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Cooking Like It's 1899: Retro Cuisine On the Rise

Forget molecular gastronomy and the haute cuisine style which has turned the world's most famous chefs into wild scientists. A new style of cooking is heating up as home chefs and the pros looked to the distant past for inspiration.

Avant-garde cooking is having a very good year. The cooking style was recently canonized in Nathan Myhrvold's lavishly photographed, six-volume tome Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking. High priests of haute cooking, Ferran Adrià and Wylie Dufresne, best known for bringing laboratory techniques to the plate, traded in their whites for tweed and stepped into the classroom at Harvard. And on the Syfy channel, Top Chef alum Marcel Vigneron puts molecular gastronomy on display in Marcel's Quantum Kitchen.

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But there's another movement afoot in lay cooking circles, one that's looking backward rather than forward. Home cooks are finding inspiration in the past,
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Two Bits Of Latinum: Marcel Creates Good Show For Syfy

When it was announced that Syfy was going to have a cooking show on their network, the groans, moans and complaints about the idea were loud and long all over fandom. Fans were crying out that wrestling was bad enough, but cooking? How was that going to be anything remotely connected to science-fiction? Well, folks, as shocking as this statement is coming from me, it is a fact that Syfy found a way to make "Marcel's Quantum Kitchen" a fit, thanks to the genius of the show's star, Marcel Vigneron. Marcel, with the assistance of the team he assembled, has taking cooking into a whole new universe using things that you just would not imagine being used to prepare food. Marcel is no stranger to the television audience, having appeared in the second season of .Top Chef," winding up as ...
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Top Chef's Marcel Talks All-Stars Finale and Cooking for Real Housewives

Top Chef's Marcel Talks All-Stars Finale and Cooking for Real Housewives
Fans of Top Chef know that Marcel Vigneron is more than just a chef: he's a scientist. And now he's taking his molecular gastronomy to the party circuit with his new series, Marcel's Quantum Kitchen, airing Tuesdays on the Syfy channel. Each episode revolves around a different event that Marcel and his company, Modern Global Tasting, is catering, from the brainstorming process to the finished food artistry. And unlike his "asshole edit" on Top Chef, Marcel mostly comes off as an entertaining magician. No wonder his unique talents are in high demand, from firefighters to the stars of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills... "I'm going into the cougars' den," Marcel laughed about...
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Video: Marcel Vigneron Says the "Sky's the Limit" in His Quantum Kitchen

Comparing Top Chef and Marcel's Quantum Kitchen is like apples and oranges. One's a competition show and the other, a candid series chronicling Marcel Vigneron working his molecular gastronomy magic in his catering business. But there is no doubt which show allows the two-time Top Chef-testant to flex his culinary muscles more.

Marcel's Quantum Kitchen is "like Entourage" with foam

"I'm looking forward to [fans] getting ...

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'Marcel's Quantum Kitchen' debuts on Syfy; 'Top Chef' alum showcases his unique brand of cooking

"Top Chef" alum Marcel Vigneron is back and headed to Syfy with a brand new show called "Marcel's Quantum Kitchen," debuting Tuesday (Mar. 22). The show will feature elaborate and over the top food as Vigneron shows off his unique brand of molecular gastronomy, which combines science and cooking.  

Now leading his own catering company, Vigneron will face challenges as demanding clients require him to put forth extraordinary dishes for some lavish events. The chef will need to dream up not only a menu, but dazzling executions as well.

"It's all about creativity, imagination, teamwork and catering some pretty cool parties," Vigneron tells Zap2it of his new show. Adding, "It's pretty grandiose-o."

For the premiere episode,  Vigneron will pull together an event aimed at increasing awareness for the Wildlife Waystation, an exotic animal refuge and sanctuary. Naturally, his team puts together a safari-themed party complete with an edible map and "Himalayan Tiger's Breath,
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Marcel's Quantum Kitchen Is "Like Entourage" With Foam

Top Chef bad boy Marcel Vigneron brings his culinary chemistry set and perfectionist attitude to the Syfy cooking show Marcel's Quantum Kitchen, which premieres Tuesday at 10/9c.

