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We're live for the Biggest Loser season finale. Alison reminds us we started with 22 contestants and now one of the final four will win a quarter million bucks. She introduces a video that takes us through the entire season. That is followed by a quick look at the finalists, Daris, Michael, Koli and Ashley.

Prior to America's vote between Koli and Daris for the last spot in the Final 3, both of them make their way to the stage. Daris tells Alison he learned to manage his stress eating and points to his new girlfriend in the audience. Koli is out next wearing shockingly red pants. Alison reveals that Daris won the vote, then reminds Koli he is now eligible for the at-home prize.

Alison then brings out Shay, a contestant from last season who was the heaviest female in show history. Shay was offered a deal from Subway that she would receive $1,000 for every pound she lost between last season's finale and tonight. At her last weigh-in five months ago Shay was 304 pounds. She steps on the scale and is 252. Jared himself walks out and hands her a giant check that is blank. If the two of them complete a marathon by the end of the year Subway will double the check.

We see the first four of the 19 contestants fighting for the $100,000 at-home prize. First are Cherita, Victoria, Sherry and Maria. Prior to the weigh-in the trainers come out and talk about their favorite moments during the season.

Up first is Cherita, who was felled by the stationary bike in the season premiere. She started at 277 pounds and is down to 186 (91 pounds lost). Next is Victoria, who began at 358 pounds. She is down 136 pounds (to 222) and moves ahead of her mother into first place. Sherry is next. She is down 99 pounds (to 119) and slides past Victoria into first. Maria is down 114 pounds (to 167), not good enough to unseat Sherry.

The next group consists of Patti, Stephanie, James and John. Before the group changes into weigh-in Stepanie references her relationship with Sam.

Starting at 243 pounds, Patti needs to have lost more than 110 pounds to get past Sherry. She does not, having lost to 73 pounds (to 170). Stephanie (264 pounds) needs to have lost at least 120 pounds to move into first. She comes up short as well, down 99 pounds since the beginning of the show. Injury-riddled James is next. He began at 485 and needs to have lost at least 221 pound to take the lead. Instead he is down 128 pounds (to 357). John started the show at 484 and needs to have lost 220 pounds to catch Sherry. He is down 149 (to 335).

The next group is Melissa (who immediately looks like she might be giving Sherry a run), Lance, Migdalia and Miggy.

Melissa began the show at 233 and needs to have lost at least 106 pounds to catch Sherry. She is down 90 pounds (to 143) and is fired-up by the accomplishment. Lance started at 365 and needs to have lost more than 165 pounds to catch Sherry. He is down 128 (to 237). Migdalia began the season at 265 pounds and needs to have lost more than 120 pounds. She is down 52 pounds (to 213), the worst percentage so far. Her mother Miggy began at a weight of 240 and needs to have lost 109 pounds to take the lead. She is down 91 pounds (to 149), meaning Sherry survives another group.

The next group is O'Neal, Sunshine, Darrell and Andrea. Alison is stunned by how effortlessly O'Neal managed the stage steps.

O'Neal began the show at a weight of 389 pounds. To catch Sherry he needs to have lost more than 176 pounds. He is down 159 pounds (to 230). Sunshine started at 275 and needs to have lost at least 125 pounds. She has lost 114 pounds and now weights 161. Darrell's starting weight was 413 pounds and needs to have lost more than 187 pounds to take the lead. He does it, losing 189 pounds (to 224). It is a percentage of 45.76 and moves Darrell into first place. Andrea, who began at 298, needs to have lost at least 137 pounds to catch her father. She is down 84 pounds to 214.

Our last group has Cheryl, Sam and Koli. Sam tells Alison the future is bright for both he and Stephanie.

Cheryl is up first, needing to have lost 104 pounds from her starting weight of 227 to catch Darrell. She is down only 76 pounds (to 151). Sam began at 372 and needs to have lost at least 171 pounds to take the lead. Sam is down 142 pounds (to 230), meaning only Koli can overtake Darrell. Koli started at 403 and needs to have lost at least 185 pounds to win the cash. It isn't even close, with Koli down 215 pounds to a current weight of 188. That means he has lost most than 53 percent of his starting body weight.

Daris joins Alison on stage and we are introduced the other two finalists. Ashley walks on stage first and tells Alison about the confidence she gained while on the show. Michael comes out looking obscenely skinny and there almost doesn't seem to be any reason to go through with the weigh-in. Michael is allowed to determine the weigh-in order and picks Daris, followed by Ashley and himself.

We see a vignette on Daris concluding with his marathon. Daris began at 346 pounds. He weighs in at 178 pounds, meaning he lost 168 pounds. That amounts to 48.55 percent. (This happens to be less than Koli.) After Ashley's highlight reel she takes to the scale.

Ashley started at 374 pounds and must have lost at least 182 pounds to catch Daris. She does by a pound, losing 183 and dropping to 191 for a percentage of 48.93. This moves ahead of Daris and temporarily into first place.

After Michael's video montage he gives his mother a flower. Since Michael began the show at 526 pounds, Alison tells him he must have lost at least 258 pounds to win the title. (We immediately see Michael trying to do the math in his head.) After the break Michael we see that Michael has does it by a half dozen, losing 264 pounds (to 262), a percentage of 50.19. The confetti rains down and Michael is congratulated by the other contestants.

This means that if America has voted differently Koli would have won first prize and Daris would have captured the at-home competition. America voting for Daris cost him $100,000.


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