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Deadfall? More like dead weight
Nobody-274 December 2017
To give this movie a proper negative review, I'd have to explain all the problems with it, but that would mean spoilers... All in all, this is supposed to be a crime thriller with some psycho-drama mixed in. What it really is, is a pretentious piece of trash aimed at the lowest common denominator - people who are willing to forgive poor story and shallow, poorly created characters, for few sex scenes and some violence. I am not one of them, so I hated it. But to try and explain: - The film starts with a robber reminiscing about what a perfect home would be... as they are on the run from robbery they just committed. Am I the only one who finds this terribly unbelievable if not contrived? Just because you want to add some "depth" to your character, you are making him talk about his dreams and childhood while running from the law? - Then, the same character who starts of as cold blooded criminal becomes an outright psycho. Why? Because the film would fall flat on its face if he did not. It also helps to forget that the entire ending makes no sense all things considered. (they were on the run, remember?) - There are people falling in love, just like that. Actually, there is a reason: without it, there would be no excuse for a sex scene and those "hot" lines that the female protagonist utters... must be every teenage boy's wet dream or something... (albeit, Olivia Wilde was quite good all things considered) - So many convenient "accidents": they run into another shady character, and his house, and another important character, and few others, and they all get together... and it all happens just like that. One "lucky" incident after another. But it all leads to more violence, so all is good, as long as we get our dosage of violence, we should forget how we got there. - Hardly anyone has any motivation for anything. Horrible writing. Father hates his daughter. Girl is hated by her colleagues. Sister is abused by her brother. A guy is angry at someone just like that. On and on and on. I guess those immature kids who carry loads of anger due to abandonment issues will love this, but more sensible people will be left wondering.

Those are just some of the more basic problems. Beyond that, there are plenty more both plot-wise, story wise, character-wise, setup-wise...

All in all, a perfect example of how not to make a film. If it were not for few decent performances and few decent scenes (which were few seconds long) it would have been 1 star (or zero, whatever is lowest allowed).
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Nothing really sticks with you in this movie
srdjan_veljkovic3 December 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Olivia Wilde is eternally grateful that her brother killed her abusive father, yet, at the first chance of having a boyfriend, she kills that same brother, while there are obvious alternatives (like, shooting him in the leg).

The brother is ready to set her loose into possible death in the cold, yet, when he finally finds her again, he seems to not want to let her loose at all.

The boyfriend is this winner of the Olympic medal, who was tricked into doing something bad and then take the fall for it. You know, there's a certain level of abilities needed to get that far, especially in boxing. Yet, when he gets out of jail, he's completely overwhelmed with some aimless rage and thirst for revenge and falls head-over-heals for the very first girl he meets, who's obviously quite beside herself. And, let's be honest, not even that hot to loose your mind over - sure, some guys may like Olivia Wilde and her interesting eyes, but, she's just not the type of girl to wear the cocktail dress all that well.

There's a lot of similar things with other characters, but they are less important, so don't want to spend time on them. Basically, the same inconsistencies are all around.

Oh, yeah, and they succeeded in making Kate Mara not look cute. That's something, I guess.

On the plus side, it's decently acted, has a good flow for this type of a movie. You won't be bored. But, you'll be left with a lot of "what the hell"s, so... why bother?
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Not a spoof of the fifties "Road To..." series.
Khun Kru Mark7 April 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Pretty boys and girls pretending to be bad!

This horribly misguided snow-yarn is another grim reminder that Hollywood makes films for themselves and not audiences. It's La La land at its most self-absorbed!

The story is basically about an ex-con ex-boxer, a male model killer with designer stubble and a half naked tart with a heart. Kris Kristofferson, Treat Williams, and Sissy Spacek have no issues with trashing their reputations by agreeing to take part in this poo-fest.

The theme is father-son issues and/or father-daughter issues, both played out in the warm snow. Nothing makes any sense and all the cops are idiots apart from the girl cop. This is because the screenplay was written by a 13-year-old girl on her first period and it relentlessly portrays all men as cowardly, retarded, sexist clowns and vewwy vewwy icky!.

The tart, Liza, seems unphased by the subzero ice and snow as she robs banks and marches about the supposedly freezing scenery in stockings and a sexy nightgown. Later she guns down her brother because she fell in love with some crybaby ex-con the day before! Yup, a spoiler... but then this thing was spoiled the moment it got released to an unsuspecting public!

The three Stooges had more plausible plot lines than this treasury of mistakes and absurdities. Producer (and pudgy face of elitist limousine libtard politics) Mark Cuban, would have shouldered the blame for this MST3K fodder but the chip on his shoulder takes up all the room. He hasn't got the awareness to remove his name from this awful mess and that sums up his judgment on all things!

It should have been renamed "Road To Canada" and re-cast with the corpses of Bing Crosby, Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour. They wouldn't have stunk as much as this lot did!