So how does a cooking show wind up on a science-fiction network? "It's mainly about understanding the science behind cooking," he tells "We're creating a lot of the things people haven't seen before and have never done before, so that's where you get the fiction."

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Contest: Win Prizes from Marcel's Quantum Kitchen

Contest: Win Prizes from Marcel's Quantum Kitchen
Marcel's Quantum Kitchen, a new Syfy series featuring chef Marcel Vigneron, will premiere on Tuesday, March 22 and we are celebrating this new show. We have a new contest lined up where we are giving away a cooking kit valued at $215. Take a look at the complete list of prizes below.

Winners Receive:

Canvas tote bagHerb garden setHerb seeds (parsley, Oregano, basil)Shell digital scaleBamboo cutting boardKitchen utensils (whisk, spatula, spoon)Oil/vinegar bottleSalt & pepper shakersBranded Moleskine recipe journalApron

Here's How To Win!

Just "Like" (fan) the MovieWeb Facebook page (below) and then leave a comment below telling us why these prizes must be yours!

If you already "Like" MovieWeb, just leave a comment below telling us why these prizes must be yours!

Top Chef alum and molecular gastronmost, Marcel Vigneron, runs a catering and event company that requires his masterful use of the science of cooking to provide food for hired events.
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Marcel’s Quantum Kitchen Preview And Special Giveaway

Like a lot of competition shows, Top Chef has pretty much lost me at this point. It seems the contestants come to the show already owning more and more restaurants, and the panel of judges never seem to reach the plateau of finding themselves interesting. But, whether you're still a big fan of the show or not, who can forget Marcel? His wild "molecular gastronomy" ideas and personality clashes made him one of the most memorable competitors the show ever had, and he's coming your way as Syfy kicks off a cooking show, Marcel's Quantum Kitchen.

If it's on Syfy, you know this isn't going to be just another cooking show. In fact, it's more in line with things like Ace of Cakes, as we find ourselves following along with Marcel's new catering company. Each week will find new clients, demanding new and bizarre masterpieces that push limits of the possible.
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iPad Giveaway: 'Top Chef' Contestant Experiments in 'Marcel's Quantum Kitchen'

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iPad Giveaway: 'Top Chef' Contestant Experiments in 'Marcel's Quantum Kitchen'
You may remember Marcel Vigneron from Top Chef and Top Chef All-Stars. His big thing: molecular gastronomy (aka foam). Marcel returns to TV in Syfy's new series Marcel's Quantum Kitchen where each week he'll take on challenging clients with high demands. With a team behind him, Marcel will get to use the science and toys he loves so much to create a unique menu.
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Syfy Contest : Win a Deluxe Cooking Kit from Marcel's Quantum Kitchen!

Syfy will be debuting a new show called Marcel's Quantum Kitchen on Tuesday, March 22 and the network has generously partnered with us to offer a TVOvermind reader the opportunity to win a high-end cooking kit worth $215!

The kit includes: canvas tote bag, herb garden set, herb seeds (parsley, Oregano, basil), shell digital scale, bamboo cutting board, kitchen utensils (whisk, spatula, spoon), oil/vinegar bottle, salt & pepper shakers, branded Moleskine recipe journal and apron.

Here's some details about the new show. Below that are the details to enter the contest.

Syfy unveils the future of food with a daring new hi-tech cooking series for the modern age, Marcel’s Quantum Kitchen, featuring Marcel Vigneron, one of America’s most notorious chefs on the cutting edge of the culinary field, on Tuesday, March 22 at 10 p.m. Et/Pt. Chef Marcel pushes the limits of imagination with his bold style of cooking referred to as molecular gastronomy,
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How celebs spend Valentine's Day: Keri Hilson, Guy Fieri and more

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Whether single or taken, everyone has their idea of what the perfect Valentine's day should be. While some romantics prefer a lavish, over the top affair, others are drawn to an intimate, low-key evening. Zap2it caught up with a few celebs over the past month to find out what they deem a perfect V. day.

