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The movie is, by and large, smarter than the gross-out tactics that pass for hilarity in many mainstream adult comedies.
Bear in mind that Fun Size is the only comedy in recent memory to feature a Ruth Bader Ginsburg joke. You won't find any of those in the "Hangover" movies' bag of tricks.
Compared to most teen comedies these days, Fun Size is almost touchingly tame.
It pairs modern attitude with John Hughesian tropes, and it's odd enough, in spurts, to boast originality.
By the end of this romp, Fun Size actually accomplished something charming: sentimentality without normality.
Transiently entertaining, with intermittent sparks, it'll do until something better comes along.
Well written but weakly executed, it's hard to imagine anyone is going to cherish the film, if they even remember it in three months' time.
All over the map in the details it throws at us, and the level of immaturity it aims for.
Fun is hiding behind a bad movie costume in this humorless and idiotic Halloween teen comedy.
This movie has no courage and little brains, and is salvaged, if at all, only by its heart. There remains a huge market for a great Halloween teen comedy, but Fun Size is the disappointing apple that your crazy-haired neighbor gives you instead of candy.
A 90-minute theatrical release from Nickelodeon Productions that, if anything, should have aired as a half-hour Nickelodeon special.
Molly Ringwald-like, Wren must choose between two guys: the nerdy Roosevelt (Thomas Mann) and the Porsche-driving Aaron (Thomas McDonell), but both are so dull it's hard to care. So feeble is the movie that even the wacky, redheaded best friend (Jane Levy) isn't funny.

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