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Give this 'Law" a chance
Carl Foley6 October 2010
I'vde noticed most reviews here are not kind. They whine about no theme song or opening credits. They complain about bad chemistry & story and say its just another Hollywood show. They say that this is not real L&O. I say shame on them. Yes, the opening dialouge is gone and I miss it but it doesn't ruin the show. Yes..., the theme is gone, but I actually love how they play the most recognizable notes of the song in a ghostly manner as the new logo comes onto screen. As for the stories, there's only one to judge so far but I liked it. Ya, it had the Hopllywood to it, but the producers have said not every episode will be Hollywood focused like this weeks. As for the actors, they are great! The detectives have great chemistry and the same is said for the DA's. To sum this up: The show is well written, acted, and laid out. I hope that this show does run for many years and doesn't suffer the fate of the equally good Law & Order: Trial By Jury. Yes, it's never going to replace the mother ship that NBC shouldn't of canceled (I cried when they did), but I feel as time goes on the show which has started out great will get better and better. I hope everyone else will give the show a chance. From just one episode I have to agree with USA Today's assessment when they said "What you get from LA is a show that's as solid and reliable as a well-built sedan. You know, the kind that keeps running for 20 years."
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Give it a chance
Angela Owar4 November 2010
I have to admit, the 1st episode left something to be desired, but I have stuck with it and now enjoy the show -- give it a few episodes, get to know the characters, and it will be another L&O you will enjoy. The detectives have their own quirkiness that is enjoyable. I did like the episode where the one detective's wife was the arresting officer on a case that involved a woman that lost her kids to a fire -- where she said the woman admitted it -- and it was not true. I do like the setting of Los Angeles, because it does leave open many ideas for shows. Furthermore, the L&O seems to get back to the basics, where you see the police part, as well as the court room part -- whereas some recent L&O focus more on the police work nowadays.
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Not a cookie cutter of the others! I like it!!!!
zaenkney7 October 2010
Skeet Ulrich and Alfred Molina achieved a rather potent premier in "Law and Order: Los Angeles". The first episode provided young, hot, Hollywood actors, burglaries of the rich and famous, murders and betrayal. There was bright sunlight in the daytime and night-lights after dark. Its a new "Law and Order" and I like it. Alfred Molina and Terrance Howard will take turns as Asst. D.A.s in different episodes. While I'm not sure how that will flow, I enjoy both actors and look forward to seeing how this plays out. Ulrich does his character justice and, so far, is not a carbon copy of other "Law and Order" copsters. I hope, he maintains his own distinct persona, as D'Onofrio certainly did. It never hurts to be exclusive, especially in a herd. I believe "Law and Order: Los Angeles" has the potential to be extra-Order-nary. Sorry, couldn't help myself. Watch it, you could like it! 10/07/2010
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New Re-Tooled L&O: LA Regains lost Stature
Tommy1 May 2011
Having suffered through the first half of the first season of L&O: LA, and now watching the re-imagined second half of the same season, I'm pleasantly surprised they actually pulled it off. That is, it's becoming more like the original L&O and not some sunny disposition on life in LaLa land and rampant medical marijuana.

They are also scouting out and actually using more locations as they did in N.Y. so you don't feel confined to the same old places or inside a studio's back lot. In the last episode, I counted about 15 non-studio locations which really upped the ante as far as quality of story and realism of plot.

I also noticed they brought in some veteran screenwriters from the recently canceled L&O and are starting to "rip from the headlines" more. Not to mention adding the beautiful Alana De La Garza to the ADA's office (they never did explain her transplantation to L.A. but that's par for the course with this franchise). We just need the extraordinary writer Rene Balcer to pen a few scripts and we're halfway home.

As for Alana, they desperately need to give her more lines. She's not just a pretty face but a very good actress. She was always one to get up in someone's face or talk back to some pushy witness or suspect (or cop!).