One common thread we found? Food!

"Pretty Girl Rock" singer Keri Hilson tells us her ideal Feb. 14th includes, "A lot of heartfelt conversation, honest conversation. A bottle of wine, a private chef... something very intimate."

She also tells us contrary the color theme of the day, she won't be enjoying any Merlot. "I'm a white wine girl," she says. "Riesling preferably, or a sweet Chardonnay."

Of course it stands to reason that chef Marcel Vigneron of "Marcel's Quantum Kitchen" would have some pretty fabulous meal ideas for that special day.

"I think that
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Top Chef's Marcel Baffled Jamie Lasted So Long

Jamie Lauren packed her knives on this week's episode of Top Chef: All-Stars, but fellow contestant Marcel Vigneron thought the elimination was long overdue.

"My friends and I were watching the episode last night, and one of the persons in the room was like, 'Who is she sleeping with?'" he told Thursday while promoting his upcoming Syfy show, Marcel's Quantum Kitchen, at the Television Critics Association's winter previews.

Top Chef's Jamie: I Got a Bad Edit

"It seemed like she was dodging bullets constantly:

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Top Chef's Marcel Vigneron "Astonished" by Another A-Hole Edit

Top Chef's Marcel Vigneron
Top Chef All-Star's Marcel Vigneron is not an "asshole." No, really. Many reality-show stars complain about their "bad edits," but Marcel—whose own new reality cooking series, Marcel's Quantum Kitchen premieres March 7 on Syfy—has a good reason to gripe... Full disclosure: We've always been Marcel superfans—and he is a charming, cool dude in real life. That's why we expected to see him portrayed more positively this season. So did Marcel. "They totally were like that," he just told us about the way producers said he would be depicted. "Which is funny, but you know how Bravo is. They have the ability to show whatever they...
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'Top Chef's' Marcel Vigneron cooks up Harry Potter edible wonders at Syfy Tour

Marcel Vigneron is perhaps best known to "Top Chef" fans as the guy with the Wolverine-inspired hair and a penchant for making food into foam.

Now the upstart chef is traveling to Bravo's sister network Syfy for his upcoming culinary show "Marcel's Quantum Kitchen," and Zap2it got a front row seat for his cooking demonstration Monday (Oct. 11) at the Loews Portofino Bay Hotel in Orlando, Fla.

The concept of his show is pretty simple: Vigneron will be a mad scientist caterer, creating a menu to fit a particular event's theme using his creativity and wand of choice -- molecular gastronomy, the application of scientific principles to cooking. For the Syfy Digital Press Tour, Vigneron's alchemy is tested with the Harry Potter theme, appropriate since we'll later visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter after the demonstration. (Check back with Zap2it for the Potter report.)

"They didn't actually tell
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'Top Chef' Alum Marcel Nabs SyFy Reality Show

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'Top Chef' Alum Marcel Nabs SyFy Reality Show
Top Chef season 2 runner-up and resident villain cum douche bag Marcel Vigneron will find himself and his hair back on the small screen soon after SyFy picked up Marcel's Quantum Kitchen, a sort of geeky cooking show that follows his new catering and events company as it takes a scientific approach to cooking via molecular gastronomy technology, which is supposedly the hottest thing now.

Vigneron, now 30, was runner-up behind Ilan Hall on the sophomore run of Top Chef. He's not exactly a fan favorite, and he can be whiny and annoying. Apparently, he is also a molecular gastronomist, which, says trusty Wikipedia, studies the physical and chemical process that happen in the process of cooking. For instance, how different cooking temperatures affect eggs.
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