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Here’s What’s Coming And Going From Netflix in November

It’s almost the start of a new month and that means Netflix is about to refresh their content by adding a lot of new titles and removing some as well. Some of the titles we’re losing include Fargo, Stand By Me, and Batman & Robin, oh no! But some of the highlights for November include the first season of Bob Odenkirk and David Cross’s new Netflix show With Bob and David; Marvel’s Jessica Jones, and The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie. Check out the full listings below:

All Title Dates are Subject to Change

Netflix U.S. Release Dates Only

Available 11/1

Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure (2011)

Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce: Season 1

Idris Elba: Mandela, My Dad and Me (2015)

Last Days in Vietnam (2014)

Pasion de Gavilanes (2003)

Robot Overlords (2015)

Seven Deadly Sins: Season 1 — Netflix Original

Smithsonian Channel: The Day Kennedy Died (2013)

The Last Time You Had Fun (2014)

The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie
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Last Call: 54 Films Leaving Netflix in November (and 7 You Must See)

Last Call: 54 Films Leaving Netflix in November (and 7 You Must See)
Read More: 'Blue Caprice,' 'Best of Enemies' and More Coming to Netflix This November (Plus Indiewire's Picks) "Netflix giveth, and Netflix taketh away." Netflix is clearing house this November by pulling some Oscar-winning hits and crowdpleasers from its streaming library, so if you've been meaning to get around to "Fargo," "Rudy" and the George Clooney critical disaster "Batman & Robin," now's the time to start streaming. Below are the 54 titles leaving Netflix next month, plus Indiewire's picks on what to stream before it's too late. Synopses partially provided by Netflix.  Leaving 11/1 "1492: Conquest of Paradise" (1992)"America in Primetime" (2011)"Balto 3: Wings of Change" (2004)"Batman & Robin" (1997)"Best Kept Secret" (2013)"Best Laid Plans" (1999)"Changing...
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What's Leaving Netflix in November 2015

Halloween is ending abruptly on Netflix: You only have until midnight on October 31st to stream "Scream" and several "Saw" installments as these horror films are all expiring on November 1.

And if you want to watch "Fargo" (1996), "Rudy" (1993), "Stand by Me," or "The Blues Brothers" (1980), they're also vanishing on November 1.

Here's the complete list of what's leaving Netflix streaming in November 2015.

Leaving November 1

"1492: Conquest of Paradise" (1992)

"America in Primetime" (2011)

"Bali": Season 1 (2006)

"Balto 3: Wings of Change" (2004)

"Batman & Robin" (1997)

"Best Kept Secret" (2013)

"Best Laid Plans" (1999)

"Changing Lanes" (2002)

"Cleopatra" (1963)

"Conspiracy Theory" (1997)

"Death Warrant" (1990)

"Fargo" (1996)

"Fela Kuti: Music Is the Weapon" (1982)

"Funny Games" (1997)

"Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide" (2012)

"Hero and Terror" (1988)

"House of Flying Daggers" (2004)

"Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie" (2002)

"Lunopolis" (2009)

"Move Over, Darling" (1963)

"Norman" (2010)

"Pajanimals": Season 1 (2010)

"Rudy" (1993)

"Saw" (2004)

"Saw II" (2005)

"Saw III" (2006)

"Saw IV" (2007)

"Saw V" (2008)

"Scream" (1996)

"Secrets of Mary Magdalene" (2006)

"Soul Plane" (2004)

"Stand by Me
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Catch-up TV guide: from Mad Dogs to The United States Of Television: America In Primetime

Mad Dogs | Dave Allen: God's Own Comedian | Burning Love | Alex Horne Breaks The News | Hemlock Grove | The United States Of Television: America In Primetime

TV: Mad Dogs

Glenister, Simm, Warren and Beesley return next month for another run of the black comedy about a laddish holiday gone awry. Sky subscribers wanting to catch up on series one and two can do so over on Sky Go.

