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Dark Whimsy
Alex Tomlin24 August 2012
Not to be confused with family viewing, The Suicide Shop is filled with politically incorrect humour throughout that goes against the expected, including death, depression and nudity. That said, it is done well with comedy and has a wonderful French soundtrack.

Those less accustomed to the wider range of animation in Europe may be left a bit baffled (or even insulted) by the narrative and design. There are many times that the references to suicide could be deemed offensive for those of a more sensitive nature. The animation is stylised and might not sit well with some. Equally there is something lacking in the ending that does not fit the tone instilled throughout.

The Suicide Shop is however unashamedly bold in its genre - it is funny, heartwarming and wonderfully grim at times. A great film to watch for something different and aesthetically entertaining. I do not know if there is an English dub, but I strongly recommend the french version.
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Not flawless
kosmasp22 November 2012
Especially not the animation that might seem very low key to most (though that doesn't mean that a lot of work has been put behind the making of the movie). But the movie itself is really good. You think this is a one pun movie and it might feel like that to you. But you could also read a lot of social criticism into the movie.

Whatever you do, be vary that the movie is not politically correct in any way, shape or form. If that's not your cup of tea, then the humor will annoy you and make you hate the movie. Better stay away from it then. But if you are open to it, you will be delighted by some scenes. It still has some clichés it needs to serve and you will get where this is going, but it's still entertaining enough throughout
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Suicide in 3D
corrosion-221 October 2012
Patrice Leconte has given us such gems as Monsieur Hire, Hairdresser's Husband and Ridicule. These could all be classed as "black comedies". Lately, however, his output has been disappointing with films such as the lame comedy Beauties at War. The Suicide Shop, which is a 3D animated musical, is at least a part return to form.

Based on a graphic novel, the story concerns a family who run a shop selling all the means to commit suicide: poisons, ropes, razor blades, etc. Their sales pitch is to project a grim view of the world and encourage potential clients to top themselves. However when the the mother in the family gives birth to a new child, who has an ever optimistic view of life, things get complicated.

The animation and the use of 3D are very creative though I did not find the songs (in French) that catchy.
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Smile or you better die
Ladiloque Boh4 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The vote is given just for the courage and depth of the allegory the movie tries to represent. I'm just updating my IMDb profile and noticed I forgot about this. I watched it more than 1 year ago so I can't remember all the details but - as one of the reviewers feels offended by the movie - I'm offended by the Victorian seriousness with which some people look at life; so offended that I feel like writing a review.

The movie substantially depicts a dystopic western society where everything works just like for our society except for the fact that no one ever cares about enjoying his life.

The result is that after years of struggling, boredom, anxiety, responsibilities and all other standard life ingredients (except for happiness), people decides to give up and suicide. And this final macabre destination is seen by everyone taking it as the greatest moment of their lives.

Indeed this is not a children movie but simply because children couldn't appreciate it (as well as many adults as the rating here shows). Anyway I'm not sure any children would grow up as a worse person if he only had the chance to consider the suicide as an extreme demonstration of free will instead of the usual "may be the end of everything", "coward escape", "poor parents and friends", "hell" perspective. Sure, it may well be some of these, but I don't think it is up to anyone else but you to decide or judge that you can still suffer some more.

I won't go into too many details, I'll just add that I don't think this is a masterpiece: this is a simple yet really deep movie for all those people too busy with their lives to recognize that the most universal right for everyone should be that of being happy. And this is also a moving declaration of freedom for all the ones who suffer and decides to give up. Being offended by a free decision like that is just the attitude of people who thinks they know it better (and religions are the most offended by free decisions involving suicide since the fear of death is their usual grip on people's minds). Everyone suffers, everyone dies, try to smile with your time and try to make other people smile too. Anyway you can always give up.
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writers_reign3 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I'm slightly bemused by the most negative of the four reviews that have been posted here: it's difficult to imagine why someone would go to see a film titled unambiguously The Suicide Shop, clearly expecting an escapist, heart-warming movie along the lines of Rebecca Of Sunnybrook Farm, Lassie Come Home, or I Remember Mama. It is what it says on the tin. A hugely non-PC Black Comedy cum satire that reflects life in present-day France (although I accept, of course, that not everyone living outside France will 'get' that aspect. Other than that it follows the classic plot line, in this case a family business geared to exploiting misery and depression by pandering to them, which is then frustrated when a new arrival in the family radiates joy and happiness thus having an adverse effect on potential customers. I agree with others that the songs could be better but overall this is a much-needed anti-PC breath of fresh air.
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Utterly disappointing.
Voyou Nobodysbusiness25 October 2014
This is not one of P.Leconte great films. The subject and poster are attractive, but the delivery is a complete let down to me.

The story itself doesn't make any sense. The way the shop is presented, it is nothing more than a place where to buy weapons. Selling ropes, poisons and guns with only one bullet doesn't cut it. The shop isn't even secret. By the way, many of the customers should be murderers, but we don't see any. The son's joy is feared as it might cause a loss of customers, but it never does... Big lack of imagination in the general design.

