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Intense and inspiring challenge, convincing covers and judges, eclectic processes, quite funny but questionable "real acting" but bloody mentor
igoatabase16 July 2010
Even with such an interesting challenge I was a little worry about this episode as the previous one had some major issues. But I have to admit that it turned out really well. Indeed it was really exciting and you should instantly want to see how deep their creative holes go. I mean what best inspiration than classic novels ? From science-fiction to romance there was substance to feed the most starving time traveler. However it seems not all contestants were inspired by their respective picks and in fact I'm amazed how some of them miserably failed to design a decent cover. But as usual a few managed to sparkle the gallery show with astonishing and well polished pieces. What should surprise you the most is the different approaches everyone chose. One was puzzling, a second intriguing and others quite creative. Between paint strokes it was also quite funny because of the eclectic profiles competing against each other. But I question the over the top attitude of some contestants even if "real acting" is an essential ingredient when it comes to such shows. I'm all for drama as long as it doesn't shadow the art side. My other complain would be about Simon de Pury because as a mentor I wish he was more supportive and accessible. He pops up from nowhere, gives a few advices and disappears like a vampire. I don't question his skills, only his anecdotic role. So let's hope that the distance that separates him from the competitors will fade progressively. As for the judges I found their comments quite insightful, and Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn an enchanting creature, but I would have appreciated some on the safe pieces because my favorite one was part of them.
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