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Great movie on Pete's Rose baseball years

Author: (thezs-3) from United States
17 July 2010

This is a great documentary on Pete Rose's baseball career. This is a must see movie for any baseball fan. It covers the Pete Rose's young years up to the time he broke Ty Cobb's record with hit #4192 on 9/11/85. I saw this movie with my husband & 3 kids. My husband & I grew up with the "Big Red's Machine" so it was like reliving our childhood baseball memories. We were at the game where Pete hit #4192 - the film captured the feeling of that day -the anticipation, the crowd, the mood. Our kids loved it too. Critics have complained that it doesn't cover the gambling issues - but this movie isn't about that. It's about a lesson on how hard work & a lot of heart can take you places!

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Another hit for Pete!

Author: sklvmadonna from United States
16 July 2010

I am lucky enough to know Pete Rose and I was lucky enough to be included in the first premier of his new documentary 4192.. I can't say enough good things about this movie. Not only was it well done, but it was a story told by Pete, about Pete, for the fans. Pete Rose has always been about the fans and he still is. I think that having Tony Perez and Mike Schmidt in the movie was also awesome. Former team mates talking about how Pete played the way he did and what an honor it was for them and him. It's inspirational, uplifting, and a little emotional. If you had a child that played baseball or any sport for that matter you would most definitely want them to see this movie. I loved it! Could have named this movie 4193 because it's another hit for Pete!!

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An inspirational film about Pete Rose, a man who was driven to be the best baseball player. Ever.

Author: Mike Brenner from United States
16 July 2010

This film is a wonderful re-introduction of the Pete Rose that we all remember - running to first base on a walk; diving head first into the base; mowing over unfortunate catchers who had the guts to block home plate from Pete. Over the course of Pete's life, sometimes some of these great triumphs have become diluted with some of the more negative aspects that we are all aware of. 4192 shines a brilliant light on the things that we all want to, and should, remember Pete for. It's a film that should be shared with families. In my case, it will be a great father/son experience when I have a chance to watch it with my two boys.

Pete tells his own story, along with some help from his friends like Tony Perez, Mike Schmidt and Marty Brennaman. We learn about Pete's relationship with his father, and how his influence was the bedrock of the almost super-human work ethic that Pete still has today. We also learn why Pete bombarded Ray Fosse at the plate in the 1970 All Star Game, instantly defining Ray's legacy in baseball history.

The film takes you through the years at Crosley Field and then on to Riverfront Stadium where the Big Red Machine became arguably the best team in major league history. At the end, 4192 culminates with a replay of Pete's first at on September 11, 1985. Hit number 4,192: The Crowning of The Hit King.

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Fabulous Movie

Author: denethor83 from United States
21 June 2011

This movie is a fabulous movie, if you are a baseball fan. There was no better ambassador of the game of baseball that Peter Edward Rose in the 1970's. He would give interviews to anyone who was there. He would give autographs to anyone that asked nicely. And then came the gambling probe...BUT...the best part of this movie, is it finally tells Pete's story without the off-the-field problems. It tells how Pete played the game, all out, every play. Not only did it go through Pete's life, but it also shows a lot of history for Cincinnati fans as well. It is a well-made, well-told story about the Hit King, the greatest hitter in baseball history....Pete Rose, the way it should be told and remembered!!! P.S. The picture of him running out of the dugout for his first game was worth the price of the DVD...he looked so young, and like he was having so much fun!!

