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My god...
tkdforyou22 April 2013
Craig Moss, you need to stop your constant attempts at film making. You are not funny, you are not creative, you are not intelligent. What year do we think we live in?! There was a time where farting was funny but it has been used over and over and OVER again that it's just annoying.

Now I hate Twilight as much as the next guy, but what does this have to do with Twilight. Your method is taking ANYTHING and just adding poop and cum jokes. What's next? Game of Farts? Iron Poop 4? I'm sure you would make it because any eight year old thinks poo is funny. Grow up, man

I will tell you this, if I see you in person, I will punch you in the face. i won't say anything, I will just punch you in the face and walk away.
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Worse than Twilight itself...
Anestin Jason4 March 2012
OK, so I just made an account to do you a favor & let you know, that this movie, absolutely, SUCKS BIGTIME! It is actually worse than any part of twilight, it is not funny, it is not sexy, it is just lame & disgusting.

To begin with, it isn't just a parody of Breaking Dawn, it is a parody of various chosen scenes of Twilight 1-4. And the irony is that it covers the least content from Breaking Dawn. But that doesn't really matter, because nothing could save this crap of a movie. Most of it's "funny" scenes are about farting or large penis/vagina jokes. Clothed sex scenes. And lame cameraman-knock-on-the-actors-face scenes. There was just one or two funny scenes that made me laugh, but they weren't worth the rest of the crap.

Don't waste your time with this, watch literally anything else.
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A very un-funny movie unless you like a lot of farting and pooping. I have seen bad spoofs but this is the worst. I say D+
Tony Heck21 March 2012
"This is all because of me...I'm the center of, me, me!!!" This is a spoof of the "Twilight" series. Spoofing parts of all 4 movies as well as many others. I have to start by saying that I am not a "Twilight" fan at all. I thought "Breaking Dawn - Part 1" was OK but the other ones I fell asleep in. I open with that to say that I would rather watch a marathon of all of them before watching this again. Most spoofs add parts of other movies in a spot where they make sense. This one felt like in the middle of a scene they were like...put this in, most of the time it didn't make sense. During a fight scene all of Johnny Depp's characters come out for no apparent reason. I thought that "Vampires Suck" was OK, but this was not. The only good thing is the very end when they show actual peoples reactions to watching trailers for ""Eclipse" and I only cracked a smile at that part. Overall, unless you like watching people fart and poop a lot I would avoid this one. I did however think the fact that they made Jacob a fat guy was kinda neat. This is not a good movie at all though. I give it a D+.
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Probably the worst movie ever !!!!
rudils9 March 2012
This has to be the worst movie I've seen in a very very long time. Don't waste your time !!

I cannot believe people would waste money on making such a load of rubbish and passing it off as a comedy.

Where are the days of Parodies like "Hot Shots" etc ? Those were hilarious and actually made fun of movies in a proper fashion.

This movie tries to be funny by being vulgar with farts etc and not even that worked at all.

Nothing and I have to emphasize the word nothing in this movie is funny.

I'd rather sit and watch paint dry than this movie ever again !
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The critics are right
WakenPayne27 September 2012
Craig Moss, I did not know who that name was but I will never watch a single one of his movies again. Obviously the guy has seen spoofs done by (*insert name here - anything will be better than this guy*) and thought he could do the same. Those people who hate Vampires Suck should take a look at this to see how a bad spoof of Twilight REALLY is (yes it's worse than the original film).

The so-called humour in this movie will have people cringing for the fact they're ACTUALLY WATCHING THIS. Most of the humour relies on things like Bella's grandmother giving Edward a blow job in Bella's dreams... That's not funny - that's terrible.

For those who'd like the long list of spoof artists that are better than Craig Moss then here it is: David Zucker, Jason Feindberg, Aaron Seltzer, Craig Deering, Bo Zenga, Craig Mazin... well you get the idea. Also for the haters of any one of the people above... yes it's true Moss is worse than they are... at least they had some redeeming features in their humour.
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Abysmal... Wast of time and money
Shelley French21 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I watched this last night but could only stomach watching half before me and my girlfriend just HAD to turn it off.

I do not like Twilight much, But I have been watching the movies as it has grabbed me in some small way (probably just to cure boredom, more than anything, and to ponder on what the hype is all about).

There is SO MUCH material to take and twist out of the Twilight movies, and general dull characters and story lines. Which is what brought me and my girlfriend to watching this spoof. I was hoping for something somewhat clever like the Scary Movie spoof series that I watched years ago, and loved...

But I think I have found a film that is actually WORSE than Twilight and the series. I actually quite like Twilight, now, in comparison. As I've mentioned above, there was plenty of material to use with a bit of wit and intelligence and make something truly comedic.. plenty of very simple people have managed to do it thus far on the internet with pictures and memes and such... However, this movie ignores all this and, in place, just flat-out resorts to really idiotic jokes about sex and flatulence... on a pretty much CONSTANT basis.