A guest visit from Linus Roache or Lupo or Anderson or Epatha would be gimmicky but a lot of fun. Who cares? It's T.V. Does anyone really believe a murder trial starts and ends in less than a month? Real murder cases take years. But on T.V. you have to speed things up or you end up with a show like Murder One or viewers changing the channel. Too bad they can't find an L&O franchise for Lupo.

The East Pasadena episode is a perfect example of "headline ripping" that actually happened to one Calif. principality, then utilizing another incident that actually happened in Florida where a man went to a city council meeting waving a gun and finally shot himself, and then tying it all together with a murder mystery.

I'm especially glad to see Mr. Ulrich gone (shot! killed! never to return!) and Molina taking his place. Whilst Ulrich is an O.K. actor, half the time his eyes were bloodshot and he looked very tired and fatigued. I don't think the pace of T.V. sits well with his move schedule metabolism.

Molina is a veteran actor and it shows. He is literally the anchor for the show now. Let's hope he doesn't depart prematurely. And they need a prominent out gay character other than a shrink like on SVU.

And Corey Stoll looks so much better without the 'stache it's amazing. He'll be one of People magazine's hottest men of the year in no time (barring the show's cancellation). Having played second fiddle in so many shows, it's about time he was recognized for his talent.

Rachel Ticotin, who still looks great since Total Recall, makes a tough but charming Lieutenant. Still haven't figured out the role of the DA played ephemerally by Peter Coyote. He's simply not memorable and not sure what his function is other than to bark at his subordinates.

With all the above being said, I'm very excited about the rest of the season and hope it continues to deliver above-excellent scripts and performances to make up for the horrible first half of the year. Worst…Episodes…Ever… I doubt L&O: LA will have the staying power of the original L&O, and NBC (now owned by Kabletown), is infamous for putting garbage on T.V. or doubling-up on what they consider a good thing (read: the Today show went from 2 hours to 4 to 5 to ?). Maybe Katie Couric can do the sixth and seventh hours! I'd like to see more episodes about the intricacies of Calif. law and business practices as they've done in a few episodes and on the original L&O. I always thought New York was a nanny state but Calif. makes N.Y. look like their babysitter's dead (don't tell Mom or Bloomberg!). I can now understand why so many businesses are fleeing CA for points East, and why people are moving to other states where the cost of living isn't so crippling.

So if you gave up on the show, give it another shot. I don't believe you'll be disappointed and like me will look forward to next week's episode. Who knows, maybe they'll shoot a couple of episodes during California's rainy season for a change of outdoor atmosphere. Flooding, rampage, riots, and of course, a floater.
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MUCH better
hotseatotsie26 April 2011
At first I was sad to see Skeet Ulrich go, but the new lineup is working much better. It's grittier, more suspenseful, more like real L&O should be. I like the switchup of Alfred Molina's character, it adds some depth to the story. The UK Version is still my favorite now that the original is off the air, but I plan on hanging in there with this one. They took the ratings and feedback seriously and made changes. I'm not sure why Skeet was apparently part of the problem, I thought he was good and there was good chemistry with his partner, but the new mix works also. We don't see much of the Lieutenant anymore either. But I'll take any chance to look at Terrence Howard on a weekly basis!
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Good show confused about how episodes were shown
jenlove-184-2096112 October 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I enjoyed this show I do like seeing new characters gelling together, the one main point that really let this show down is the fact that Skeet died half way though and then appeared back about 5 episodes later which really frustrates me as I like to see how the characters develop together as the show progresses and there was no way this could happen. I watched it on Hallmark channel and before every episode they said showing it in the order it was shown in the US. I don't care just get it right!!!!!!! I did like seeing Decker wish he was in it more and was getting a bit confused who was what rank within the DA's team but I suppose the more series there are the more I can get used to it. It was quite funny to see the lady from the Scary Movie films Regina Hall I was so expecting to see her crack a joke, run from a room screaming or kill someone.
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Superb television
kayaker3629 January 2011
Skeet Ulrich and Corey Stoll, two relatively unknown actors, make an intriguingly contrasting pair--one a handsome young family man with a quick mind and a nose for the hidden truth, the other older, single (possibly gay?), completely bald and endlessly patient, and bringing a profound knowledge of human nature to crime solving.