Kate Mara as the midget policewoman was nice to look at so the minimum one star goes to her, I guess.
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Poor Directing
festus-269866 March 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I love how so many directors have the gun "weilders" rack a round in the chamber just before a really intense part of a scene. It just makes the entire movie look just like that.......a movie. In real life a round is already in the chamber or the bad guy or the cop would be carrying a bag of licorice or Jolly Ranchers instead. When will directors realize that "attention to detail also counts for those who understand what's real and what isn't". It makes your movie "just stupid". I saw that at least three times in this movie and a heck of a lot more in others.
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Dead Director & Script
wtmerrett9 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
While I did feel this had a good story to tell and interesting perspective, it missed the mark. The characters were not developed enough for us to care about them. A huge mistake that many screenwriters make. Let us like or hate the characters but tell us something about them. The director or script had the characters do and say things that the character would not do or say in that particular scene. When Liza and Jay are in the pub after the roads get closed, she goes out to his truck and immediately goes into his pack to get his address from letters there. How did she know these were there or that there was a pack in the first place? No shot of the pack was shown to the audience to establish this fact. Is she clairvoyant? Then the little girl in the cabin scene with Addison when he kills the stepfather and saves the mother and kids, says something that appeared to be out of left field and once again, made no sense. This went on and on during the movie. Liza and Jay are just getting to know each other in the truck and the pub when all or a sudden he is dancing with her and falling in love. Not in real life anyway. I can understand that a guy just out of prison would want to sleep with the girl as soon as possible but next morning when he see's her about to get into the semi truck of another guy, he runs out half naked to stop her and pledges his affection. Once again, Really, makes no sense for his character. He would have pulled on his clothes and driven away happy to had had the night he had.

The set decoration was an issue as well to me. Having been a Set Decorator in movies I pay attention to this stuff. In the motel attached to the little backwoods pub there are stylish grey sheets on the bed. Are you kidding? What backwoods motel owner is going to splash out on expensive sheets for the rental rooms when cheap white will suffice. The pub also had a stage area for bands and during the day scene there was instruments on stage as if there was a band there. Really? During the day when the roads have been closed due to the storm, a band is going to be working there? No band was established or heard, and no pub owner is going to buy instruments on spec just in case someone with a musical bent just happens by. This kind of mistake just takes away from the story for me and I miss what's going on as I am now annoyed at the Director or Decorator for these glaring errors.

There was a missing scene at the end of the movie that was required to wrap thing up. The movie ended without doing this wrap up and we are left to ask what happened. Did Hanna become an FBI agent or stay in Minnesota as a County Sheriff. A final hospital scene where her father, Sheriff Becker thanks her and says she will make a great FBI Agent would go a long way to finishing things up.

All in all it was not a bad movie and not a complete waste of time but it could have been a great movie if more time was spent on development and attention to detail.

One other thing that confuses me is the listing of actors credits on IMDb. Why was Kate Mara listed waaaay down in amongst the one-line cast when she was so much more then a single line actor in this picture?
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The perfect cure for insomnia
Trackydog28 December 2016
I'm a little surprised to see such generally positive reviews for this movie as I don't know where to start or stop with panning it.

I'll assume many of these reviews are from the production company employees, I mean this is their livelihood isn't it. I'll just bring up a few points as I would rather contemplate my navel than waste even more time out of my life reviewing a movie I wasted so much time watching.

First, since Mark Cuban is one of the executive producers, I think the movie is just a full employment scheme for his out-of-work liberal actor friends. Exactly what would Kris Kristofferson and Sissy Spacek be doing otherwise?

The director Stefan Ruzowitzky, never heard of him, but now I will be on the look out for that name to save me further movie watching pain in the future.

Kate Mara at 5 foot 2 inches is unbelievable as a cop, but then she must be a pal of Mark Cuban also as she comes from big NFL money.

The script is right out of the Pulp Fiction school of writing, but then Pulp Fiction excuses itself in the title doesn't it. This script has no excuse as the story is completely implausible except if the name had been Deadfall Fiction.

Olivia Wilde is added as eye candy, but the gal isn't sure what character she is playing as she seems to play several different characters.

Treat Williams, let's not even go there with how bad he is coupled with how badly written his part is.

Eric Bana, who I have liked in other parts, has finally proved here that he can't act as whatever regional American accent he is trying to use changes from scene to scene and day to day of filming.

This is a movie that had absolutely no reason to have been made other than some young scriptwriters, probably also related to money, got around and smoked some 420 and then decided their ramblings were brilliant and put them to paper.

Let's not be all negative here, if you are going to watch the film anyways, you will enjoy the performance of Charlie Hunnam as he holds his head above the childish script, horrible direction, and hopelessly lost cast.

If you want some independent verification of how bad this thing is, money talks, it brought in $65,000 dollars.
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If you're a woman and need to vomit and can't -- watch this
blanche-222 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
How revolting is it to see actors like Eric Bana, Charlie Hunnan, Sissy Spacek, and Treat Williams in something like "Deadfall"? Revolting.

