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Often mind-boggling...
poe42617 February 2012
It's been said that, given a set of paints and a brush and a million years, a chimp could paint the Mona Lisa. Maybe. Given a makeup kit and a million years, I seriously doubt I could do a decent zombie makeup. I've tried; it's just not something I'll ever be good at. The makeups the contestants on this show crank out, with the clock ticking and under microscopic scrutiny, is mind-boggling. I don't think I've seen a single creation by any one of them that I would hesitate to put front and center. Regardless of whether or not they "make it" on this show, they've all got more artistic ability in their pinkie toes than I do in my entire bulk. As far as I'm concerned, there ARE no losers on this show. Sincerely, Dazzled.
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Fantastic Show without Fake Drama
nephalinesyenite23 December 2013
This is an example of a great reality show, what all should aspire to be; a competition about creativity, ability and skill. It is entrancing to see what the contestants can create in such a short amount of time, so much of their work is beautiful or grotesque (as required). When people see a movie, they just don't realize the talent and work required to bring these special effects to screen. Digital special effects have become the norm, but watching Face Off will make anyone appreciate the hands on teams and sometimes unsung heroes who do the Special Effects Makeups.

There is very little drama here between contestants, and when there is, it's real. Even though they are competing for a huge prize, and bragging rights, the contestants usually support each other. They give each other critiques in the work room, and when one has a problem, other contestants will often stop their own work to help them! It's obvious that the contestants are often forming real friendships that will last beyond the show.

May not always agree with the judges decisions of who should win or be eliminated, but their decisions are rarely shocking, and judging appears to be fair.

I'll agree with other reviewers that Mackenzie is a bit stiff as a host, it's not easy to find a host who has the right combination of warmth, poise, and likability (Cat Deeley, Padma Lakshmi). Mackenzie at least has an understanding of the industry because of her father Michael Westmore.
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Best Competition Show
cafesmitty29 May 2013
You know what is truly great about this competition show? People either win or lose not base on personality and the rest of the country calling, but by the experts. The judges are in the business and it is only appropriate that they along decide the fate of who goes on and who don't. I've seen some remarkable creations by some extremely talented and dedicate makeup professionals. You get to see a lot of the behind the scenes stuff and techniques in creature/character creations and how to make quality stuff on a budget. The contestants are always working with a time constraint and the stuff that comes out of their heads from just a suggestion is amazing. None of it comes off fake... none of that fake personality clash drama and a lot of the contestants tend to help out their fellow competitors, whether it is releasing a mode or coming up with a concept. I think that if this is your passion, to get into the movie business and be a creature/makeup professional this is a MUST show for you to watch. But even for a layman like me, I find it fascinating. And I generally like all the contestants on the show (except Frank from the first season). But I would love to just have a room full of paints and stuff and just told to create something. Even if I was to fail, it still would be so amazingly cool. And when people "don't" get along, they do tolerate, but it isn't fake. There is no yelling at each other or over the top acting out. It's just about people who are passionate about makeup. I give it a 10 as in not comparison to scripted show, but only comparison to other unscripted show and for me, its the best.
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One of my favorites
Fourthingsandalizard17 March 2012
I can see how this show might not appeal to everyone, and MacKenzie Westmore is admittedly very robot-like, but aside from such small issues, it's entertaining T.V. One doesn't have to be a make-up artist to enjoy it. The entertainment stems from not only seeing the end make-ups,(although they are usually awesome)but from the interaction between the artists, seeing how they rise to the challenge, seeing what exactly goes into a make-up, and what matters to the judges. I don't usually watch reality T.V., but I have looked forward every week to the next episode; the next challenge. I would recommend "Face Off" to anyone who enjoys art.
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Class Act Entertainment
vanzantart29 October 2014
One of the classiest reality shows on television. I know nothing about the makeup industry but who knew that I would find this subject so interesting. The contestants are so talented and you can tell they truly love what they are doing. I especially love the way the artists will occasionally jump in and help each other to get the job done which tells me how seriously they take their industry and, considering it is a competition, I think this is fabulous.

