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MPAA Rated PG-13 for violence and some sexual material

Sex & Nudity

  • This film has many strongly suggestive sexual themes throughout. Lt. Gordon is seen shirtless and wearing only boxers in one scene, and there is material which has very strong sexual undertones and female characters are depicted in provocative clothing.
  • When the character of Bruce Wayne first goes undercover to see how bad Gotham is at night he comes across a girl who is clearly underage and working as a prostitute. She does not state anything explicit but when asked how old she is she replies she can be as old as he likes. The girl is later seen defending her pimp when Bruce Wayne tries to defend her.
  • The character of Catwoman is depicted as an dominatrix and possible prostitute. Again nothing explicit is shown or stated but the implication is clear.
  • At one point Bruce Wayne, while attempting to seem like a slimy playboy to hide his superhero identity, is seen along side a provocatively dressed woman. He implies that she means nothing emotionally to him and says that she only speaks one language he understands (implying sex). A scene later it is made clear that he has never slept with her and does not intend to. The female character makes it clear without being obvious that she was a prostitute hired for the ruse.
  • Two criminals are revealed to have been stripped naked by Gordon and Batman in two separate events as a warning against them.
  • In the extra DVD feature "DC Showcase: Catwoman" there is a scene where the villain goes to a strip club, a woman dressed only in her underwear is performing a pole dance, she finished her routine by removing her bra, her bare breasts are never seen by the viewer, as part of a trap for the villain, Catwoman substitutes for the next dancer, she also performs a pole dance and unzips her outfit, showing her entire cleavage, but no nipples, she also flails her whip as part of the routine before attacking the villain's goons.

Violence & Gore

  • There is moderate violence throughout and a few moments which may be deemed strong.
  • There is much hand-to-hand combat and punches to faces and body throughout the movie. Many characters carry and fire guns.
  • One corrupt cop is shown pulling over and beating a young man for no excusable reason.
  • Catwoman punches her pimp in the face and he lies unconscious on the floor with a bloodied face.
  • At one point Lt. Gordon is beaten by masked corrupt cops with baseball bats as a warning to stop being honest. Gordon is shown moderately bloodied and strongly bruised around the face. The wounds remain with him for many scenes following. Gordon later retaliates against the ringleader with a beating before stripping him naked and handcuffing him to humiliate the bully in a way that would ensure he would never report it or retaliate against Gordon's family.
  • Corrupt police officers repeatedly shoot at Batman. At least two times Batman is shot, the bullets passing cleanly, and blood and bullet wounds are shown. Within the style of animation the wounds are not graphic but present nonetheless.
  • Batman is cornered in a condemned building and passes a drunken homeless man. The building is fired upon with bombs and a burnt body is depicted. Other squatters are implied to be killed in the bombing.
  • When a SWAT team fires wildly at Batman the bullets pass through the building and almost hit the crowd outside.
  • Catwoman scratches the faces of criminals. There are quick depictions of blood streaming off her claws. The characters are later shown to carry the facial scars.
  • A mentally unstable man working for the mafia kidnaps a baby to intimidate the heroes of the story. He holds a knife very near the baby though he never puts it against the child and does not wound it.


  • Several uses of "damn," a few "hells," and at least one "bastard" and one use of ''bitch''
  • "Shit" and "Goddamn" are both also said once or twice.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A drug deal is shown. It is stopped by Batman.
  • A homeless man is shown drunk and passed out.
  • Bruce Wayne holds a brandy glass and acts drunk to the point of slobishness. He later reveals this to have been all an act.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A corrupt cop is shown pulling over and beating a young man for no excusable reason.
  • A burning corpse is briefly shown.
  • The scene where Lt. Gordon is beaten by masked thugs for his honesty is intense. He manages to fight back but is taken off guard and five men all beat simultaneously with baseball bats. Gordon's retaliation scene is likewise intense. He meticulously follows the culprit and runs him off the road in the snowy wilderness. There the fight includes breaking the man's arm in hand to hand combat. As a final humiliation the villain is left naked in the snow.
  • Batman, undercover as a street thug, is shot by a police officer unprovoked with his hands up in surrender. He is then placed in the back seat of a squad car and refused medical attention. Batman chokes one of the cops in order to escape and crashes the car. He removes the two bad cops so that from the flaming car so that they will survive.
  • The final scene is an action scene in which a woman and her baby are threatened by mobsters. They both survive unwounded but the danger to the child is treated with realistic intensity. At the end the baby is thrown from a bridge but is caught by Batman, unharmed.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • At one point, the character of Lt. Gordon is clearly implied to be cheating on his pregnant wife. Nothing salacious or graphic is shown or discussed, we never see the two in bed, but the implication is again clear. This theme is not gratuitous however and the character, who is meant to be a hero, later confesses to his wife.

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