This is strictly a film for Neanderthal males. Bana and Olivia Wilde play criminal siblings, Addison and Liza, who have just made a huge score when they're in an accident in the middle of a bad snowstorm. The driver dies. Liza grabs the money, and she and Addison take off. At Addison's request, they split up.

Liza hitches a ride with a paroled prisoner (Charlie Hunnam), a former Olympic boxer who is on his way home to see his parents (Kris Kristofferson and Sissy Spacek) and have Thanksgiving. When she learns the address of his parents' house, she leaves a message for Addison, who is holed up in a hunting cabin with a mother, a baby, and a young child, after killing her abusive father. It's not his first murder - at the accident scene, he shoots the police officer who shows up.

The third situation we track in this film is the work of the police, mostly Kate Mara as Hanna Becker, the sheriff's daughter.

Note to self: Find out what else Zach Dean wrote and avoid it.

This particular storyline is ridiculous. The male police are absolutely horrible to Hanna -- and she's the sheriff's daughter. It doesn't matter because the sheriff (Treat Williams) is worse. He tells her he can't let her go and hunt for the murderer of the officer because what if she has to change a tampon? Hanna by now seems immune to this kind of treatment - unfortunately it's new to the viewer. When she wants to call for backup, a fellow cop takes her walkie-talkie and throws it away. She's pushed into the snow and the cops steal her snowmobile. She's blamed for everything. In spite of this, she pays no attention to any of them and forges ahead. When was this thing written - the 1930s?

There was a lot of blood, shooting, the cutting off of fingers, that sort of thing. And so much of the film was preposterous - how did Liza not die of hypothermia wearing next to nothing and violently shaking when she gets into the truck. Some truck - before you know it, in order to seduce this guy to take her to his parents', she partially removes her coat so he can get a better look.

Meanwhile, her brother heads for Jay's parents' house, too.

Then there was Sissy Spacek, with a rifle being held on her by a total stranger, asking Addison to open a window when he lights a cigarette. Yeah and I suppose that would happen. Also, no matter how many shots you fired at Addison, you either never hit him, or if you did, he just got back up.

Also I think Addison had an incestuous thing for Liza, as he goes totally berserk when Jay says he loves her. I do hope when Jay realizes she was just using him, he falls out of love with her, but with this movie, you don't know.

The acting was great - Eric Bana has always been a wonderful actor, capable of very dramatic roles, and this was one. Sissy Spacek, with her serene face, can be sweet but turn ugly in a minute, which she does here. Charlie Hunnam is sympathetic in his role as a man who once had a promising career and feels his father now hates him. Olivia Wilde is beautiful and appropriately seedy as Addison's sister. As for Treat Williams, a very good actor, he didn't have a huge role. One of the lucky ones.
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sayers-1693917 September 2016
A decent watch if you're bored and have already spent 20 minutes looking for an alternative film.

While the film has some good moments and an interesting plot, the dialogue seems void of emotion - both the fault of poor acting and writing. Half of the action scenes are ridiculous and silly. The characters are boring and the problems they face (daddy problems, sexism) are way too cliché to be garner any empathy.

This feature falls way too short of being what it could've been with proper directing, acting, writing, etc. (mostly everything a good film needs).
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The movie is an exciting crime drama.
robtcohen7 October 2015
Enjoyed/entertained. Perhaps setting is Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Sissy Spacek is immediately familiar, but I couldn't place/recognize the gifted 1960s composer-musician Kris Kristofferson until reading over the cast. I watched film twice as I was multi-tasking the first time. Film did not bore. I like the action, including the violence, the local folks-extras are realistic, and the plot is not predictable. It is an exciting ending. The sheriff made his pretty daughter a deputy, yet a truer male chauvinist than should be allowed. The villain/bad guy is a killer. He does have a clever if not somewhat charismatic personality, but really portrays a slime-ball.
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A near excellent film
NateWatchesCoolMovies7 October 2015
I so badly wanted to give Deadfall a glowing, untarnished review of unconditional positivity. But I can't, because it doesn't have an ending. It gets to a point where the conflict is partially resolved, and we see things begin to fall into place, and then it just... ends. Now a certain level of ambiguity works in some cases, to add mystery. But here it overthrows the entire dose of suspense and leaves us wondering sickly what will happen to the protagonist's arc that the film left unresolved. It's like they had a missing reel and no one noticed in time for the premiere lol. Nevertheless, it's 90 percent of a great film, a snowbound thriller (my favourite kind) that's character and actor based, with a lean, mean mentality that bites as hard as the winter cold that the characters wrestle with. Eric Bana, an actor who lulled us into a false sense of security with unassuming roles, then blasted off with Star Trek, in the best work of that film, explores his dark side further here as Addison, a ruthless bank robbing criminal with a poetic morality that serves as a mask to the malicious beast beneath. Along with his dimwitted but leggy sister Liza (sultry Olivia Wilde) he narrowly escapes a bank robbery, fleeing into the snowy northern wilderness bordering Canada, only to be derailed by a horrific car crash and forced into the blizzards on foot. They are pursued by Sheriff Marshall T. Becker (Treat Williams) and his deputies, including his daughter Hanna (Kate Mara) who he bitterly resents for being a female police officer. Mara is an excellent actress who gives the role the intuition it deserves, when she ends up being the only cop on the small town force with a brain in her head. The chase envelops an ex con boxer (Charlie Hunnam) on his way home to spend thanksgiving with his parents (Kris Kristofferson and Sissy Spacek). Hunnam does his usual irritating swagger, and carries his end well enough I guess (Not a fan of his, personally). But Bana owns the film with his ferocious, palpably evil portrayal of man with utterly no conscience and a survival instinct that drive him to corrupt and obliterate anyone in his path. His gruff, menacing turn brings to mind tough guys of yesteryear, like Lee Marvin and Robert Mitchum. There's also a startling incest angle with the relationship to Liza that I would like to see explored more. It's a carefully constructed thriller with weight, tangible menace and unique, almost Elmore Leonard or Jack London style atmosphere, until it shits it's pants in the final minutes of the third act. If you can forgive it this (which I'm learning to do, only because I'm such a huge fan of the rest of the movie before) you'll get an icy kick out of it.
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A surprisingly great thriller movie
ItsLukeyBitch6 October 2015
A great interesting movie with an impressive cast and great acting. This is the kind of movie that keeps you hooked since the beginning,. great photography, great acting, great cast, great chemistry between the main actors and above all a great plot.

