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Quantum Eats

Author: Fredo777 from United States
16 April 2011

I think most of the negative comments on this show are ill-deserved. Marcel is a talented young chef + I find the creations of his team (particularly, the presentation of their fanciful eats) quite entertaining.

As for the cast drama, this is a reality series. It's the bread-and- butter (har har) of the genre. Give the show a really fair shot + don't let your hang-ups about Marcel (possibly influenced by his appearance on Top Chef) sour you to a really quite good series.

Hope it lasts for a while, as I think the food, the cast, + the little educational tidbits about the molecular gastronomy techniques make for a refreshing + informative experience. On a shallow note, Devon + Jarrid are cute.

Bon appetit.

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Unique-Awesome-Show-Watch it!

Author: Jokerslye from United States
8 April 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I am kind of shocked about your review Mr.Ron Mueller? You do realize if you had any brain at all when you're the chef nothing ever goes perfect ever and yelling is almost always involved period if you can't handle it well then you're in the wrong business. Also he is a perfectionist and wants things to go right because it's his reputation and his big shot and the people that work for him they're friends they know that even though he may go overboard sometimes he means well he just want's things go right. I know your next comment is oh well you don't have to treat people this way yadda yadda shut up get out of the kitchen because apparently it's too hot for you so go move a couch or something.

You also have to take in account from the show he doesn't have that much time to prep so if the time frame is true and he pulls it off it's pretty impressive and finally the stuff that man comes up with is genius stuff like that hasn't been done and he is making it happen it's unique and from the people whom are on there seem to enjoy it and have never tasted or had anything like it.

The Jokers final verdict is Ron Mueller is brain dead and this show is a 10 out of 10 go watch it!

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Not what I expected

Author: suzy Q
1 November 2012

When I heard the title, I immediately thought I would be watching something close to "mythbusters" but what I watched was the usual reality show faked drama. The only reason I'm not giving it a 1 is that out of the whole show you could actually extract about 5 or so minutes of the actual product I was expecting.

This show shouldn't be airing on Syfy. If it was on another network I might have added a couple of stars because it's just your average reality show, nothing special. If they don't cut on the drama and ramp up the science content, I don't imagine this show making it to the second season. Poor choice Syfy.

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A good show, but who was the brain trust behind it?

Author: InTheEmbers from Gaines, Michigan
18 April 2012

Marcel Vigneron is definitely a polarizing figure, but he knows his molecular gastronomy, which I'll assume is why the powers that be decided to put 'Marcel's Quantum Kitchen' on SyFy.

Gastronomy = science = science fiction? The logic is tenuous at best, but I suppose it could be justified if the focus of the show was the science behind the techniques and technologies behind Vigneron's creations. With those facets being an afterthought (instead, they decided to focus on the drama of running a catering business with a culinary niche), though, it feels terribly out of place as a show on SyFy...which may be why the first I heard of this show was stumbling upon it while perusing Netflix.

Getting past where it appeared, though, the show itself is actually a solid hour of entertainment. Virtually nobody watching the show is going to try these techniques at home, so 'Quantum Kitchen' is light on recipe and heavy on the pressure of deadlines, which are only magnified by the fact that, generally speaking, the cuisine being created hasn't been thought of in this fashion yet. As a result, the excitement caused by the team's setbacks and successes (and yes, even outright failures) resonate quite well.

Marcel Vigneron is occasionally still bristly, true (although he strikes me as someone who is actually putting forth an effort at being on his best behavior); still, it strikes me as a double standard that the reason why Vigneron is so reviled is the same reason that Gordon Ramsay is beloved: that temper of theirs. Vigneron is obviously passionate about what he does, and if the six episodes of season one are all we get, then I for one am pleased I got a chance to take a brief look into the art of molecular gastronomy with someone who excels at it.

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Good idea but...

Author: sleeping_gorilla from United States
10 April 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I loved the idea of a science heavy cooking show appearing on the Sci-fi channel. The premise is that Marcel is this maverick cook who has started up a high end catering business with his 'friends'.

While Molechular Gastronomy is interesting, you learn very little about it here. I get that Marcel is a specialist in this method, and his clients are expecting an impressive science display. However the food he makes doesn't look that great, and his dishes are usually way too over designed.

As a rule Marcel is obsessive about things. He wants to serve food on hovering trays, cool! You have a week and the trays just aren't designed to hold much weight. Give up, get back to cooking. He wants to heat rocks to 500 degrees to serve a Hawai'ian themed dinner.

Um, don't certain rocks explode at high temporatures?

