"Weeds" A Yippity Sippity (TV Episode 2010) Poster

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Silas Botwin: Normal Newmans from normal town. You really believe we could keep this up for any serious amount of time?

Nancy Botwin: This is who we are now. This is us.

Silas Botwin: What if you had gotten a real job after Dad died and we could have skipped all this shit?

Nancy Botwin: We would have to sell the house, move to a very different zip code. You and Shane would have gone to even lousier public schools.

Silas Botwin: That doesn't sound so bad.

Nancy Botwin: You probably still would have knocked up a girl, only this one maybe would have been blind instead of deaf, or missing a limb. You would have struggled with your grades, smoked weed, dropped out, gotten your G.E.D... Your brother still would have had rage issues. He would have lost his virginity to a skanky girl, or a skanky girl duo. He would have grown increasingly alienated, and ended up stabbing the mailman or my manager at the Gap. We would be in the exact same spot we're in now.

[Shane walks in]

Silas Botwin: Shane, if Mom would have worked at the Gap instead of selling drugs, do you still think you would have killed somebody?

Shane Botwin: Probably.

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