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A solid beginning, w/lots of places to go.
TheEmulator2322 August 2010
I saw this online w/ABC's free preview of this, the Pilot episode. I enjoyed it quite a bit & I think it is a shoo in for a season 2 renewal. It was clever, the cast was great, & all the powers while not new, were used well. It is nice to finally see Julie Benz getting the recognition she deserves since she was on "Angel" as the Vampire who created him. She was good on "Dexter" but she really only had a supporting role that didn't seem to get to do much. Granted I haven't seen S4 yet, but the 1st 3 years she wasn't used much. I thought everything was done pretty well except for a few of the effects, which I'm sure will get better as the series (hopefully) does well. I hope people tune in to the series. Cheers.
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