Here is a wealth of original ideas such as subtitling each episode with an area of Greater LA, which Dick Wolf knows intimately. The whole idea is to spotlight the differences between Los Angeles, a new city shaped by and built to suit the automobile, and centuries-old New York, a product of the age of sail.

There are some lyrical camera shots, almost elegiac, of the canyons and vistas of Los Angeles, of its suburbs-in-search-of-a-city lifestyle, of its public beaches, its palatial beachfront homes and its slums. Best of all is its exploration of human types, so varied yet so...well, so LA.

Alfred Molina in a recurring role as a trial prosecutor, is part Englishman, part Spaniard, he has no non-European ancestry at all. Yet he is believable as a boy of humble Latino origins who has risen high in public service. There are exciting guest stars, original yet believable plots with the "ripped from the headlines" aspect remaining an L&O trademark.

If this show fails it will be because of its harshly realistic view of gender. The first two episodes feature women who have killed without legal justification. There are other repugnant acts committed by women. L&O - SVU, this ain't!

What it is is a crime show with scripts that other great chronicler of Los Angeles Raymond Chandler might have written.
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Nothing Law and Order About It
SamanthaGilbert-11 October 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Bad, bad, bad! There was absolutely nothing "Law & Order" about this show. One reason many people love the Law & Order television shows is because of the artistic cinematography that is unique to them, but the way in which this TV show has been shot was anything but the great cinematography we are accustomed to. The theme music had been altered so much and in a annoying, techno-music fashion, that if I had not read the title or heard the iconic "doink doink" sound, I would have thought this was a TV show crated by pure amateurs. The fact that it wasn't created by amateurs makes it all the more disappointing. Even the story line made it seem as though Law & Order needed to fit in every headline in the gossip section it has missed out on in the past few months, in order to catch up, and thus leaving a mumble jumble of an episode. Sadly NBC has managed to shoot themselves in the foot by getting rid of a great show and putting in its place a big heap of steaming garbage.
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This show stinks
catgirl629 September 2010
I was really looking forward to this new version of the L&O series. What a terrible disappointment! It's cliché beyond the imagination and the writing downright stinks. "He's an actor." "It's L.A." Nooooooo! How would I have known had you not beat me over the head with it? The defense attorney made statements that weren't questions without the prosecution objecting, and the witnesses gave speeches that didn't even answer the "questions".

The plot was boring and predictable. The acting was wretched. The fake paparazzi with all the cameras clicking was so overdone and looked so cheesy.

I won't be wasting my DVR space on this one.
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This is replacing the original?
Michael J. Lynch29 September 2010
The first episode has come and gone faster then you can remember. The new L&O is actually terrible. While many will argue that the casting is terrible, in actuality the casting is quite good. The problem with the show is the writing. The angles for the story are not written well, none of the characters feel like they have a point. We know nothing about the characters, and we know nothing of the story.

I am hoping the show gets better over the season as it does have a lot of promise to it. The acting is good, I just think the storytelling needs some work. I will continue to watch this season in hope it gets better.
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cynthia072630 September 2010
I have been a huge fan of Law & Order since day one! I can't say that I was excited about this new Los Angeles version, but I thought I would give it a try. What a huge disappointment. The two lead detectives - all I can say is why -- there is nothing endearing about them at all. No type of emotions whatsoever. I waited until I saw the lawyers in action, again totally not convinced about any of the characters. I want my old show back. This show is awful. I live in Hollywood, I could have been watching the news for all I know. All the references to TMZ, Perez Hilton, totally rubbed me the wrong way. I actually turned it off about 25 minutes into the show.

