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  • There have been some revisions to characters and locations in the movie with respect to the original novel, and telling the story three decades later than the novel has required some updating.

    The character of Dr. Maureen Fischer in the novel is now Dr. Murray Konkin in the movie.

    New York City, the location of much of the action in the novel, has been devastated by food riots, arson, and terrorism in the near-future timeline of the movie; consequently Dr. Vreeland (like the real-life economist, Murray Rothbard, who moved from a teaching position at New York Polytechnic to UNLV) has relocated with his family from New York City to Las Vegas, which has adapted better to the new economy.

    This also follows the life path of the novel's author, and the film's writer/director, J. Neil Schulman, who lived in New York City when he began writing the novel in 1974, but now lives in Southern Nevada.

    The movie is being filmed in and around Las Vegas. Principal photography began December 5, 2011, and the remainder of principal photography is scheduled to be completed by early 2013.

  • The production is currently working to fulfill requirements to achieve approval from the Screen Actor's Guild (SAG). As soon as the paperwork requirements have been completed and submitted, and the SAG approved contract is received by the production companies, these key roles, and others, will be listed with Breakdown Services and the major talent agencies will be encouraged to submit their clients. Final casting sessions for these roles will then be done in Los Angeles prior to resumption of filming in Las Vegas.

  • Austin Petersen's Stonegait Pictures is currently in production of a first teaser trailer for Alongside Night, featuring Kevin Sorbo.


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