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Plot Keywords

kaiju pilot
creature robot
ocean portal
scientist co pilot
monster sea
apocalypse pacific ocean
attack battle
combat fight
bridge giant robot
final battle giant monster
eaten alive brother brother relationship
sleeve tattoo nosebleed
four star general battlefield
escape pod eyeglasses
gatling gun death of brother
brawl alien invasion
dystopia genetic engineering
what happened to epilogue electrocution
year 2017 nuclear reactor
epic stick
future manila philippines
helicopter watching news on tv
acid evacuation
stabbed in the chest corpse
general blockbuster
media coverage airlift
flare gun cloning
hong kong military base
mercenary marshal
bare chested male death
training trembling
collapsing building two word title
wheelchair nuclear bomb
nuclear explosion machine gun
sikorsky hh 53 jolly green giant killed in action
cafeteria shoe
deoxyribonucleic acid robot suit
basketball game scare
memory torso cut in half
skull outer space
sikorsky hh 3 jolly green giant voice over narration
no opening credits brother brother team
flashback knife
red shoe pregnant
english bulldog redemption
fist fight good versus evil
explosion homage
ladder lightning
hong kong bay severed arm
year 2020 violence
super computer swing
heavy rain cane
respect artificial intelligence
father son team stick fight
exploding truck saving the world
power outage threatened with a knife
pilot ejects kendo
nerd factory
australian alien race
news report suit of armor
pendulum rainstorm
newton's cradle twin brother
australia ship
exploding body retired
monster movie alaska
end of the world scenario underwater scene
bunker rescue
girl in danger united nations
shotgun russian
mind meld coming out of retirement
fighter jet cannon
pistol resistance
exploding plane exploding building
military soldier
flood mecha
seattle washington aircraft carrier
laboratory exploding car
fictional war vomit
san francisco california surprise during end credits
storm at sea resistance fighter
plane crash fall from height
snow lockheed martin boeing f 22 raptor
clone walled city
rampage golden gate bridge
child in peril metal detector
father son relationship exploding bridge
boat ice
exposed brain scream
black marketeer military officer
timebomb unity
army general revenge
hidden room dog
adopted daughter destruction of city
place name in title fistfight
construction site japanese
navigation map inside the mind
2020s impassioned speech
sword technician
sydney australia american
black market electromagnetic pulse
scene during end credits box office flop
wormhole hologram
overhaul self sacrifice
fishing boat broken glass
shipping container giant creature
chinese mind reading
death of son

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