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It broke my heart that's for sure!
I just saw Broken hearts and it was really really good. I love scary movies and I wasn't expecting much from this as I heard it was a student movie gone big so I figured it couldn't be that bad. This ddint feel like a movie made by kids. Like I was expecting something badly made with bad camera work and bad acting but none of that is to be found. If you like gore go see this. The gore is really realistic stuff I've never seen before! Go see it!

Something cool i noticed was that the victims in the movie were mainly all guys which was good to see cause its usually girls getting chased and killed. I hate watching scary movies where dumb girls get killed over and over but this time it was stupid guys getting killed in really gory ways.
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Probably gonna be a cult classic
Quentin Hartley13 July 2010
i love low budget horror movies but the stuff that usually comes out on DVD especially lately has sucked. They just cop out and end up being really bad - stuff like Baseline Killer and Son Of Sam... i wonder where this movie will go and how popular it will be. this is a movie worth lookn out for cause for its budget it feels so real and so intense. i mean this movie has it all: a killer soundtrack, some really shocking gore fx, interesting visual style, and tons of big laughs. its a horror comedy that works. but its also a really intense slasher too. the chase scenes are scary as hell and the gore makes you wanna puke. so beware! go see it fi it comes ur way.
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Its actually pretty awesome
Breanna Trivole8 July 2010
I was able to see this movie not too long ago and I didn't expect it to show up on the IMDb this soon. This is a very low budget movie but it is extremely well made.

First off, the movie is like really twisted. It is bloody as hell with some death scenes being so gory I nearly turned my head away. The effects are very impressive.

What I really liked about this was how well paced it was. After the first death, there isn't one for like an hour but then they just happen one after the other and you never know when they are coming. I really also liked the supernaturel stuff that goes on. Its a good brain teaser.

I don't think this movie is gonna be a huge release in theatres but will probably work as a like late night attraction deal. Its very fun and I really enjoyed the acting in it. The main girl was really pretty and I thought she was very good and real in her role.

ps. Alex Fairlie who plays Adam is realllyyy cute. I hope he's in more stuff soon!
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