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Season 2

8 Jul. 2011
Me, Everyone, and Swimming in the Ocean!
A trip to the beach turns competitive after the girls get hit on, and Akihisa and Yuuji try to prove they have the skills necessary to be successful ladies men!
15 Jul. 2011
Me, a Yukata, and Festivities!
Just when Akihisa and Yuuji start to feel like the girls may have forgiven them, they discover the worst is yet to come. The summer festival has some peculiar punishment in store for all the guys!
22 Jul. 2011
Me, That Girl, and a Stuffed Toy!
When Hideyoshi's tone-deaf twin is asked to sing the school song, he's roped into a costume change that's just asking for trouble. Then, Akihisa gets a new admirer--or two?--when he risks his neck to help Haduki cheer up her big sis.
29 Jul. 2011
Me, True Colors and a Man's Dignity!
Complications arise after Mizuki and Shouko interrupt Akihisa's card game. Later, during a test of the Avatar system, the summoners of Class F are embarrassed to find their innermost thoughts revealed.
5 Aug. 2011
Me, Peeking, and Training Camp!
After Akihisa seeks Kouta's advice on how to deal with a troubling blackmail note, he learns that Yuuji is in a similar situation. Kouta's investigation uncovers clues that suggest one person is causing all of the problems.
12 Aug. 2011
Me, Peeking, and Male Friendship!
The search for the blackmailer continues, with Akihisa, Yuuji and the others narrowing in on a suspect: Aiko Kudou. In order to confirm their hunch, the gang once again sets out to sneak a peek during bath time.
19 Aug. 2011
Me, Peeking, and a Far Away Paradise!
The guys rally every male at camp to assist in their mission of peeping on the girls. After combining their abilities, they finally make it to the girls' restroom - only to see something none of them expected!
26 Aug. 2011
Me, Japan, and the Language I'm Unfamiliar With
Flashback: When Minami arrived in Japan, she didn't know much of the language and had a tough time connecting with others. Her first encounter with Akihisa was awkward - but they soon became friends.
2 Sep. 2011
Me, Romance, and Negotiation Skills!
Thanks to Minami kissing Akihisa in front of Mizuki, there's drama in the air and rumors of an impending war between Classes F, D, and B! Luckily, Class F has a plan that may give them the advantage!
9 Sep. 2011
Me, Romance, and Love Skills!
Class F pulls out all the stops in an amazing battle against Class D! If Yoshii and his crew come out on top, they'll be taking on Class B too.
23 Sep. 2011
Idiots, Clownery, and Requiem!
When Class F is challenged by some older students, the battle takes place in a haunted house. To win, Class F must get through without screaming. Unfortunately, the older kids have some scary tricks up their sleeves.
30 Sep. 2011
Baka and Test: Summon the Beasts
Unhappy with the results of their battle against Class F, Class A demands a rematch! This time it's going to be one on one - Shouko versus Yoshii!

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