Sky Go

TV: Dave Allen: God's Own Comedian

Profile of the impossibly dry Irish comic, best known for his trenchant attacks on the Catholic church. Allen ploughed a lone – and lonely – furrow on the stand-up circuit, largely resistant to the comic trends of his day, but was nevertheless hugely influential, not least on the alternative comedy scene of the 1980s. Family, friends and peers as diverse as Stephen Frears and Maggie Smith discuss his work, legacy and the story behind his missing finger, which
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TV is Bad For Your Health

Commenting on the Critics with Simon Columb...

Claire O’Connor writes for Forbes about a research paper connecting episode-marathons with obesity...

"Harvard Medical School instructor Dr. Rumi Chunara published a study showing that areas with a high proportion of Facebookers with “sedentary-related interests” based around the television — say, box-set DVDs or episode marathons — generally have higher obesity rates. Conversely, neighborhoods with a greater percentage of the population showing “activity-related interests” through their Facebook ‘likes’ tend to be areas with fewer obese residents."

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It may seem like this is going off on a tangent, but bear with me. In the last two weeks, the BBC have screened a 4-part series titled The United States of Television: America in Primetime. In the first week, Alan Yentob analysed the role of masculinity within primetime TV (from Father Knows Best, through All in the Family and The Cosby Show
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America In Primetime, an engrossing squint at Us television

• Sarah Dempster's TV Od: From Dick Van Dyke to Tony Soprano, America In Primetime tries to find the definitive Us TV dad

Who is the definitive American TV dad? What are his hopes and fears? How does he deal with change? Where did he get that hat? Are those Findus Crispy Pancakes? Why is he shouting at us to get off his porch? Ooh, is that a gun? These and other vexed questions are addressed in the first episode of America In Primetime (Saturday, 10.15pm, BBC2), a wholly engrossing four-part stare through the net curtains of Us TV. It's a weighty 2011 PBS series gently Britished-up by the BBC, with tonight's opener taking a thorough squint at the history of that most familiar and conflicted of fictional small-screen idols: the primetime patriarch. An introductory "representative domestic incidents" montage invites us to feel the width of the bugger's Mo. Dick Van Dyke
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'America In Primetime': Watch PBS's Fantastic TV History Documentary

  • Aol TV.
'America In Primetime': Watch PBS's Fantastic TV History Documentary
Filed under: Reality-Free, Features, TV Previews

If you missed PBS's fascinating 'America In Primetime,' a four-part documentary series examining how various TV archetypes have progressed over the years, you're in luck: PBS has put the entire series online.

Featuring interviews with some of TV's best and brightest creators and actors, including Mary Tyler Moore, Carl Reiner, Julianna Margulies, Alan Ball and Candice Bergen, 'America In Primetime' is a must-watch.

The series is a treat for anybody, whether you're a casual viewer or a walking TV encyclopedia. Each episode will transport you back to the early days of TV, then dissect how much the TV landscape has changed. There's something for all to enjoy as the truly passionate TV veterans lay it all on the line.

Check out a segment from 'The Independent Woman' episode below.


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"America in Primetime" covers television tropes like The Independent Woman

This past Sunday, PBS aired its first segment of a four-part series called America in Primetime, which is all about television — its history, its characters, its growth.

The first segment was "The Independent Woman," which was about the pressures that real women have faced, which translates into what female characters face. The entire episode is available to watch on the PBS website, so you can still watch it in its entirety. Interviewees include Julianna Margulies, Archie Panjabi, Elisabeth Moss, Patricia Heaton, Roseanne Barr, Diablo Cody, Mary Tyler Moore and many, many more. The discussions range from broader ideas about how women's roles have changed in the home and at work from the 1950s through present day, and wow, how times have changed. When you look back at how Lucy Ricardo was spanked by Ricky if she disobeyed him by trying to participate in show business and then compare it to
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