The movie surprised me a lot, i thought this would be another average thriller movie with 50 minutes of boring scenes and a predictable plot, but i was surprised with how great is the movie, the characters are charismatic enough to connect with the audience, there's romance and tension in the movie, Sissy Spacek and Kris Kristofferson are great as supporting characters in the movie. Olivia Wilde is stunningly great in the movie and her character allows her to connect with the audience.

I recommend this movie to everyone who likes a good thriller movie.
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Accents are terrible
obriekat3 October 2015
This movie explicitly states that they are in northern Michigan (the upper peninsula) and all I could think about the entire time was how terrible and unrealistic everyone's accents were. Disappointing because it subtracted from the quality of the movie. Details like that aren't trivial and I'm wondering why they chose to have a police Captain who sounds like he's from Boston, Charlie Hunnam who has a weird "American" accent that just sounds off for some weird reason, and Australian Eric Bana speaking like he's from Alabama.... Just odd choices all around. On a positive note, the film kept my attention and unfolded at a nice pace. It has pretty scenery. The violence is graphic enough to make you cringe but is realistic. Over all I give it a "B".
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An impressive cast shine in this violent but impressive thriller.
MattyGibbs13 May 2015
A brother and sister have a car crash after a heist and have to split up. The film follows there separate stories.

This is a thriller that focuses on it's characters rather than relies on impressive action sequences. That's not to say it's not exciting but it's nice to watch something that veers away from the normal routine thriller. It features a great setting, great cinematography, a decent story line, interesting characters and a great cast.

The story moves quickly and is interspersed throughout with bouts of violence. There is a great air of tension built up as the story comes to it's conclusion.

Eric Bana is great as the cold blooded psychotic brother, Olivia Wilde shines as his beautiful sister who just wants to be loved. I particularly liked the performance of Kate Mara as the earnest and slightly quirky cop. For good measure there is good support from Charlie Humman and Sissy Spaceck.

I really enjoyed this movie and I am surprised that it doesn't have a better rating than it's current 6.3 (29,309 votes).
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Not completely awful, but it fell below my expectations
jimbo-53-18651115 April 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Addison (Eric Bana) and Liza (Olivia Wilde) are brother and sister who have just robbed a casino. Together with their getaway driver Theo they're heading for the Canadian border when they hit a deer on the road and crash. Theo gets killed and after Addison kills a state trooper who is investigating the crash, both Addison and Liza decide to split up. Following the death of the state trooper, the police decide to set up road blocks in the hope of catching the person responsible for their colleagues death. Will Addison and Liza manage to make it to the border with the increased police presence?

This film gets off to a really bad start with the clichéd unexpected crash and it never really recovers from there; to its credit this film does at least get your attention from the start, but perhaps not in the way that it should. Right from the start it felt awkward watching Addison and Liza on screen together because it didn't feel like I was watching a brother and sister - the early scene where Liza is stripping in front of Addison and he's staring at her and she then asks him if he's 'enjoying the view' or words to that effect. As I mentioned, it was awkward and kind of made me take a disliking to their characters which straight away put a downer on the film for me.