Marcel himself comes as a d!ck. His 'friends' admit in interviews that they are just cooks that are trying to get on TV, and they can't stand Marcel. Only 2 of them even stick around more than 4 episodes. I don't blame them. Marcel seems to know very little about the catering business. He yells at his hard working staff, and takes credit for everything but his own mistakes. He also insists on putting himself in the spotlight way too often.

Seriously, his clients are trying to hold a fashion show and he's out there between every course introducing his 'brilliant' food. Who cares, you're the cook! One of his staff worked on his own time to build a sculpture out of motorcycle parts for this event, and he doesn't even credit the guy.

What a jerk.

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Overall pretty good

Author: ckoadiyn from Ohio
23 March 2012

I think overall this show is pretty good. It shows a unique way of cooking and some of the techniques that are interesting. While sometimes it is a little drama like its pretty good over all. I just started watching and have watched almost all the episodes and it is rather good. I also enjoy how they create a total feel to go with their food. They do a good job of tying the food with the theme of the party that they are doing. I wish there was another show similar to this or that they did a little more showing of the cooking but they do a pretty good job of trying to cram everything in to 45 minutes.Those who wrote the bad reviews must have only watched one or two episodes.

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Great concept possibly ruined by the host

Author: NotMoreMovies from United States
26 March 2011

Cooking using cutting-edge scientific equipment, what could be more fun right? If that's what the show's focus was on, it might be. Unfortunately, the host wants to emphasize the drama of deadlines, mistakes, and the incompetence of his help. If the focus were on the intricacies of the techniques, and the fun of combining cooking with science the show just might work. Right now, the show is duller than the dishwater they use to clean their utensils. I'd re-title this show "Marcel's Quantum Sleeping Pill." It's the Sci-Fi channel--more science and less drama, or move the show to Lifetime. Also, although I never watched Top Chef, Marcel has zero charisma as a host, he needs some lessons from Chef Ramsay on how to handle himself on camera.

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Needs more cooking and less reality show hysterics

Author: jk90us from USA
27 March 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

My family and I like cooking shows and this one sounded cool so we watched the first episode. But all we saw was about 10 minutes of actual cooking and 50 minutes of that whiny little brat Marcel moaning about how tough his job is. WHO CARES?? Cut this thing down to 30 minutes, focus on the cooking portions only and maybe -- just maybe -- it'll be watchable (but doubtful). And cutting it to 30 minutes would be easy. All you have to do is get rid of the pathetic reality show hysterics spewed out by helium-sucking Marcel (who seems like one of the most irritating people to not only work for but just be around). His reactions were so over-the-top they were laughable at best. He looked as if he was about to pull out his hair, bust a blood vessel and commit hari kari when his client, Carlton hated his bird egg snack. Then he slams his team for making mistakes, especially Robyn who he even said isn't qualified to cook. But when he screws up, he just tosses it aside by mumbling some "mistakes happen" remark or whining that he doesn't have enough time to work. It is one of the most obvious signs of an incompetent manager and boss. Also, get rid of the idiotic "here's whats coming up next" spoiler footage they run before commercials, and the "here's what you just saw before the commercials" summary footage they run after the commercials end. I swear, with the repetitive spoiler and summary footage, it was like we saw the same episode three times! They do the same thing on Ghost Hunters and it's irritating! In fact, the ridiculous Ghost Hunters Academy follows the same orchestrated reality show conflict drama as this show. It's also impossible to watch and a waste of time. Anyway, until these changes are made, we're done with this show.

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Bad Host Makes a Bad Show

Author: David Press-Dawson from Sacramento
23 March 2011

I really don't like this show. The host is pretentious and conceited. The techniques are interesting, but the host really just kills the show. There are so many other young, burgeoning, molecular gastronomes out there. But they found this guy. Maybe it will get better in time, but if the first episode is any inclination of the future, it is terrible. The whole show feels very staged and a lot of the characters seem coached into the situations they were in. I guess some people who are not familiar with the molecular gastronomy may find this show to be entertaining, but I have followed this cooking evolution for the last ten years and there a lot of other chefs who are not nearly as snobbish as Marcel. Pass.

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Horrible show.

Author: Lenny from United States
8 April 2011

I cant believe SYFY channel made this show! This is by far the most misleading and horrible show I have ever bared watching one episode in my life. When you hear the (Quantum) part of the title you are lead to believe that this show is in some way mystical or magical in its effort to make food. But making snakes out of plain old pork rinds, come on people stupid! Don't waste your time here folks trust me, Awful. F-

I cant believe SYFY channel made this show! This is by far the most misleading and horrible show I have ever bared watching one episode in my life. When you hear the (Quantum) part of the title you are lead to believe that this show is in some way mystical or magical in its effort to make food. But making snakes out of plain old pork rinds, come on people stupid! Don't waste your time here folks trust me, Awful. F-

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