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A street with many many houses closed down waiting to be sold with FORECLOSURE boards on the front lanes.

A Russian satellite comes crashing down to Earth and brings with it alien bacteria that not only fatally infects human beings that come into contact with it, but also infects metal in order to animate and send a giant iron statue on a rampage. The purpose of this modern gollem is to reject the bad spirits.

The debris falls into the field of Jake Hampton (Kavan J. Smith) and his brother Ethan (Colby Johanson), who are worrying about the profitability and sustainability of their livelihood. Jake sees high-school sweetheart Amanda Spelling (Nicole de Boer) returning to the village for a while with her daughter Claire (Merrit Patterson). They are going to stay with their aunt until they decide what to do after Amanda's divorce.

Deputy Jenny (Chelah Horsdal) tells the bored-to-death sheriff (Paul McGillion) of the robbery of the giant golem. The sheriff marvels about such a stupid misdeamour, as the culprits must have used a lorry to take it away.

The giant robot attacks a driver (Scott MacNeil). The audience can see that, when the alien bacteria approach a radio or a mobile, there are so many interferences that the piece of machinery won't work. The robot kills the car driver immediately after touching it and that his skin becomes black veiny.

Ethan comes back to Steve Gregoropoulos (Mark McConchie), the first man to contact the alien blue substance. The robot arrives and kills him. Jake arrives too late: the lights are going crazy on and off, and Ethan is already dead.

The sheriff won't believe what Jenny tells him about the huge golem. Grandpa Earl (Donnelly Rhodes) is already running after it armed with a shotgun.

Claire complains of the slow internet connection. Amanda tells her to switch off her laptop after emailing her dad, and says that there's no possibility of their coming together again. Internet goes away and the earth starts to tremble as the robot approaches the house of Amanda's aunt. Claire and Amanda go down the stairs and they look ad their dead aunt, who has veiny and black skin. Then,, the huge arm of the robot tries to catch them. They run away in a car.

Earl arrives to the house where Ethan still lies dead. The coroner (Alvin Sanders) studies him: all his arteries have dilated. The coroner says that it's strong bacteria or viri as e-colli. The coroner wants to study to body immediately, in case the infection can spread to somebody else's.

Claire and Amanda knock onto the sheriff's office, but he's not there. They enter a bar to phone the police. Tony the barman (Chris Gauthier) laughs about them, and tries to push Claire outside. The phone is not working. Harry, (Don Thompson), another of the sheriff's deputies, advises Jake not to do anything stupid. Jake takes his shotgun and says that he's got the permit to carry it around. He leaves.

Earl's grandson Max (Jesse Moss) says that the golem was not a machine but a statue. Amanda says that, whatever that was, it killed her aunt. Finally, Claire reaches the sheriff, while Jake finds the dead driver cowboy. The sheriff and the bar patrons are laughing about Max and Amanda's words when the robot arrives. All lightbulbs kind of explode and normal guns and bullets won't even scratch the metallic skin of the golem.

Jake crashes his car agains one of the legs of the golem. The golem limps and falls down to pieces. However, the pieces rebuild themselves into the giant golem again. Harry is taken by the robot, who instantly kills him giving him the black veiny appearance.

The robot cannot enter the house where Amanda and the bar patrons have parapeted themselves.

Claire and Max try to reach the nearest village -30 miles from there- on foot. They argue about the golem, who is supposed to protect Earl from harm.

Meanwhile, Amanda is desperate to leave the barhouse and find Claire. One of the fingers of the robot are inside the home and it starts moving around. The people in the bar don't want to touch it because of the bacteria it carries around. The fingers seems to go after the bartender, who jumps on top of a table. Jake destroys the finger with an axe but the bluey stuff is still alive.

Claire and Max find Jenny, who's trying to contact the sheriff. They tell her what's happening. The teenagers get into Jenny's police car.

In the bar, the blueish substance is moving slowly. Amanda says that it doesn't look like bacteria. Amanda realises it has stayed on the iron part of the axe. Jake realises that the blue stuff must have come from the Russian satellite and Earl must have put it when he put the satellite pieces into the golem. Earl says that he didn't put any of the Russian pieces onto his piece of art. Amanda says that the stuff must be alien. Amanda realises that the blue substance must be attracted by the magnetic impulses from the blood of the people.

Jenny has arrived outside the bar. Her car stops. Jenny goes out to look what happens in the bar. They shout to her to stay in the car. Jenny leaves Max and Claire trapped in the back seat of her car. The metallic pices begin to move when Jenny cries for Harry's dead body. Jake and Amanda have tried to shout to Jenny advising her to stay in her police car, but she didn't pay any attention.

Afterwards, the pieces of the gollem start rolling around and connecting with one another: the gollem is re-asambling herself. Max and Claire try to get out of the police car.

Jake wants to attract the blue stuff to a gas container and blow it to pieces and Claire goes with him. Inside the bar, the blue stuff goes into an axe and starts moving. The axe attacks the bartender. When he bleeds, he becomes dead immediately. They try to use anti-bacterian soap to kill the blue stuff, but it doesn't work.

The robot has finished re-asembling itself. Claire has cut her arm badly to attract the robot. At the bar, Earl tries other things to kill the bacteria, like bleech or alcohol. The robot doesn't go after the spilled blood, but it follows Amanda's open wound. The robot pushes the gas container to a side while it goes after Amanda. Her and Jake have to go into the bar again. The robot attacks the bardoors. Max thrusts the gas container to the robot, attracting him to the police car again. Jake leaves the bar to aim at the container when Max throws it into the robot's legs.

The robot explodes into pieces. One of the pieces falls down onto the police car, where Claire is still on. The burning pieces of machinery are still moving around.

However, Earl has found out that the blue stuff's Achilles tendom is alcohol. It kills it.

Claire tries to wake Max up. He has been hit by one of the falling pieces of burning debris. Earl, Jake and Amanda wash everything with alcoholic drinks from the bar, Max wakes up to see it.

Amanda hugs Claire. The robot touched Claire, but she had anaemia, so she was saved.

Earl drinks a gulp of the remaining alcoholic liquid. The next morning finds every one of them washing all the metallic pieces with alcohol.

Earl promises not to create another gollem. They will pack all the remaining debris, just in case.

Jake tries to tell another police department about the death of Jenny and the sheriff. Nobody takes him seriously. Grandpa Earl looks for a bottle of wine. He finds it eventually. Amanda and Jake leave to the outside yard and they kiss. They open the bottle of wine to celebrate, At that moment, they hear the packed materials starting to move inside the packing machine. Jake washes it with a gallon of alcohold he had.

A piece of debris leaves running. Jake can't catch it. Earl hits it with the bottle of wine. Amanda says that they should wash everything on the scrap yard to be sure. Earl laughs and admits that he's got more bottles of wine hidden away that they can make good use for for that purpose.


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