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gary-bowers-867-41473110 October 2010
a brilliant series. professor hawking has created something special here - a complex subject made simpler with great examples and explanation , even i could understand - this should be required viewing in every school. the graphic's are absorbing and the dialogue holds your attention so the subject stays fresh. i could have watched this for far longer. if only it had more episodes. the last episode explaining the history of everything was gripping with science's knowledge of how the universe began and how it might possibly end shown with good explanation. the episodes start with professor hawking's computerised voice then another voice takes over after a few minutes of dialogue - at just the right point i think.
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Totally Mind Blowing
over_Stener5 October 2010
This, This is one of the most fantastic Documentary's i have ever seen! Into The Universe With Stephen Hawking is just mind blowing! Stephen Hawking is just such an intelligent man, one of the most intelligent people in the world and his knowledge of this subject is really something special. The way he tells all this just makes me want to know more about all this! It is all told in a way that keeps you glued to the screen and just makes you feel that you cant wait for what he tells next. Stephen Hawking tells this in a way that makes you believe what he tells. The graphics and colours looks so beautiful, and all this takes you onto a journey into the universe. So if you are interested in the universe and all about this then you should watch this!
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iMIGmaker10 December 2010
Stephen Hawking: "Suppose we are only a highly developed breed of monkey that lives on a small planet, but we can speculate about the universe as a whole." :)

Though the film bears no new information - it generalizes the previously accumulated knowledge (and this is good) but I watched it with pleasure, because it has a beautiful computer graphics and pleasant ambient music. Ending the series "History of the Universe" was a pleasant surprise - it reminded me of transhumanism. I immediately imagined the genetically modified Space Marines who travel through the galaxy for Make Benefit Glorious Imperium of Mankind :)
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Blows your mind four times a minute.
brown-faith92210 August 2013
I began watching this only because I wanted to hear the chocolatey baritone of Benedict Cumberbatch, but in about five minutes my nose was glued to the screen.

This stuff is like a Doctor Who episode without the 'fiction' label. I personally found the time travel episode mesmerizing. I definitely recommend this series... especially to people like me who may regretfully lack a very good familiarity with physics. This is very easy to understand, and will blow your mind at least four times a minute.

I am an average young adult (blonde, no less) who got through physics class in high school by memorizing formulas I didn't understand and cramming them into my cranium so I could remember them for an hour long exam, and forget them the second it was over. Why bother to retain it? I was planning to pursue music in college anyway... and I feel like there are all too many people out there who did similar things. Ignored the beauties of physical science to provide more time to do the things which seemed - and undoubtedly were - more important. This is a series which really provides insight into the world of science - the world we all know exists, but often try to ignore, since we know we will never likely have the patience to try and understand it. Beginning to understand this stuff makes you realize why all the annoying genius students in 10th grade would get so obnoxiously excited as they conversed using terms which seemed like other languages.

The possibilities of the universe are really very startling, and very exciting. I recommend this series to anyone who as any interest at all in the potential of humankind.
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Absolutely Amazing
lxmerrifield19 August 2013
After viewing this I had many of my questions answered but also brought new questions to mind leaving me wanting more this was absolutely unbelievable and I loved every second of it. It is obvious that Stephen Hawking knows what he is talking about, but to have this whole thing explained the way he did really makes understanding quite easy I was left in awe of the way this was made, the visuals were amazing and I just couldn't stop watching every second eager for what was to be revealed next I hope they make more of these because what I watched wasn't enough to satisfy my curiosity but it certainly gave me a lot to think about so I definitely can't wait for more. If this kind of thing interests you then get ready to be amazed I know I was and I hope you guys will enjoy it as much as I did.
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A captivating mix of science and science fiction
Critical_Bill22 January 2011
Stephen Hawking, the wheelchair-bound theoretical physicist who joined Einstein and Newton at Data's holodeck poker table in Star Trek:The Next Generation brings us this stunning look into the realms of sci-fi speculation and science. You may think a documentary hosted by someone who can't move and speaks in a computer-generated monotone would be boring but this three episode mini-series is anything but. Hawking appears only to punctuate the segments and a smoother-voiced narrator speaks for him most of the time. It's his inner vision of the universe and it's incredible possibilities that take us along on this fantastic ride.

The first two episodes seem more like sci-fi than science; the third is mostly a cosmology primer- the basics of the history, structure and dynamics of the universe:

  • "Aliens" gives us an intriguing look at what life might look like in bizarre extraterrestrial landscapes and the possibilities and implications of first contact.

  • "Time Travel" explores the scientific basis and intriguing "what ifs?" of travel through time.

  • "The Story Of Everything" brings us back to pure science for the most part covering the basic tenets of cosmology with the same compelling examples, engaging style and eye-candy photography and graphics as the first two episodes. It dabbles in sci-fi towards the end as it speculates about human migration to the stars.

For me personally, the third episode was an anti-climax twice as long and half as interesting as the first two. This is because I've watched many cosmology documentaries and despite the presentation the subject matter covered was just too basic and repetitive to interest me. If you're new to cosmology however, you'll probably find it as riveting as the first two episodes. If you're a strong believer in a Creator or Intelligent Design, you may be a bit put off by the unambiguous lack of support for them here.

This series is very accessible for a layperson or student who doesn't follow science, anyone from grade school on up should enjoy this series. Hard-core science fans like me should appreciate it for it's wonderful imagination and spectacular presentation. Check it out.
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Simplistic and cheesy, but with enough to make it worthwhile
rgcustomer12 August 2011
Compared to other similar documentary miniseries (Wonders of the Universe, Cosmos) I found this one to be somewhat sloppy and cheesy in tone.

In terms of script, consider just two things I remember from the third episode: 1. Stephen Hawking (or his narrator) calls us a breed of monkey, when in fact we're a species of ape. 2. Stephen Hawking (or his narrator) says that for a room floor covered in evenly-spaced spheres, they all experience the same gravity from each other, which is of course false because the gravity at the boundaries would be different than the gravity in the middle.

The first two episodes I would rate as 6/10, wild and wasteful speculation with pretty graphics and annoying music.

Only the third episode is worth watching, if you understand it's been dumbed down and hyped up for today's US audiences. But because it's twice as long as the previous two, I rounded the score up to 7/10.
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Uneven but some greatness
richard_borjesson8 March 2017
This is one of the most fantastic Documentary's i have seen! Into The Universe With Stephen Hawking is just epic! Especially the third episode: The Story o everything, ref_=ttep_epI wish they would do more documentary's like this. The complete series:

If you're gonna see any of this series, watch the third episode. The first and the second are more speculations then theories or facts.
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robkubitschek2 June 2016
Typical space and theory doc. Nothing new and kind of disappointed he would lend himself to such a simple mediocre show. Just shows how our society is becoming less and less capable. They "dumbed"it down enough and shows even Hawking's can be sold out. Ill take nova or any other PBS show any day. Plus it's his robotic voice. Trust a man who wants to travel through space in a wheel chair through a worm hole but yet can't have a program that mimics just voice or even that of a human. Yea smart but really? Why bring yourself to that you be the judge but I see this as a modern day jab at something they wish they could reproduce so choose an aging Hawkins
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