All this could be forgiven if balanced with small ideas, but there are very few of those, and most of them are deja vu. Suicide is illegal in public places, like in the comics Judge Dredd from the 70s. The family owes a lot to the Addams: the look of the father, the longing for death of almost all members...

The humour falls flat. No grief or sadness is ever felt. Poetry is absent. The animation is average. And they sing, awful songs, like in a Disney product. If you're going to make a musical, you have to come up with a good score. Just compare what they wrote with the Charles Trenet's classic used in the starting credits. Yuck !
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Very unpleasant
Lauri2930 .10 May 2013
I guess it was supposed to be funny, but it isn't, i found it even a little boring. It's also very sarcastic, and in my opinion quite offending. Maybe there are some things you shouldn't make fun of, but if you do, you should do it with some respect. This movie makes a fool of suicide and depression, making it seem like some trivial little problem you can fix with a song and a kiss. I don't mean to be dull or petty, cause normally I'm not easily offended by some humor. The story is somewhat pointless, without moral or message. Besides the disturbing story, the picture is average, but the songs are poor. The story and the interactions are a bit childish, but don't get it wrong, it's not very recommendable for children. I was very disappointed, cause the concept seemed promising. I would like to get my time back...
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An Ingenious Black Comedy Musical
Vonia16 December 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The Suicide Shop (French: Le Magasin des suicides) (2012)

Leave it to the French To give us this unique show, A dark comedy, Animated musical. Your death guaranteed, Yes, "Death or your money back!" Prepare to be awed. Blades, poison, ropes, swords, weights Oh, choices, choices. Cutting, drowning, gunshot wound, Hanging, poisoning, Seppuku, the most dignified Everything you need To depart from this gloomy Apocalyptic World where suicide rates soar. This family shop, Your final, perfect answer. Sales advice with glee. "Has your life been a failure?" Asks their bold slogan. "Let's make your death a success!" Oh so depressing Nothing to look forward to. Till Alan Tuvache, Laughing and smiling all day, To his parents' shame. With the neighborhood children, They turn those frowns upside down. Yes, he saves the day, Sister finds love and marriage, Their goods are now crêpes. His father the last to change, Ingrained in his ways. All it takes is cleverness, Musical numbers, Coordination with friends, And a trampoline. Not suitable for children, This is obvious. Something serious made light, Offensive to some, For suicide is not so Easily conquered. The animation and songs Need some improvement, Yet I thought the premise great, Characters charming, Song lyrics hilarious, Ending with artful credits.

Choka (long poem) was an epic storytelling form of poetry from the 1st to the 13th century, known as the Waka period. The choka is an unrhymed poem with the 5-7-5-7-5-7-5-7...7 syllable format (any odd number line length with alternating five and seven syllable lines that ends with an extra seven syllable line).

#Choka #PoemReview
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Not Dangerous, but possibly insulting
Franki10 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
First and foremost: This isn't a realistic look at suicide or depression - it's supposed to be exaggerated and over the top. It's got some really good satire at parts and even it's characters are kind of interesting. This isn't a 13 Reasons Why situation, where suicide is romanticized and could lead to people hurting themselves. I also don't see too many non-suicidal people watching this and truly thinking this is what people go through. Most people are smart enough to get that it's a comedy.

There are, however, a few major flaws with it's message and presentation of the story that, while they didn't make this movie despicable, were hard to swallow for me - so I can see how they'd be MORE than offensive and demeaning to family members and people who've attempted or contemplated suicide. Depending on the person, this movie can really miss it's mark: 1) Alan being happy comes off as that misunderstanding of depressed/suicidal people, and how they just need to "smile". 2) In the final musical number, the ghosts of the people who've died by way of the shop appear and sing about how they couldn't find happiness. This can be taken VEEEEEEERY badly depending on who you are.

Quality wise, the songs were forced and took you out of the comedy and plot rather than further it, which is the worst kind of musical. There's also a creeepy scene where Alan lets his friends was his sister strip and dance naked. In a more mature, more serious movie maybe it could be a very human look at child curiosity, but in this black comedy it's portrayed as charming and it's like...no. That's gross. Stahp. Really mixed on this one and I have a feeling a lot of other people will be too.
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An Idiot's guide to Suicide
The_Real_Celsus18 April 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I really wanted to like this, and constantly told myself things like,"Cheap flash animation is still impressive for how much work and time it takes",or"music even if bland and boring still takes time to make". I thought perhaps the writer was depressed and in his/her own journey to deal with depression found salvation in making this story. The problems is in the end this is a very very simplistic, shallow, naive, and patronizing story at best. Suicide is not a thing that should ever be put on a pedestal or idolized, but for some people that are terminal the right to ends one life should not be demonized either, but treated with the extreme finality it is. Knowing three friends over the years that had killed themselves, this movie was just disgusting and highly insulting. This movie just had the bitter aftertaste of someone's agenda based on their own dogma and delusions of grandeur, yeah suicide is not the answer, I get if. I personally don't believe in suicide, but I sure as hell wanted the movie to die of some causes very early in.

synopsis of movie: Just smile, everything will be alright.
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