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30 Jul. 2012
The Night the Clown Cried
With the gang split up, and Crystal Cove being tormented by an evil-man-baby called "Crybaby Clown," the Mayor enlists Mystery return in the season premiere.
31 Jul. 2012
The House of the Nightmare Witch
Velma and Hotdog Water (as the new Daphne) work for Mr. E. to retrieve a museum exhibit from Moscow. But the exhibit - a witch andher house - come to life and torment Crystal Cove.
1 Aug. 2012
The Night the Clown Cried II: Tears of Doom!
Crybaby Clown is back with a vengeance, kidnapping the citizens of Crystal Cove. When he nabs Daphne, however, the gang wastes no time in solving the mystery.
2 Aug. 2012
Web of the Dreamweaver!
As the gang sets out to solve the mystery of the Dreamweaver, who is causing citizens to destroy the things they love the most, Fred gets a visit from his real parents.
3 Aug. 2012
The Hodag of Horror
In pursuit of the mythical Hodag beast, the Mystery Inc. gang find something much more valuable -- Planispheric Disc Piece #4!.
6 Aug. 2012
The Art of the Darkness!
The art world comes to Crystal Cove in a mystery driven by a work of art that tries to destroy its creator. With Scooby in an emo band, things get pretty heavy!
7 Aug. 2012
The Gathering Gloom
After the gang is attacked by the Graveyard Ghoul, they try not to commit "villain profiling," even when the perfect suspect isright before their eyes.
8 Aug. 2012
Night on Haunted Mountain
The Mystery Inc. gang climb Mount Diabla to solve the mystery of a dark winged Angel of Destruction and a mysterious Spanishgalleon, but instead find another piece of the Disc!
9 Aug. 2012
Grim Judgment
When a crazed ghostly Puritan judge named Hebediah Grimm starts terrorizing the youth of Crystal Cove on Lovers' Lane, the Mystery Inc. gang get involved.
10 Aug. 2012
Night Terrors
The Mystery Machine is damaged during an avalanche, so Mystery Inc. must stay the night in a haunted hotel.
13 Aug. 2012
The Midnight Zone
When Cassidy is attacked by deep-sea robots, the gang decides to help her unravel the mystery of who is sending them and why. Thisis going to call for a little deap-sea adventure!
14 Aug. 2012
The Mayor enlists the Mystery Inc. gang to investigate the mystery of the Scarebear - a mutant bear that's terrorizing the town ofDestroido.
15 Aug. 2012
Wrath of the Krampus
The strange appearance of an evil goat man named Krampus has the Mystery Inc. gang in a race to find all the pieces of thePlanispheric Disc.
16 Aug. 2012
Heart of Evil
Dynomutt and Blue Falcon team up with the Mystery Inc. gang to solve the mystery of a horrible Dragon-man Robot that's terrorizingthe city.
17 Aug. 2012
Theater of Doom
When the gang investigates the history of Crystal Cove, the mummy of a Franciscan Friar comes to finish what it started.

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