Well, I certainly can delete that from my Tivo!
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All the flavor has gone...
Pier Luca Lanzi3 October 2010
I was looking forward to this new series since Law and Order got canceled. I hoped they could repeat the magic but it did not happened. The first episode is horrible. Everything looks exactly like any other series around too hip too youngish. May be the producers want to catch up with a younger audience but I have to say that this series does not cut it. It is too slow for youngster and too glossy for the people who loved McCoy and the others. Both the detectives and the prosecutor do not charm in anyway. It is so sad that NBC canceled something as perfect and well balanced as the original series to create this. I will watch L&O reruns rather than spend my time on this one. I hope they will continue to print the DVDs!
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Get back to your roots and keep Law & Order alive
ChicagoTVFan22 January 2011
Every Law & Order fan waited for the new franchise, many of us willing to give it time, yet, it is missing the basic elements that make us watch Law & Order re-runs. Cops, prosecutors, defense attorneys, defendants and an environment that is a character as well. Actors, unknown to most of us, who later in life become stars, like Melissa Leo. Slowly, we become attached to the cops and their partner relationship. The prosecutor, we all loved Sam Waterson, his conflict with his blue collar roots, watching the struggle with values and the law as he prosecutes. These unfolded over time. But all of the characters stood in snow, in rain, they sweat in heat... struggled with the environment of urban living, crammed into small work spaces and that was essential to the formula of Law & Order. People were not pretty; they were interesting or funny, but not slick. As much as everyone wants to defend Hollywood and LA, it is not urban; it is suburban. The buildings, the streets, the weather. It's a young city and it's an industry city. Everyone is too pretty, too clean, too smooth. I hope the franchise survives; I hope it returns to its roots, to head to an urban environment with history, weather, its "run and gun" feel, gritty, interesting actors, and gives us both Law and Order.
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good concept, didn't feel like a real law and order
lawnut953 October 2010
i watched it and it just felt to bright and upbeat for a law and order show. the order of half cop/court was there but it just didn't feel right. they had a dramatic courtroom moment and I expected that dark suspense music when someone gets caught in a lie like the other series did but it was different. even the title sequence was a turnoff. as soon as a saw it and especially heard it, it was just different. that stuff is still a law and order signature, no matter where the show is, its just expected. everything was just to bright. it also feels like you can't relate with whats happening since it is so upscale and celebrity based. most of us can't relate with people getting murdered but just the way it works is more relate-able. somewhat good attempt at expanding but really needs work.
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One of the worst L&O episodes ever---I want L&O New York City
pagroton30 September 2010
Where did these actors and actresses come from? What are their credentials? It's as if they were all cardboard caricatures and "star wannabe's" --- they should be embarrassed! Al Molina can do better than his portrayal of the ADA --- I have seen him on Broadway (ART) and in other TV shows and movies and he's always been so credible! The script was outrageous and not well written at all! It should have been a 2-hour episode with more substance; instead it skipped around and made a lot of assumptions with very slim evidence for us, the audience. Whoever wrote this episode should be fired! Who is in charge here? The only things I ever watch on TV are all the "Law & Order" shows and "Criminal Minds" and all the re-runs! If "L&O LA" doesn't improve my TV will be shut off at 10 p.m. Wednesdays!
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Routine, humdrum, monotonous
Dr Jacques COULARDEAU26 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This Californian version of this series did not last long. It is true Los Angeles is a lot less spectacular than New York, Miami or Las Vegas, or even Washington DC. I am told that Sacramento is also quite attractive.

The stories are interesting always a little bit easy. Simple very direct crime stories and concentration on the prosecution and attorney's vision of things. It will not surprise Americans, but it will surprise even flabbergast anyone from another judicial system. To avoid as many court cases as possible deals are encouraged. Plead guilty for leniency and be a witness against other culprits to get a deal and total or partial immunity. Where is justice?

That explains some cases of self-justice: take justice in your own hands and get your vengeance performed in the name of self-defense. At least that is sustainable: you get the fair result you expect and it encourages the process to go on forever. You add to that the fact that there are more crimes in Los Angeles than in New York and you have the key to the lackluster series. Exceptional people in Los Angeles are the innocent and law abiding people. All the others are all criminals, crooked individuals and many other things. Too much concentration on hookers and other characters of this night time orgasmic life tied up to drugs makes it slightly humdrum.

