being an Avatar vampire. The rest, some are generic, some are campy, and some are just standing.

The filmmaking is solid enough though some of the visual effects can be noticeably shoddy but there's no one to blame since there isn't much time to improve it. The most suspect is Renesmee as a baby. It seems like they're trying to do the same with the last Harry Potter movie where they aged the actors. But it could've been better if they hired a real baby because the whole CGI turn looks so disturbing. The music score is somewhat like TV movie quality but who cares, this is Twilight.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 is as shallow as the other Twilight films. Though, it's getting there but it's over. There won't be any other improvements because this is the last. Fans of the series might still enjoy it. For those who are not, they might like the "awesome" visual effects, Michael Sheen's menacing and adorable performance, and the final action scene that doesn't exist. Overall, the movie is not brilliant like this review. If you want me to spoil something then here it is: Nobody dies except Twilight. Because YOLO. Unless there will be a reboot but don't get to that idea. Twilight is awesome because it has vampires but it also sucks because they got senseless conflicts. Also, its universe is so retarded. The vampire here are so random. At least there's sex. Rest in Peace, Twilight. But not with Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter.

Was the above review useful to you?

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