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Season 1

Episode #1.1
As the threat of a nuclear attack looms, Hawkins watches a video in which experts discuss the concept and threat of nuclear terrorism.
Episode #1.2
Hawkins downloads a video from an unknown source which discusses radiation poisoning and how to protect yourself from it by limiting its effects.
Episode #1.3
Hawkins works with an unknown internet contact and the two discuss the chaos that ensues after a nuclear attack, protective suits, and nuclear shielding.
Episode #1.4
Hawkins learns from a video that the components required to make a nuclear bomb are easy to find and make with disastrous results if detonated in a highly populated area.
Episode #1.5
Hawkins enters a caged area and reviews files which document the chronicles of FEMA and their ability to quickly disseminate information about a nuclear attack.
Episode #1.6
From within his new base of operations, the cage, Hawkins views videos which document the effects of a nuclear bomb detonation on the environment, the human body, and electronics.
Episode #1.7
Hawkins is informed that a nuclear attack is confirmed and the clock is ticking. He then reviews a video on the effects of radiation on the human body.
Episode #1.8
Hawkins narrowly escapes when his safe house is raided. He spends time reviewing videos on alternate first responders by private military groups and security forces.
Episode #1.9
Hunted by authorities, Hawkins continues his pursuit for answers and while communicating with his contact he reviews videos on how society will react after an attack.
Episode #1.10
In order to maintain his low profile, Hawkins enters the city and a new safe house where he reviews files on stockpiling various protective, medical, and food/water supplies.
Episode #1.11
Hawkins is attacked by an unknown assailants and escapes after a struggle with new information pertaining to the proliferation of surveillance and how it works.
Episode #1.12
An air-based surveillance team continues to search for Hawkins while he views an incoming transmission on his computer about the FBI's vigilance in preparing for an act of terrorism.
Episode #1.13
Hawkins continues his mission to deliver a computer chip to his contact. Along the way he reviews information on the importance of fuel during an apocalyptic event.
Episode #1.14
Hawkins is knocked unconscious by an unknown assailant. When he awakens he locates his phone and continues his mission and is educated about the decay of society during a crisis.
Episode #1.15
Hawkins is retrieved and returned to a safe house. While in recovery he watches a video transmission on how con artists exploit people during a crisis.
Episode #1.16
Hawkin's contact warns him he is in extreme danger and that he needs him to deliver the chip immediately. Hawkin's then watches an agency video where post-traumatic stress syndrome is discussed.
Episode #1.17
Hawkins finds himself surrounded by an unknown enemy that demands he surrender the chip. His contact provides him with a video about the dynamics involved in a hostage situation.
Episode #1.18
Once again the captors pursuing Hawkins allow him to escape. He makes his way to another safe house and watches a video which discusses the CIA's and FBI's response to a post nuclear disaster.
Episode #1.19
Hawkins contact directs him to a dead drop where he can deliver the chip. He then watches a video which discusses the techniques of spying.
Episode #1.20
Hawkins arrives in Washington DC and reestablishes contact with his handler. He then watches a video which discusses the torture and interrogation techniques.
Episode #1.21
Hawkins retrieves a transmitter on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. He then enters the code and is shown the contents of the chip. He is then instructed to watch a video which discusses revolution.
Episode #1.22
Hawkins transmits the information to his contact and is then told to watch a video about emergency preparedness. His contact then sends him to a safe house in Jericho.

 Season 1 

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