The cases are just interesting but never really fascinating and the procedure is always sketchy. Do they ever read the Miranda rights to the people they arrest? Not once. Slightly more interesting about court procedure, but still quite sketchy.

That's probably why it was not stillborn but it died of Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). There is a severe competition on this market of thrillers and detective or police cases. Even J.K. Rowling writes some, under a male name though: she must be ashamed of her stooping so low to conquer an audience, when she had one anyway with Harry Potter.

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Insults intelligence of viewers
johnjag-21-79455317 December 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The series starts out well. There are slight differences in the Law & Order formula. Some aspects of the detectives personal lives are shown. It also has a different feel. It is bloodier. Some of the characters are less likable, such as DA Hardin, Peter Coyote in an excellent performance.

The series has one big problem. The producers take the audience for idiots. In episode 9, detective Winters, played by Skeet Ulrich, is murdered. And in a way that is impossible to rewrite later as corpse misidentified or some other plot trick. Also deputy DA Morales, Alfred Molina, is demoted back to being detective Morales. Yet in episode 17 Winters magically is back, no explanation! And further in episode 18 Winters is still there and Morales is now deputy DA again. Again there is no explanation. Not even a lame attempt by putting up one of those ubiquitous Law & Order text screens with "one year ago".

I stopped watching the show at that point. Save yourself frustration, do not bother starting this show. If not for the good quality of the first 16 episodes I would have given this show just a 1 out of 10.
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No point in a watered-down, cheap L&O, stripped of all the charm of the original
box_39830 October 2010
Nothing against the actors, but this show seems like such a terrible idea, which seems like a wannabe L&O. Case in point is IMO production cost which I bet this show cost far far less to make than the original.

People say this was not intended to be like the original L&O, but what is the point of this show then? A fresh crime show, yeah right.

I tried to give this show a chance but it lacks in so many things which made the original so appealing to the fans, and there was a lot.

The detectives seem too " LA Confidential " tough guy like. And the DA and ADAs seem, except maybe for Molina, out of place. The DA doesn't seem like a DA, not tough enough IMO. I think the writers are doing a poor job of giving the DA his own identitiy or personality unique to the other DAs of the shows have.
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Law and Order LA very weak program
jpb195216 October 2010
How in the world did this program replace the original Law and Order. The acting is weak at best, the story lines are even weaker. The original was on all those years because it was a QUALITY program with OUTSTANDING Actors and Actresses. Even when people left and were replaced the replacement was usually very good. Please wake up and smell the coffee and bring back the Original Law and Order. I will never waste my time again watching another Law and Order LA. It really is a shame that such a long running program as LAW and ORDER was canceled for such a weak and program like this. We always looked forward to watching the weekly series, now we'll have to look for a different program to watch in that time slot
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Love L & O.... but not in Los Angeles
daviddouglas12 October 2010
I have been a fan of all of the various L&O series until now. This is bad writing, acting and production all in one package. Very sad about this. It will probably be canceled in relatively short order. Alfred Molina is a wonderful actor and I have seen him in both leading and character parts for many years. Never have I seen him give a bad performance until now. Even he cannot defeat a poorly written script and weak support from the other members of the cast. The performance of Terrence Howard ranks among the worst in the long history of the franchise. I did not think any actor could have sunk lower in their acting in their role than Elisabeth Röhm as A.D.A. Serena Southerlyn, but alas I think Terence has out bad-acted her. His mumbling of his lines into the camera displayed no believability of him as a high profile prosecutor. This series is probably that "Bridge Too Far" for Dick Wolf and like General Montgomery, Wolf should have known better.
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By far the weakest of the Law and Order incarnations
TheLittleSongbird17 August 2015
A shame because the original Law and Order is a big personal favourite, Criminal Intent and the UK version are almost as good and since re-watching I have a lot more respect for Special Victims Unit. While Trial by Jury and Conviction (another Dick Wolf show) were short-lived (also 1 season and with fewer episodes than this), had a slow start and had their flaws they did get better and deserved a fairer chance.