Shortly after we're introduced to Jay (Charlie Hunnam), a former boxer who won a silver medal at the Beijing Olympics who's been released from prison after being sent there for losing a fight he was meant to win - I think. It's quite clear that his character is introduced as a mere plot device to enable the siblings to reunite at the end of the film. It's not always a bad thing if the journey from A to B is predictable, but it is if it's in a film such as Deadfall which has very little entertainment value and at the same time gives the audience nothing to care about. In fairness the writers do at least try and justify Jay as a plot device by at least fleshing his character out somewhat so I can see good and bad here. The romance between Jay and Liza was rather strained and unconvincing - this is made worse at the end when he maintains that he loves her, even though she tells Addison to leave with her when poor Jay still has a knife stuck through his hand. Leave it out!!

Addison's solo journey is slightly more interesting than Liza and Jay's trite romance, but even his journey isn't particularly tense or exciting with good ole Addison being able to take on all manner of adversaries without even breaking into a sweat. That is just one of the problems with this film; there's no tension - I never once feared for either sibling and never once felt scared for them. They seem to have time to sit around drinking wine and building snowmen etc. You're supposed to be being chased for goodness sake.

The film wasn't even particularly well-structured; the police are seemingly setting up road blocks and doing a sweep of the area, but they don't notice any footprints in the snow. They also don't bother examining the car that they crashed at the start of the film. The roads are all closed at one point, but then opened again even though they haven't caught anyone. Also, wouldn't it have been easier just to scramble a helicopter to do a sweep of the area? It would have also been better if it felt like the police were gradually piecing things together as it would have made the film more intelligent and involving, but the writing just wasn't there I'm afraid.

Although Deadfall wasn't an out and out terrible film, it was a disappointing film and certainly could have been a lot better.
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good cast good movie and lots of snow
bcheng9325 October 2014
holy shoot! a Treat Williams sighting. the first page of IMDb has a blistering review of this movie giving it one star, but i guess the person had a personal vendetta against the movie...he listed everything that was wrong in the movie and there were actually quite a-lot, but even the really good and some great movies have that..hahaha!

the movie itself was very watchable with a very strong ensemble cast and the story was good. at a little over and hour and a half the romantic part of the movie still felt sluggish but that was the only bad thing about it to me. i love that the whole movie was shot in the snow and a blizzard and it was a major part of the movie in itself.

i saw the ending coming but it was still a very good watch and Eric Bana was his usual stellar self in the lead role. there is actually a lot happening in such a short movie with at least 4 or 5 relationships going on at the same time. overall the movie got generally good reviews as it will get from me to and i will watch this again sometime in the future and i totally love movies that are shot in snow or rain or the dark and this one succeeds. although not a perfect movie, it is a very good watch.
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A bit all over the place. But quite watchable
bowmanblue30 September 2014
'Deadfall' is one of those films that sits somewhere between what you'd expect to be released 'straight to DVD' and a theatrical cinema release. It has a few relative famous names in it and is directed with enough style to make it rise slightly above your average B-movie.

Eric Bana and Olivia Wilde are a brother/sister team of robbers whose getaway goes wrong, forcing them to split up and try to make it across the border into Canada.

It's not a long film (a tight 90 minutes) and there are quite a few characters introduced to us, therefore not all of them are entirely as fleshed-out as they might have been if the story was longer. Plus it does jump from one set to the next making the story bounce around a bit. The film shows us that - good or bad - everyone is flawed in some way. I read another review that said an alternate title for this film could be 'Daddy Issues,' as most of the characters have some issue with their father.

It's certainly violent enough and there is a bit of action, but it's mainly a thriller as we see whether the police will finally catch up with the pair before they cause even more carnage than they've already created.

A minor gripe from some (mainly American) viewers is that Bana and Hunnam sometimes struggle with accents not from their native countries. However, if you just fancy an easy-going little crime thriller then this one is just high enough above the rest to make it easy watching.

6/10 generally, but it could stretch to a 7, depending on your mood, or if you're a real fan of one of the main stars.
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A decent movie with a vile message.
TdSmth530 August 2014
A couple being driven in a limo lose control of the car and end up flipping over several times somewhere on a snow-covered road. No Hollywood explosion though this time around. The driver is killed and the cabin is now filled with money. A cop arrives, the guys kills him. They collect the money and and decide to split, as people in movies invariably do. They're out nowhere in a snowstorm. They want to cross to Canada and somehow reunite.

The girl stops a car down the road. We've met the guy in the car before. He's a convict ex-boxer who just got released. He went to his gym to ask his trainer for money. He took all his winnings. A scuffle ensues and the trainer is apparently killed when his head hits a cabinet. So the guy is on the run. He agrees to take her to the next gas station. She flirts. When they arrive, they are told that the roads are closed due to the storm. So they stay at the bar talking. She seduces him although all she wants is a ride to Canada. He falls for her.