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Fitting Tribute

Author: videoviews52 from United States
6 January 2011

4192: The Crowning of the Hit King is a must for any baseball fan, even if Pete Rose was one of those players your hometown team played against against there is no denying the man's drive and determination and his passion for the game. The film highlights his career with interviews with Pete himself as well as with teammates and other sports personalities. I grew up a Pittsburgh Pirates fan for obvious reasons so I was one of those guys that hated him simply because he was so good and he always as a pain to any opposing team. After watching this film I was really take back by this man's demeanor when it came to being the best player he could possibly be. He wasn't born the most gifted baseball player to ever play the game but his hard work and drive for winning made him the best. Watching this film took me back to when baseball was a great sport to watch, there just isn't those type of players anymore. Things have certainly changed but the memories I had a chance to relive while watching 4192 will have a lasting memory for me. Cincinnati and their "Big Red Machine" had one of hell of a ball club but Pete was the heart and soul of the team. He set the bar for everyone else, the examples he set by just never quiting on any play or any game for that matter had to of rubbed off on all his teammates. I can imagine his focus on being the best player he could be was something he used in his personal life as well, he was a driven, motivated man that I am sure gave inspiration to a lot of people. The film takes a look at his amazing career, not just the history making hit but his entire career, It covers Pete Rose's young years up to the time he broke Ty Cobb's record. We all remember him running to first base on a walk or diving head first into the base and we certainly remember him mowing over unfortunate catchers who came between him and home plate, these things also drew some negative comments about his sportsmanship but when you look back at it all now you see that the man was just one of the most devoted players to ever put on a uniform. I said earlier this is a must for any fan of baseball but I take that back, this is a must for any sports fan period. There has been some very good films made about baseball over the years but none of them match up to this one. I was glued to the screen the entire time and was not only over whelmed by the man's play but his over-all attitude as well, I was sad to see it end but I not only had a great time reliving the glory days as far as baseball goes in my life time but the film even gave me more respect not only for Pete Rose the ball player but the man as well. I also thought is was fantastic that the Hall of Fame stuff was left out of the film, I am sure everyone has an opinion on all that but this is a film to celebrate the career of one of the best to ever play the game and that is exactly what it does. Today it is hard to justify buying many movies to add to your collection because most are really only worth a one time viewing but this is one I highly recommend buying. It is a film I plan on revisiting soon and getting my family to watch as well. I congratulate all involved in making this including Director, Terry Lukemire and writers Ryan Tungate and Mark R. Turner. As for Pete himself, all I can say is thanks for the memories, you might of given this Pirates fan headaches but after it was all said and done you stand among the best to ever have played the game.

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Simply put: This is a MUST SEE movie!

Author: Buckeye Mike Nadler from United States
20 July 2010

I just saw "4192 The Crowning of the Hit King". WOW!!! For every sports fan out there-this movie is for you. It is not just about Pete Rose but about a winner. It is about dedication, hard work, determination and a passion to win. It has everything a sports movie needs. It is about the very heart and soul of every competitor-especially those who hate to lose. It has the feel of "Field of Dreams" and "For the Love of the Game" mixed with the humor of "Bull Durham". I did not mean to use all Kevin Costner films but this will give you an idea of what you are in for. Barking Fish Entertainment, Director Terry Lukemire, Executive Producer Aymie Majerski, and the rest of the staff did one hell of a job bringing this movie to life. Sports fans, do not miss this movie. I am so glad I didn't.

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Great Documentary on Rose

Author: Michael_Elliott from Louisville, KY
18 May 2012

4192: The Crowning of the Hit King (2010)

*** 1/2 (out of 4)

Exceptional documentary taking a look at the career of Pete Rose who would go down into history for breaking Ty Cobb's all-time hit record on September 11, 1985. The documentary features Pete sitting and discussing the big moments of his career from how he got involved in baseball, being signed by the Reds, various World Series titles, famous hit streaks, signing with Philadelphia, returning home to the Reds and just about everything else you can think of. There's the infamous take out play at home during the All Star game, a famous fight he was involved in and just about everything else you'd remember about his playing career. Marty Brennaman, Tony Perez, Paul O'Neil and Mike Schmidt are among the people interviewed who share their memories of some of the most memorable moments in baseball history. If you're looking for a complete documentary that covers Rose's personal life, ban from baseball and the various "issues" that have came up since he retired from playing then you'll certainly want to skip this because non of that stuff is mentioned. I personally think that's a great thing because most of the stuff dealing with Rose for the past twenty years has all been negative so it's good to find a piece that just looks at the great stuff he did and I think the case about the Hall of Fame is easily made here without having to give a speech or dive into some sort of message. It was really a lot of fun hearing all of these stories from Rose who talks about them with a certainly flair and you can still see that passion in his eyes when he talks about these events. Just look at how upset he gets when discussing the three World Series loses that he suffered as a player. Rose really comes across open and good here as he tells these stories and even at two-hours you really wish the film had gone on longer. Baseball buffs, Rose fans or just those getting into sports should really enjoy this thing as it's a fitting tribute to the legend.

