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Season 2

12 Sep. 2011
Alien Encounters
Weird or What looks at alien encounters. It first looks at cattle mutilations and considers possible explanations including aliens, flies, and the government. It then examines whether alien abductions are real or caused by sleep paralysis or abnormal neural activity. Finally, it looks at the Wow Message captured by a SETI scientist and considers whether it represents a genuine alien message.
19 Sep. 2011
Life After Death
Weird or What looks at stories about life after death. It talks to a man who is convinced that he is the reincarnation of a Civil War general and looks at past life regression. It then looks at the Scole Experiment which tried to prove life after death through a series of seances. Finally it looks at the case of Clairvius Narcisse who claimed to have died and returned as a zombie and also examines the possibility of cryogenics.
26 Sep. 2011
Weird or What examines stories about real life monsters. It goes to Point Pleasant, West Virginia, and discusses the tale of the mysterious Mothman. It then goes to Newfoundland, Canada, to investigate a mystery blob-like creature that washed up on shore in 2001. Finally, it goes to New Delhi, India, to investigate the story of a Monkey Man that was attacking people.
3 Oct. 2011
End of the World
Weird or What looks at several end of the world scenarios. First it talks to a man who believes that the Mayan calendar indicates that a super-volcano eruption will end the world in 2012. It then talks to a NASA scientist who discusses the dangers posed by large solar flares. Finally, it talks to futurist Ray Kurzweil and examines the possibility of a robot takeover of the world.
17 Oct. 2011
Parallel Worlds
Weird or What examines the possibility of parallel worlds. First, it talks to a woman who claims to have encountered shadow people and considers whether such beings come from another dimension or are really just illusions in our minds. It then looks at teleportation and talks to a man who claims to have traveled from New Jersey to New Mexico in the blink of an eye. Finally, it looks at the theory that ancient crystal skulls are doorways to other worlds.
24 Oct. 2011
Freaks of Nature
Weird or What looks at freakish weather and other strange natural phenomena. It goes to Bell Island in Newfoundland where a number of people experienced a series of earth shattering booms and strange glowing lights. It, then, goes to Lake Michigan to talk to a woman who claims to have witnessed a mysterious fog that caused missing time. Finally, it examines the mysterious Vela Incident over the Indian Ocean.
31 Oct. 2011
Paranormal Mysteries
Weird or What looks at several paranormal mysteries. It looks at the haunting of Jackie Hernandez who claims that she was repeatedly assaulted by an invisible force. It then looks at the case of a Connecticut housewife Patricia Reading who may have been the subject of a possession. Finally, it looks at the case of British teenager Fae Jackson who claims to see ghosts.
7 Nov. 2011
Medical Mysteries
Weird or What looks at some incredible medical mysteries. It looks at a woman who survived a fall from over 11,000 feet after a failed skydiver. It then looks at the case of New York firefighter George Mott who appears to have died by spontaneous combustion. Finally, it examines a young English girl who seems to be a fount of electricity.
14 Nov. 2011
Power of the Mind
Weird or What examines whether the human mind has powers beyond out comprehension. It looks at a housewife whose visions have helped to crack a case of homicide. It, then, talks to a man with total recall who remembers every moment from every day of his life. Finally, it looks at a faith healer who seems to have powers to cure.
21 Nov. 2011
Ancient Mysteries
Weird or What looks at several Ancient Mysteries. First, it looks at the unusually shaped skull of the Star Child which seems to suggest that aliens once walked the planet. It then looks at the mysterious Peruvian Ica stones that seems to indicate that dinosaurs lived alongside human beings. Finally, it examines the Saqqara Bird which some claim proves that ancient Egyptians invented modern flight.

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