Law and Order: Los Angeles also got off to a slow start and while it did get slightly better with the re-tooling, it never completely grabbed me. A major part of the comparatively fewer ratings was bad timing, with it starting so soon after the original Law and Order and Criminal Intent ended, the time slot change after the re-tooling and with the continuation of Special Victims Unit with good ratings. But another big problem was that the show lacked the other incarnations' grittiness, their tension and the stories and characters were not as interesting or well-written.

Law and Order: Los Angeles does have things that made it watchable. Los Angeles does look striking, and there are some lovely, inventive camera shots throughout the series. The acting was very uneven, but the magnetic charisma of Alfred Molina, the intensely cool Corey Stoll ( or at least in the later episodes, who shares decent chemistry with Molina, he was a little bland with Ulrich) and authoritative Rachel Ticotin stands out as good. The finale is gripping, and it was admirable trying to give Winters some back-story, even if there are back-stories very similar to his and written more compellingly.

However, Skeet Ulrich seemed wooden and fatigued at first and even when brought back it felt like Molina and Stoll had grown into the roles far more effectively, he did like Stoll bring some cool deadpan irony later on. Terrence Howard never overcomes the tendency to mumble some of his lines or come over as more a preacher than a DA. One of the bright spots of the later Law and Order seasons, Alana De La Garza does her best and has her charm, but isn't used enough, and those who (and their characters) were dropped from the show midseason never seemed comfortable and even in the episodes they appeared in never had enough time to shine, Peter Coyote in particular is not memorable in the slightest. The characters are never fully developed and are pretty dully written in most cases, coming really coming alive in the chemistry between Molina and Stoll and of all the characters the only one where any effort is made to develop is Winters, whereas in comparison we learn very little about TJ. All the secondary characters are broadly written and characterised stereotypes, especially in the first episode.

The writing and story lines, in all fairness, do work against them. The writing here is not as intelligent or gritty, instead feeling on-the-surface and a mixture of bland in the first half of the episodes and heavy-handed in the latter half, also offering a very glossy, over-simplified and idealistic view of Los Angeles itself. The story lines often do, especially in the early part of the show, feel like they were lifted out of the headlines (some of which not being that interesting), except we are given the basic facts and a good deal of exposition but rarely any depth or emotional investment, or even a sense of the crimes' circumstances and the moral dilemmas which Law and Order at its best excelled particularly well in. The other Law and Order shows handle the procedure elements of the concept much better, mainly because of better casting, better writing and more compelling story lines, Law and Order: Los Angeles focuses too much on it and presents it blandly and with little tension. To be fair it does get slightly better after the re-tooling, thanks to better chemistry and a little more tension, but the numerous casting and character changes midseason take some getting used to and do cause some confusion (especially with Morales' very improbable demotion and the handling of Winters' character, neither of which given any explanation, the only explanation I can give for the latter is the episodes being ordered wrong).

Apart from some nice shots, some rich colours and some inventively done shots, a grittier look would have suited the tone of the series much better, because often the series just looked too slick and too glossy. It was like seeing a little-less-flashy version of CSI: Miami, than another Law and Order incarnation, too far removed to what is used to with Law and Order and it doesn't fit the tone. As for the music, it is so bland to the point it's almost non-existent, it is certainly the only Law and Order incarnation where this reviewer cannot remember the theme tune at all.