Even if there are moments that occur behind the scenes that involve arguing or dissension between the contestants, the fact that I don't see them means someone has made a conscious decision to not air the garbage, so that all I see is the art. I believe this is one of the main reasons that this is one of the most entertaining shows on TV.
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Love this show!
TyTheRipper21 April 2013
Being an aspiring FX makeup artist of course I'm going to love this show! I tune in every week and even find myself picking a cast member as a favorite for the season. Its an interesting show for EVERYONE! Even if you are not into doing FX its still a very fun show. I do wonder at times if the show might not be rigged sadly, at times the judges make very poor decisions that result in a cast member being thrown out that has dominated the majority of the season or favoring one that has been lacking. They do however portray the cast members accurately (most) of the time, i have trained under a past cast member and they never once made them out to be a villain or bad guy. I highly recommend it! You cant go wrong with this one!
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On my Must Watch List Every Week
alexandermoore-127388 April 2015
Face Off is not some cheesy reality competition show like others. It is a superb and in depth look into the creation of fantastic makeups. It really shows how much hard work can go into something that can have so small or large of a role in a film. I would recommend this for any movie fan who loves watching behind the scenes on their Blu-Ray's or DVD's, and especially if you are considering makeup effects for a living. Another positive is that you find yourself critiquing the finished makeups along with the judges, which is good for any competition show. The reason this show isn't at a 10 is because it varies from episode to episode. Sometimes the challenges are weird and sometimes they are mind blowing, like the recent challenge of the artists making themselves superheroes. If you haven't seen this show yet give it a watch. It is on every Tuesday night on the Syfy channel.
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If these are supposed to be aspiring artists...
icyharris-539-1699043 November 2014
Why do their creations looked 10X better than the makeup jobs of half the shows on their channel, SyFy. Ever since I started watching this show, I am more observant on modern makeup jobs. To me, Star Wars set the standard, dispensing with bad masks and obviously zippered costumes. For these contestants, considering the time and budget they have, create some convincing creatures that match or even rival those special effects. What I hate though, which is a similar beef I have with "Project Runway" and "American Idol" is that they want the artists to be diverse when you can tell some of them are more comfortable with a particular genre- and I'm sure they will be just as successful as people that are more versatile. Like some are better at kiddie movie type makeup, some for horror movies, some for lightweight fantasy fare, some for comedies, and some for shows needing realistic battle and murder victim wounds. All I can say is SyFy and other productions, you need to hire some of these people and fire your current staff!
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Original or Mediocre: Depends Upon The Episode
CinematicThylacine13 March 2014
FaceOff is a show that varies in quality from episode to episode, it all is based on both the challenges and the contestants. Sometimes you'll have a great weekly challenge but mediocre artists, and sometimes you'll have outstanding artists with an uninspiring weekly challenge. When it's "bad" it's slightly boring at worst, when it's "good" it's freaking epic! For every two or three boring generic make ups on this show there is one awesome one that will make you drop your jaw in amazement. Special mention goes to the Neptune Werewolf, RJ's Lizard Flower, and a majority of makeups that Roy or Eric Fox made. If FaceOff had awesome challenges and awesome make ups every episode I would give it a 9, however since this is not always the case I can only give it an 8....
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Not your average elimination show!
genesis42088-293-68922728 August 2012
Defiantly not a show for younger viewers because its like any other elimination show; People are unpredictable and can cuss someone out on one episode or get in a physical altercation the next. I have yet to see anything like that is this show, but the blood and special effects are not age appropriate for children. I honestly can say that this truly is one of the best elimination show I have ever seen and really hope to see many more seasons. It defiantly is a must see for anyone who enjoys special effects in movies. The fact that movies are an every day joy for most people, it gives you a look behind the curtains and see the blood and sweat the make-up artiest go through to make the next movie better then the last. I loved hearing that the first seasons winner worked on The Hunger Games and look forward to seeing more of them become successful.
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Now I'm feelin' zombiefied...
mylucylumpkins27 July 2011
Warning: Spoilers
This show and I have somewhat of a love-hate relationship. It had some really great things going for it, but it seems like the whole concept could have been better executed. The majority of the competitors were highly talented and I enjoyed watching them work and seeing their creations. Some of them seemed like they were thrown into the mix for the sake of creating drama and conflict. The judges, on the other hand, could have been chosen better. My only guess is that the judge selection came from lack of funding or inability of talented professionals to be able to commit. The best judges were the periodical guest star judges. If anyone affiliated with any of the Underworld film criticized my work, I would give myself a pat on the back for staying away from mediocrity.

