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  • Peter Bash and Jared Franklin are young, fly-by-the-seat-of-their-pants lawyers and partners in the law firm Franklin & Bash. Their nontraditional approach to the legal profession keeps things interesting in the office and the courtroom. The duo's use of questionable legal tactics draws the attention of Stanton Infeld, partner of the prominent law firm of Infeld Daniels. He makes an offer for them to work for him with a promise of certain creative liberty. With work and play frequently intermingling, days and nights are anything but traditional when spending time with Franklin & Bash.


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  • Open with attorneys Jared Franklin and Steven Bash sitting at a diner discussing Bash's chances of sleeping with Marisa Tomei. There is a car accident in front of them and they sprint out to suggest the driver sue the manufacturer of a video billboard for creating a distraction.

    Franklin and Bash's two-attorney firm has a fraternity-like feel -- legal documents left in the refrigerator, nobody can talk at meeting unless they are holding the football, etc. They have two employees, Carmen and Pindar, and it seems like the firm is hurting for cash. Pindar doesn't think they have much of a case with the billboard case. Bash is working on a case defending a woman named Annie on a prostitution charge he thinks is meritless. The DA has apparently assigned Bash's ex, Janie, to oppose him. Bash says he's moved on from Janie, Franklin doesn't believe him.

    Right before Franklin and Bash head into court for the billboard trial Bash runs into Janie. He says she has no case against Annie, as she's a dominatrix rather than a hooker. He says he misses her and says he's not the same guy he used to be.

    On their way into the courtroom the guys have a negative back-and-forth with the opposing counsel and run into a goofy-looking older man wearing blue sunglasses and sweatpants.

    Franklin questions the attractive female from the billboard ad. A few seconds in, he nods and she takes off her shirt and bounces around. The judge has Franklin and his witness removed from the room. But once they are gone Bash points out that nobody -- including opposing counsel Damien Karp -- recalls what she said on the stand because they were distracted. The sweatpants guys smiles in the crowd.

    Carmen gets a call that the firm representing the billboard -- Infeld Daniels -- wants to settle.

    At Infeld Daniels they are taken to meet Stanton Infeld, one of the biggest attorneys in the country. It turns out Infeld was the guy in the sweatpants and he's been looking at both of them for quite some time. After handing over the settlement check he offers them a job. Franklin doesn't like the idea, but caves when Infeld agrees to every one of their terms.

    Prior to Franklin and Bash's first day in the new office Pindar, who has OCD-like quirks, tells them he isn't excited about working downtown. The guys introduce themselves at a firm meeting and learn the Infeld team is defending a pilot named Tommy Donegan and his airline from passengers suing because they suffered injuries during an emergency landing.

    After the meeting it is clear some of Infeld's staff isn't impressed with the new guys. Attorney Hanna Linden introduces herself to Franklin. Infeld tells Bash that Karp (his nephew) will be in charge of taking Donegan's airline TranSky to the media. He wants them to go along and help Karp, who often has issues dealing with reporters.

    Bash is stunned to learn the judge on his prostitution case is now a woman. Janie has found pictures of Annie engaging in sex and Bash's motion to dismiss is quickly denied.

    Afterwards Annie tells Bash that no money changes hands. Evan was originally a client but they fell in love and began seeing each other. When Annie found out he was married she ended things.

    With Franklin and Bash watching from afar Karp addresses the media with Donegan and the CEO of TranSky, Neil Bryant. Reporters begin to ask Donegan about rumors he was engaged in sexual activity with a flight attendant minutes before the plane had engine trouble. Karp gets frustrated and yells at Donegan to "shut up." To divert attention Franklin begins punching Bash.

    Infeld isn't happy with the stunt and Karp seems to be leading the contingent of partners who want the new guys gone. Bash points out that the headlines were about two lawyers fighting and not Donegan's character flaws. Infeld's idea to keep Donegan out of trouble is for the pilot to stay with Franklin and Bash.

    Debbie tells Bash to check on Franklin. He finds Franklin playing Wii in the conference room. This leads to an argument between the two. Bash thinks Franklin needs to be a little more professional, while Franklin thinks that Bash is a sell-out. Franklin invites Hanna to hang out at their place with Donegan that night but she passes.

    Franklin entertains Donegan, who is playing video games next to several ladies. He claims to never have had sex while piloting a plane. Annie shows up and tells Bash that Evan now claims he never loved her. He's calling her his "sex addiction." Annie has no paper trail of Evan saying he loved her. Pindar suggests bringing forward clients to testify they never had sex with Annie, but Bash thinks they need to put Evan on the stand. Hanna shows up having had a fight with her boyfriend.

    Later that night Bash sits in the hot tub with Donegan (and a bunch of women) and they discuss women. Bash promises they'll clear Donegan's name. Franklin and Hanna start to hook up. Pindar still has a camera connection to the firm's conference room and he overhears Karp and Bryant putting together a plan to pin the entire mess on Donegan. They want to prove his actions were so outrageous they were beyond his scope as a TranSky employee and plan to fabricate a witness.

    Franklin confronts Karp about his Donegan plan. It seems Karp was Hannah's boyfriend. Karp is willing to bet the OCD Pindar won't leave the leave the house to testify against him and Bryant and plans to go ahead with his motion as planned.

    Hannah tells Franklin she likes him, but it seems she might have been using him to feed Karp information.

    Franklin demands that Pindar show up in court that day. Pindar isn't happy.

    Bash questions Evan on the stand about his relationship with Annie. He's attempting to prove Evan loved Annie. After making comments clearly related to his failed relationship with Janie, Bash asks Evan if he can look Annie in the eyes and say he never loved her. Evan stares at Annie, then looks away while saying he never loved her.

    Pindar manages to leave the house and get into Carmen's car. He immediately vomits into her windshield.

    Karp succeeds in separating the airline from the case, placing the case squarely on Donegan's shoulders. Afterwards the guys apologize to Donegan. Franklin and Bash agree they can't let this happen.

    Carmen tells Pindar that Franklin is planning to show up at TranSky shareholder meeting. She points out that not many firms would have taken a chance on them: "An ex-con and an agoraphobe who is terrified of birds." Carmen thinks they owe the guys.

    We see Pindar get onto a public bus as Franklin pulls up at the shareholders meeting. Both Franklin and Bash explain to Infeld what Karp and Bryan pulled with the paid-off witness. Just as they have to admit that they didn't actually see the conference room plotting themselves, Pindar takes the microphone and begins to tell his story. Franklin stops him and tells Bryant to re-hire Donegan and release a statement calling him a hero. They agree and Infeld promptly tells Bryant his firm will no long represent a "scumbag." Infeld takes Franklin and Bash aside and tells them both he's glad he hired them.

    Annie is found not guilty. Janie takes Bash aside and tells him she is engaged. He feigns being happy for her. He looks deeply into her eyes and says: "I still got a shot."

    Back at the diner Franklin and Bash discuss whether taking a punch from Mike Tyson is too much to make sleeping with Scarlett Johansson worth it.

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