Overall, not an awful show and did have some good points, but never really warmed to it, the weakest of the Law and Order shows easily. Have been known to defend series that were short-lived, but while in recent memory it is not as disappointing as Criminal Minds: Suspect Behaviour (this show at least had moments, whereas that show never took off) it is not that hard to see why this was short-lived, and this is both because of timing and the quality of the show itself. 4/10 Bethany Cox
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Law and Order L.A. NBC why?
lb-3618 October 2010
It's no wonder NBC is in last place in the ratings when they cancel a classic show like L&O and replace it with such drub and misery as this. My heart sank as I watched them try to make it as a CSI clone with their lame teaser openings and lackluster characters. First off why change the tone? The opening sequence of a classic L&O had more mystery and an off set plot device that makes you care about everyday people discovering something so out of place and unusual. Everybody seems to be the same here. The set up has to be stronger and even when we missed the Teaser we could at least catch up with the the plot at the middle of act 1. They would have been better off with a reboot called L&O The College Years.
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Is this supposed to be good ?
hubertalain13 April 2011
I'm a big fan of the original Law & Order, and I've watched every episodes of this new Los Angeles edition so far, and can't help but feel this is has nothing to do with the quality of the original show. Bad writing, mostly unknown actors, too upbeat, too bright, too predictable.

The acting is okay at best, but we can't relate to any of the characters even after a few shows. You can tell they (NBC and Dick Wolf) are struggling, with many cast changes already! They (NBC) need to get the original, exceptional cast together back again in New York. Bring back the original Law and Order! Not this diluted, flavourless, and almost boring version. It feels like a cheap knock-off not worthy of the Law & Order title. Dick Wolf should be ashamed for producing this level of crap when compared to the extreme high quality of the original show.

Let's hope someone in charge will wake-up and realize the blunder they've made in cancelling the original, only to replace it with this...
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Three strikes and you're OUT, Dick Wolf!
gn681214 October 2010
It is a sad day for the Law & Order franchise. I suppose it was inevitable that L&O would one day go into TV heaven, even if it HAD finally become must-see TV again after a few seasons of just sputtering along. Alas, there was some glimmer of hope when almost simultaneously NBC revealed that "Law & Order: LA" would replace it. After watching the premiere episode, to say that L&O: LA is an abomination is an understatement. It is hands down the WORST incarnation of the L&O franchise. And that's saying a lot, considering Dick Wolf unleashed tripe like "Law & Order: Trial by Jury" and "Conviction" on us. Wolf goes down swinging for strike three with L&O: LA.

NOTHING works. First the "Law" side: Skeet Ulrich shuffles around so nervously in every scene that it's hard to believe this guy could have possibly impressed anyone to rise through the ranks of the LAPD and make detective, while Corey Stoll looks like he stepped right out of "Barney Miller" with his smarmy acting and porn-star mustache. Horrible. And the "Order"? NOTHING about Regina Hall says "law school grad" or "prosecutor". Just plain bad casting. And Alfred Molina? God bless him, he tried, he really tried to pull a rabbit out of a hat, but he just wasn't given enough quality material for us to care one way or the other. Now this week it's Terrence Howard's turn although I fear he'll suffer much the same fate as Al. And as someone else had pointed out, the sets and cinematography are so bright and flashy, a cursory glance at the show would never lead you to believe that this was part of the "L&O" franchise. The writing, dialog and acting was all paint-by-numbers, a claim that you could NEVER make about the original or its 2 successful spin-offs.

With L&O gone and "L&O: Criminal Intent" right behind it, I'm predicting that "L&O: SVU" will wind up being the standard bearer by default, since I don't foresee L&O: LA making it past a half season, much less a full one if the series continues in this vein. Time for Dick Wolf to pack it in, walk away and accept his place in the annals of TV history rather than continue unleashing steaming piles of crap like this and sullying the greatness of the L&O franchise.

UPDATE: all you haters can keep on hating my review. The truth is that this show was garbage and its cancellation has proved that. Boo hoo.
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Are they serious???
lalady2257 October 2010
I really can't believe that this show is supposed to replace the original. As mentioned in the other reviews, nothing about L&O:LA says Law & Order. And definitely, no one can be a Jack McCoy on this show!!! It has been a big disappointment thus far. People who love the L&O series appreciate the uniqueness of the show. I could always identify a Law&Order episode just by a glance, but not this time. From the "CSI" type cinematography, the poor acting, the terrible writing/story lines, and the absence of the intro music the show is off to a terrible start. I can't imagine that it will last too long. Hopefully, it will get better through the season.
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