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The Project Runway of visual arts, great contestants, exciting challenge and convincing "starring" team
igoatabase2 July 2010
When I read BRAVO launched a new creative reality show about arts I instantly wanted to check it out. Indeed I discovered the genre thanks to Top Design and other shows like Project Runway and Top Chef also proved that TV can definitely be inspiring. However I worried about the scripting (Top Chef season 5) and over the top queen drama (Top Design season 2). But Work of Art successfully applied the Project Runway recipe to the visuals arts world.

First most of the contestants are interesting and some of them have great personalities. Of course a few are stereotyped but overall I think we have a pool of authentic talents. Second their first challenge was quite exciting and many of the pieces they achieved were inspiring. I instantly imagined myself competing with them and really wonder what I would have done. From paintings to digital photos the results were diverse and some quite captivating. Third the hosts and judges were convincing in their respective roles. Their mentor is probably French and even if I found him a little uptight I think he did well. However he's no Tim Gunn but I suppose he should quickly grow on us. In fact I think the contestants and viewers could use his wisdom and experience. What about some weekly tips or something ?

Last but not least the story itself was well edited. It was intriguing and you should even sense some tension from time to time. I'm not asking for staged conflicts and superficial dialogs so I was quite satisfied by the contents. As for the form some women should definitely appeal the male audience. Anyway it's about arts and not a beauty contest so our first priority should be to focus on elements like chaotic processes, wonderful colors and overwhelming creativity.
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