TCA: Syfy’s ‘Total Blackout’ Seeks to Get Laughs Out of Contestant’s Fears

Jaleel White (Family Matters) was at the TCA Winter Press Tour today to talk about his new series on Syfy called Total Blackout, a Us adaptation of the Danish game show of the same name. The series is a half-hour game show in which contestants will battle each other (and their phobias) in a series of challenges.

The main structure of the show is three rounds in which there are no lights, no blindfolds and the players have to identify items in the dark or complete other physical challenges. Night vision cameras will catch all the action.

The TCA panel featured a live demo of the process in which several TV actors and personalities participated, including Sam Huntington (Being Human), Jenni Pulos (Interior Therapy With Jeff Lewis), Sabina Kelley (Best Ink), Sarah Colonna (Chelsea Lately). They were all tasked with identifying objects in 3 tanks, which included a feather duster, a foot and eels in water.
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What's Jaleel White, Aka Steve Urkel, Doing Now?

What's Jaleel White, Aka Steve Urkel, Doing Now?
Keep this in mind: for all the rejections from Laura Winslow, the painful transformations into Stephan and the pants that did his "sack" no favors, it's good to be Steve Urkel. After all, he's beyond loaded.

Jaleel White, the actor who turned suspenders into universal symbols of geekdom and made the term "Did I Do That?" into perhaps the most obnoxious thing a trouble-making child could say, is proud of his run as the nerd from next door. Especially what it did for his bank account -- he's the highest paid black kid in the history of television, he told Vanity Fair in a new interview.

And he worked damn hard to earn that cash -- even if it meant some physical struggles.

"The fact is that I was maturing," he remembered of his teenage years growing up as Urkel. "I knew physically I had made certain sacrifices to keep
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