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4192 The Best Baseball Documentary Ever!

Author: rosebud1939 from NYC
10 January 2011

I have always been a baseball fan, Yankees. I did not get a chance to see Pete Rose as much as I would have liked to, but he was always special, the best. This documentary is so well made, it brings to light that Baseball is not just a sport but a art form, the most important American art form, and no artist ever excelled in his craft as well Pete Rose did. This film is a must see for anyone. The makers of this documentary knew what they were doing by having Pete Rose tell the story, he is as great a story teller, as he is a baseball player. I have been very disappointed with many documentaries, as of late, due to fact that they are sloppy and incoherent with too many people being interviewed in sound bites. This was truly a remarkable job it flowed so evenly, never was it boring and it painted a much larger picture then baseball, or Pete Rose, it was the great American story. America and baseball are so closely intertwined, that nothing defines our culture, history, and who we are as baseball does. You may leave this film loving baseball more, you will certainly Love Pete Rose, but I assure anyone who sees this film will come away with a much deeper appreciation and love Of America.

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One of the greatest sports documentaries EVER.

Author: constructionlabor from United States
28 May 2011

This is a fascinating and important sports documentary about the most-winning athlete in the history of ALL sports ----> Peter Edward Rose.

It details how Pete Rose became the all-time baseball hit king, beating Ty Cobb's record, and then going on to produce an astonishing 4256 baseball hits.

To this day, Pete Rose #14, has the record for the most hits in the great-American game of baseball. And yet he is not in Baseball Hall of Fame, despite owning what is arguably the greatest single major league record in the history of the game.

This movie tells his incredible story from start to finish, as he grows up, hustles his way into the major-leagues, and then out-works, out-hustles and out-performs, just about every other player for 24-seasons.




See the movie 4192 -- you will enjoy it and you will see just how totally and incredibly amazing everything Pete Rose accomplished as a baseball player.

This movie gets 10-Stars!!

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Has a particular end result in mind, but does it well.

Author: misterguy007 from Cincinnati, OH, USA
1 November 2010

This review contains spoilers only if you don't know much about sports history, but I digress...

In 2009 James Toback directed the film Tyson. A documentary about "Iron Mike" Tyson that took you through his rocky childhood, his relationship with Cus D'Amato, his meteoric rise, and devastating fall. The aim of that particular doc was clear: It attempted to humanize the former heavyweight champion.

I see the same ambitions with 4192: The Crowining of the Hit King. Not in the sense that it tries to humanize Charlie Hustle. Many baseball fans (including myself) already sympathize with Pete Rose, knowing full well his lifetime ban was caused by his own pride and hubris.

What this documentary does attempt to do (and I believe succeeds at doing) is to acknowledge Pete Rose as an extraordinary baseball player to whom few can hold a candle. Like Toback 4192's director, Terry Lukemire, delves into Rose's childhood, his influences as ascended in the ranks (father Harry Rose and Tony Perez), however it ends when Rose breaks Cobb's record. placing the ending there specifically states the film's purpose: To make a case, based purely on merit, for Rose's entrance into Cooperstown.

The way Lukemire makes his case, however, is absolutely brilliant. It's really amazing how good a documentary you can make when you have choice stock footage and good editing. Also like Toback, Lukemire really knows how to draw fantastic responses from his interviews. I have never seen Pete Rose more animated and expressive (keep in mind I was born after the Big Red Machine) and hearing his recollections was the strongest part of the picture.

4192: The Crowning of the Hit King does have a specific end result that it's aiming for. With that in mind it does it incredibly well and I highly recommend this documentary.

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