Meanwhile, the other guy Addison who turns out to be the girl' s brother ends up at a cabin and kills the family man there who is abusive to his wife and stepchildren. There he gets some calls from the girl about where they could meet. When the police arrives he kills some of them but makes it to the house and terrorizes the older couple that owns it. Then the girl and the boxer arrive, he's the son of the couple. What follows is one of those bizarre scenes where the villain bullies everyone to say what they are thankful for and eat cake. Then the police arrive.

Deadfall is a very watchable movie with a strong cast. Olivia Wilde steals every scene she's in and there are some tender and hot moments when she's with the boxer as when she basically tells him that she'll be any character he wants her to be. The love between the siblings is also unusual for a movie that focuses on the ugliness of life. Of course these two have to make a whole lots of dumb choices to get into the predicament the script requires. And there are just dozens of those only-in-the-movies coincidences.

Aside from those issue the biggest problem is Deadfall's despicable message. The cast and crew try to make us believe this is a movie about de-idealizing the notion of the family. It's not. It's about demonizing fathers, a project the establishment media have long pursued. Almost all the males we meet are fathers and treat their spouses and children like crap. No male is spared. Addison who did rescue his sister guessed it...the abusive father also treats her like a child and slaps her around when he wants to.

The cast and crew do a pretty good job here but I just cannot forgive the evil and mean-spirited portrayal of men.
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Missed opportunities
tieman6424 August 2014
Some fine, wintry atmosphere is wasted in "Deadfall", a neo-noir about a trio of criminals who converge upon a table adorned with Thanksgiving dinner. Once our cast assemble around this table, director Stefan Ruzowitzky prepares his audience for a big revelation, for the film's "point" or raison d'etre...

But nope. "Deadfall" has nothing up its sleeves and nothing on its mind. Its assembly of noir archetypes and noir subplots leads nowhere and amounts to little, which is frustrating, considering how much potential each of the film's character arcs initially held. Written by Zach Dean, "Deadfall" is at its best when a button-nosed Kate Mara and a scenery chewing Eric Bana are on screen.

6/10 – See "A Simple Plan" (1999) and "The Lookout" (2007).
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Taught and expertly-made thriller
Leofwine_draca7 August 2014
Every now and then a little thriller comes along that absolutely blows your socks off and leaves you feeling wowed by the experience. DEADFALL is such a film; I haven't had such a good time with a thriller since HEADHUNTERS, and while it's not quite of the same calibre, it's certainly a great little movie that deserves far more attention than it has.

I really ask two things and two things alone of thrillers: that they have plenty of suspense and tension, and that the action sequences are decent. DEADFALL fulfils both criteria, offering an unusual plot that keeps the suspense simmering along at all times and throws you into the thick of it with the characters in the first 10 minutes. There's also some great stuff in the action stakes, from shoot-outs to snow mobile chases. It all builds to a wonderful set-piece which has way more tension than a similar scene in Tarantino's DJANGO UNCHAINED.

The cast is also pretty remarkable; Olivia Wilde is absolutely mesmerising in her role, and Charlie Hunnam (PACIFIC RIM) proves himself a force to be reckoned with. Old-timers Kris Kristofferson, Sissy Spacek and Treat Williams are all great to see back on screen, and Kate Mara is excellent after being miscast in IRONCLAD. Best of all is Eric Bana, who turns what could have been a simple villain into something multi-layered and, yes, sympathetic. Altogether this is a great little movie and to say too much more would be to spoil it, other than that I thoroughly recommend it.
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A messy ordeal in the snow
estebangonzalez1022 May 2014
"What would home look like? I don't know. A farmhouse in the valley, I guess, like the one we grew up in, Liza and I."

Academy Award winning director for his foreign film The Counterfeiters, Stefan Ruzowitzky, now brings us an American crime thriller dealing with dysfunctional families. It seems to be an odd choice for a director who had so much success back in Austria considering this is an average B-film that doesn't introduce anything new or unique to the genre. Deadfall never manages to deliver the thrills that it promises either and has a rather unsatisfying ending. At times it felt like a film that was trying to be something else, but it never quite figured out what it wanted to be and ended up only scratching the surface of the dysfunctional family drama it was so desperately tying to explore. Perhaps it suffered from trying to add several subplots and intertwine them together towards the climactic end, but ultimately Deadfall felt like your average crime thriller with a strong ensemble cast, but a poor and unimaginative script. Deadfall never quite delivers the thrills and the characters are underdeveloped turning this film into a messy ordeal. As much as I wanted to enjoy this, I couldn't find anything redeeming about it, and not even the beautiful Olivia Wilde shines here. It's a dull film that tries to be more important than it really is with way too many subplots and overlapping themes that are barely explored.

