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PollyGrind Film Festival Announces Its 2011 Line-Up

We recently told you about the upcoming PollyGrind Film Festival, one of the premiere grindhouse film festivals, that's set to celebrate all-things B-Movie style in Las Vegas this October. The madman behind the festival, Chad Clinton Freeman, announced today this year's PollyGrind line-up and it looks pretty sweet!

And not only is PollyGrind celebrating films, the fest is also celebrating several indie music acts slated to perform during the fest, a Zombiepalooza celebration and a whole lot more! Read on for all the details for the Second Annual PollyGrind Film Festival!

From the Press Release:

It's been called "the key festival for indie cult filmmakers to land distribution deals." Its founder and programmer has been called the "new champion of unabashed B-movie sleaze." Those praises might seem a bit outlandish, but with the official announcement of the PollyGrind Film Festival's schedule, it's easy to see where they come from.

Chad Clinton Freeman
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PollyGrind 2 Film Festival in Las Vegas Now Looking for Submissions

For you independent filmmakers out there who may have projects that skew on the B-movie side of the genre spectrum, PollyGrind 2 is now looking for submissions for the second annual PollyGrind film festival in Las Vegas this upcoming October.

Want to know how to submit your work or when you can attend PollyGrind 2? Read on for details from the official press release!

From the Press Release:

In true grindhouse fashion, Chad Clinton Freeman is calling his second annual film festival a "sequel." The filmmaker and promoter labeled the "new champion of unabashed B-movie sleaze" by ArrowInTheHead.com is currently calling for entries for his Las Vegas event named the Polly Staffle Grindhouse Fest.

"This is PollyGrind2: Return of the Grind," Freeman said. "Now if I could just nail down a tagline I like..."

"The saga continues", "666 + 777 = 2", "No mere mortal can resist the evil of Polly's thrillers", and "Bigger, badder
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