I loved the concept and most of the work done, especially the choreographed zombie episode. They actually had Greg Nicotero judging, which I highly apprenticed. I do feel that we were all robbed of our ending. I think that if it had went down to the audience vote, it would have been between Gage Hubbard and Tate Steinsiek. All in all, I think that it was a great idea and some really unbelievable talent put into the wrong hands, but I would definitely tune in every week for a new season.
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Art and Technique Combine in this Enjoyable Competition Show
atlasmb1 April 2015
"Face Off" is a marvelous competition show in which contestants must complete weekly challenges, with the loser being eliminated. The format is nothing special (see "Project Runway" or "Dancing with the Stars"), but this is a quality show because the contestants are talented, imaginative people and all the voting is done by experts.

The challenge is to create a being with the use of makeup, following a weekly theme. One week it is "superheroes", one week it is "aliens" or perhaps "creepy dolls". This is a timed competition, so much of the drama arises from the necessity of using time efficiently. Things do go wrong, and the makeup artists must overcome their mistakes or miscalculations.

Not everyone will appreciate the artistic application of makeup, including casting of appliances and the creative phase, which requires an ability to let your imagination fly, but not so far as to sabotage the assignment.

I love that viewers get to see every phase of the projects. As expected, the contestants are passionate about the art of makeup. It is fun to watch their excitement with an assignment stir their creative juices. No doubt many will become professionals and the show serves as a video resume.
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shackaholic197914 April 2017
The amount of creativity and skill these make up artists have is nothing short of amazing. I love watching this show to see what incredible visions they come up with.

The judges all know their stuff and even though Glenn tries to act mysterious and tough, you can tell that deep down he's just a professional that takes his field and job very seriously.
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A reality show worth enjoying
tiggerjillm20 February 2017
I'm not a huge fan of reality shows but this is one of the exceptions. Most of these contestants are amazingly talented. It's amazing what they are able to conceive & produce in such a short time. The host can be a bit robotic as well as one judges (SMILE ALREADY) but these are small details that pale in comparison to the entertainment and talent that the show delivers. I'm left in awe each week! One other thing I absolutely love about this show is that most of the contestants are willing to lend aide and advice to other contestants even when it's not a team challenge; rarely does there seem to be bitterness or backstabbing.
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Fascinating and awesome artwork at times, but turns into a shady reality show in the second season.
ksmail-11 February 2013
The first season was awesome. It felt so much better than the typical reality show with drama and talking behind peoples back, with almost exclusive focus on the art form, which was really refreshing.

In the second season things take a bad turn. The second episode begins by showing a tiny well edited sequence where it is made to appear that one of the models are drowning as they are made to submerge in water, and that an ambulance is needed. This is repeated before a break, and finally In the end we find that this.. does not happen at all. Wtf? At the very end however we find that on the NEXT episode an ambulance is needed, for who the hell knows what. In addition all the contestants seem over the top with their personalities, creating lots of drama with some big egos which becomes a big part of the show.

I guess these guys just did what it took to get better ratings, choosing some talented artists with strong personalities that would conflict, and deceiving you to keep you interested and keep watching the show. Sorry but this sort of ruined the show for me, but that's me. I bet a lot of people would enjoy it nonetheless
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