The screenplay was written by Zach Dean centering on two siblings, Addison (Eric Bana) and Liza (Olivia Wilde), who are heading towards the Canadian border after having pulled of a casino heist. We never see the actual heist take place since the film opens with them already in route to the border when all of a sudden in the midst of a blizzard their vehicle crashes into a deer. Addison is forced to kill the patrolman and decides to split up with Liza and meet up later as the police will be after him. On another note, we are introduced to a former boxer named Jay (Charlie Hunnam) who is being released from prison. The first thing Jay does is call his mother June (Sissy Spacek) who lives in a farmhouse near the spot where Addison and Liza crashed. She invites Jay over for Thanksgiving dinner despite the fact that he's been estranged with his father Chet (Kris Kristofferson). Along the way, Jay finds Liza nearly freezing to death near the highway and he decides to give her a lift. Addison on the other hand is being hunted by Sheriff Becker (Treat Williams) and his men who are closing in on the trail of blood he's left behind. Becker's daughter, Hannah (Kate Mara), whose also an officer is ordered to stay in the station and out of trouble. As the characters are all introduced it becomes inevitable to realize that they are all going to intersect somewhere along the way.

Despite the talented ensemble cast, the script is so poorly written that there is not much they can do to prevent their characters from becoming cardboard cutouts. Even the always reliable and legendary actors such as Kris Kristofferson and Sissy Spacek can't do anything to save this film. Hunnam and Wilde have a very poorly developed romantic subplot that felt extremely rushed. Bana didn't really look too menacing as the villain and at times his character felt cartoonish. The dysfunctional family elements that this film tries to explore never really gets anywhere and they all seem too cliché. The male characters are seen as tough while the females are forgiving and patient. The western showdown near the end wasn't engaging either and everything about this film felt ordinary despite the different themes they were trying to blend together. It never digs under the surface of those elements it's trying to introduce and that's why the film feels so dull and empty. Deadfall is not the important and smart thriller it's trying to be.
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Like an angel come down from the storm.
Spikeopath18 April 2014
Deadfall is directed by Stefan Ruzowitzky and written by Zach Dean. It stars Eric Bana, Olivia Wilde, Charlie Hunnam, Kate Mara, Treat Williams, Kris Kristofferson and Sissy Spacek. Music is by Marco Beltrami and cinematography by Shane Hurlbut.

Siblings Addison (Bana) and Liza (Wilde) are fleeing a casino heist that's gone badly wrong. Deciding to split up, they arrange to meet up at a later point and go their separate ways. Liza hooks up with ex- convict Jay (Hunnam) while Addison has a date with an abusive father. All while the police, led by a father and daughter pairing who have their own family issues, close in on them along with a blizzard.

Ruzowitzky's snowy neo-noir may not have the most brainiest of plots, but it makes up for that elsewhere with genuine thrills, spills and wintry chills. Shane Hurlbut photographs it in steely cold metallic blues, piercing whites and bloody reds, then laying an ethereal sheen over the night time sequences. This is perfect tonal accompaniment to the characterisations fronting the story, Addison and Liza have definite incestuous leanings, with the former capable of brutal violence when required. Jay, out of prison, is a big disappointment to his father (Kristofferson), but more pressing concerns are a deadly confrontation he is forced into, and that he's falling for Liza, who appears to be damaged goods and whose motives are unclear.

On the supposed good side of the snowy fence is Hannah (Mara) and Becker (Williams), daughter and father cops, she strives to make her daddy proud, he resents her for not being a son, even chastising her with cold venom in front of other officers. It's a whirlpool of troubled characters battling it out in the snowy wilds of North America. Ruzowitzky inserts some quality action sequences as the protagonists/antagonists snake towards their date with destiny, which arrives in a classy film noir trope way at Jay's parents house. The air is pungent with fatalism and the link of all characters having kin problems gives the narrative some bite. Very well performed by the cast, this is comfortably recommended to neo-noir lovers. 7.5/10
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You're no angel....
FlashCallahan9 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Criminal Addison is on the run to with accomplice Theo and sister Liza. Theo hits a deer, loses control of the car and dies. and Addison splits money with Liza and tells her to get to the border while he takes an alternate route.

Former boxer Jay, who was jailed for throwing a fight, is released from prison on probation and calls his mother to inform her of his homecoming.

While driving home, he sees Liza and gives her a ride. They fall for each other instantly. The local troops are hunting Addison, but he seeks refuge in a house he comes across.

Belonging to Jays parents.....

I was hugely surprised by this movie. I was expecting another Heist gone wrong movie, with the cops chasing Bana, and ending in some glorious shoot out that would try and emulate Butch Cassidy.

Its so much more than this. Its about siblings who have come from a god fearing background, where one of them was obviously abused, and the other saved them, causing some bizarre, almost incestuous bond between them.

When they are separated, one turns psychotic, and the other forms a sort of fantasy world with Jay, and they refer to other people as their siblings names.

Thanks to the winter setting, it's very claustrophobic, and each set piece is very intense, and slightly unsettling, as Bana portrays Eddison as a good person, but one who has a serious mental health problem, verging on psychosis.

Wilde is at her best here, as another delusional person, but for her, her delusions are if the more sexual nature.

