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WWE Extreme Rules Review: Great Show Tainted By Some Bizarre Booking

WWE Extreme Rules 2013 has now come and gone. The first PPV of the post-Wrestlemania season is often one of the year’s most exciting and the Extreme Rules ppv gimmick is one that has continued to grow in popularity among fans.

Sunday’s Extreme Rules event promised a lot: The possibility of new and exciting champions, the first encounter between WWE’s two most unstoppable superstars and the culmination of a feud that had lasted the best part of a year.

Could it live it up to its pre show expectations? Or was it set to just be another average PPV?

Here’s my match by match breakdown of the event….

Chris Jericho Vs Fandango

Jericho and Fandango kicked off the night with a solid opening match up. Both men got the best they could out of what was a very little time slot.

Jericho’s victory here was also the right result.

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