Add a subplot involving Mara trying to get her dad to take her seriously as an officer of the law, you really get an interesting narrative on family life, and how small things can cause such a huge dysfunction.

And oddity, but well worth trying out.
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Dead on arrival
Prismark105 March 2014
A star studded cast, some good snow filled cinematography and an interesting beginning.

That were the good points. The rest of Deadfall is a cliché ridden intruder in the house whilst being on the run. Actually Eric Bana playing the man on the run goes to several houses even saving a a wife and children from a cruel father.

Bana and Olivia Wilde are siblings who have been involved in a heist and split up when their getaway car gets involved in an accident in the snow. They hope by splitting up it gives them both a better chance to escape and also stops Bana keeping his mitts off his hot sister!

Bana shoots a police officer dead who arrives to help and goes on to shoot several others whilst there is a manhunt out for him consisting of some of the stupidest and sexist police officers the USA has.

Wilde ends up with an ex-Olympic boxer (Charlie Hunnam) who is heading home for Thanksgiving after being released from prison for throwing a fight in a betting scam. At the Thanksgiving dinner its open house for hostages as Bana just happened to had arrived earlier. There is a vicious showdown which also filled with unintentional laughter.

The acting ranges from the banal to OK. Sissy Spacek is not given much to do, Hunnam is a blank. The story is all over the place, Bana is a cold killer but helps out a stranded mother and her children. Yet a bit later on, he stops by to have dinner and holds Spacek hostage when there is manhunt after him.

The police are just nauseating with the female deputy having to put up with abuse from fellow officers, one of them being her dad (Treat Williams). There is harsh violence but the film lacks thrills, characterisation and entertainment. If a film does not even work as brain dead entertainment, its in trouble.
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A Snowy Serving of Excellent and Well Collaborated Drama
tequila10112 February 2014
I have watched this film twice already this year and I must say that it never fails to disappoint. A Snow climax which sets in isolation and peril, dark and gloomy cinematography and an all-round cast including Eric Bana, Olivia Wilde and Charlie Hunnam who deliver tenacious and overall spectacular performances which engage and lure the audience into a fine little thriller which gives all the good anyone is expecting in a film like this.

I just thought that the cast for this film was a good choose because I never expected to see Eric Bana (from films such as "Chopper" and "Hulk" and Charlie Hunnam "Sons of Anarchy) together in a slick thriller/drama which seems to bring much tension whilst keeps the action flowing nicely from scene to scene. The story that creators thought of is something that has been done countless times to date, yet "Deadfall" seems to take the concepts and ideas of these situations and makes it a different type of roller coaster ride which has you wondering and pondering suspense of how, who, what and when certain scenarios and characters will act upon the viewer as well as each other. Not to mention I thought Sissy Spacek (strongly known for the original 70's shocker "Carrie") and Olivia Wilde (who I haven't seen in many films) were both excellent elements and actresses for their parts as well as their ways of acting as the roles they were given.

But most notably, Eric Bana & Charlie Hunnam; they both knocked their roles right out of the wind this time round! Eric Bana brings a more sadistic yet manipulative and charming persona to his character of Addison whom murders and violates people before wanting them to die. I love how Bana portrays a very vicious and vile tone which seems to cause much tension between him and other characters. Such as the scenario where he back tracks in the woods where he "seems" to look after the little girl as well as the final dinner table sequence.

Charlie Hunnam is very much at his prime in this role as he is a petty crook who just happens to be released from prison, and now; wants to get his life back on track. I really loved how he brings a smart, sneaky and yet kind-hearted persona to his character. Even though he has done the immoral, we see visually understand that he wants to try and make peace with his family and to get a girlfriend (in which it's Eliza) as well as to stop running away from trouble.

Overall, a very slick and excellent film I believe shouldn't be missed. I could ramble on about this film for ages since it's so fantastically well made. A very strong structured film which I didn't expect to even grasp my attention so much, as with myself I usually am not fond of many of the film being released these days as many have lost substance or use too much style to present glamorous textures instead of story.

"Deadfall" seems to pick up and balance the two elements of substance and style generally well which I now believe it was the possibly the best film to be released in 2012. I don't know how I didn't pick up on this two years ago! My Verdict: See It, it garnishes a 9.5/10 from me.
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People bashing this movie want their brains tested
prendj0128 January 2014
I'm not saying this is an all action knockout. This type of movie with all the archetypal plot progressions that been carried out before.

But it does it oh so well!!!!!!!!!

It has good pace from the beginning, well-drawn characters, and delivers right amount of information as the film progresses to keep you interested in what happens next. There are no obvious spoilers tipping you off and the resolution has some refreshing twists.

Yes, as I said it follows tried and tested formula's but does so 'oh so well' in the hands of some famous and other not so famous but excellent character actors.

Lastly, the ending works so you will feel satisfied you didn't waste an hour and a half of your life watching it.
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