I am no prude, and I very much love a bit of disgusting humour, but the 'jokes' in this movie sucked.. they weren't clever, there were no build ups... something about farts, talk a bit, something about granny sex, talk about, farts, plastic shlong on face, fart some more... it wasn't even a case of being a film that is so bad it's funny - it genuinely IS trying to be funny, and for that reason it really IS just rubbish.

I think the only thing that even made me crack a SLIGHT smile was the random appearance of Neytiri from Avatar and several Johnny Depp movie characters... not that they really count due to the total irrelevance. Clinging at straws, much?
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Who broke wind...?
Paul Magne Haakonsen27 January 2013
It is always nice to have another movie making fun of the "Twilight" saga, although they tend to not be overly great. And "Breaking Wind" is not different from the others.

Sure there is a good amount of moments in the movie that will raise some laughs, however, the movie doesn't really leave a lasting impression in any way. I haven't seen any "Twilight" movies after I was suckered into watching the very first one, so I have no idea how much similarity there was between "Breaking Wind" and the rest of the "Twilight" saga. But still, it managed to make me laugh here and there, and that was what mattered.

The type of comedy in "Breaking Wind" is sort of an acquired taste, I think, because there is a lot of farting and such type of comedy. I enjoy that, but it is not likely to be in the likes of just anyone.

The acting in the movie was alright, though nothing out of the ordinary or nothing spectacular. If I have to chisel out a single performance that overshadowed all others, it would have to be Frank Pacheco (playing Jacob), as he was the most funny and did most of the weight-pulling in the movie.

For a spoof, then "Breaking Wind" is in the lower end of the scale, and there are far better spoof movies out there, if you like this particular genre of movies.
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Breaking The Boundaries Of Good Taste
aesgaard4111 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I truly believe video stores need a shelf set out of the way for movies that claim to be comedies that really aren't. This shelf would hold movies like "Meet The Spartans," "Epic Movie," "Disaster Movie," "Stan Helsing," "Scary Movie 5," "Loaded Weapon," "Vampires Suck," "Superhero Movie" and most recently, "Breaking Wind." There are two major problems with "Breaking Wind" as a so-called parody. One, not all movies can be turned into parodies, and two, the film doesn't have one real joke in it. While it's not as inundated with the movie references as some of these movies, "Breaking Wind" suffers the indignity of being unable to go more than five minutes without making a crass or obscene sexual reference or even an hour trying to coerce humor from a plot-line that seems to be making itself up as it goes along, but then, this is what we get from a society that thinks "Family Guy" is funny. A bit more relevant to the "Twilight" movies than "Vampire Suck," the movie has no plot and no jokes, just a weak retread of the "Twilight" movies with bad material, scenes with absolutely no point at all and actors hindered by the extremely bad taste of the material they are working with. There are only two scenes with any potential for humor. One is when Jacob's father talks about will power then immediately contradicts himself and drinks the blood in a pan left from treating Bela's wounds, and the other is when the vampire encroaches on Bela's father then at the last second leans in and snaps a picture with him. (Why he does this since vampires traditionally don't appear in photos isn't explained.) What makes these moments funny is that they're based on actual human behavior, and the truth is that human beings often do strange and irrational things when we resort to the young child in all of us. However, instead of getting the joke and moving on, the movie makes the mistake of hovering too long on these moments and trying to milk the joke for too long, often to the point where it just isn't funny anymore. ("Family Guy" is guilty of doing this a bit too often as well.) A decent comedy should not be about taking human characters into strange and bizarre moments of human depravity and anti-social behavior, and yet, that is exactly where "Breaking Wind" and the movies listed above always go. When you take the jokes out of "Airplane" or the "Naked Gun" movies, you are actually left with films showing strong dramatic performances, but when you try taking what the script passes as the jokes and humor out of "Breaking Wind," "Meet The Spartans" or "Superhero Movie," all you're left with is scenery. There is not a single rational or undisturbed person in "Breaking Wind" or any of the other so-called comedies above; almost everyone is actually an imbecile, morally deranged or just plain out disturbed. These movies don't have anything to do with comedy, but everything to do with what is considered the social and moral decline of humanity. Possibly the worst part of the movie is that the actors who starred in this movie are stuck with this film listed in their resumes for the rest of their film careers.
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Sucks more than any other a bad way!
MovieBuff-fest17 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I hate the Twilight movies so much that I thought a parody making fun of them would be enjoyable. I was so wrong and so disgusted that I had to watch it at 2x speed just to force my way through it, hoping it would get better. Like the Twilight movies, it only got worse.

The opening scene focused on some loser "breaking wind" and spouting the F-word a few times. (I hope that does not count as a spoiler.) This movie set an all time record for being the worst movie ever in less than 30 seconds.

Every joke (and I use the term loosely as I was anything but laughing) was about sex organs, sex toys, sex positions, and sex motions. Throw in a few F-words to pace the dialog and use other profanities to drive it home and you have the entire movie, wishing that the DVD kiosk had not offered to rent it to you for $0.50 off the regular price as a means of "sucking" you in.

The ONE joke I laughed at was a reference to the Sesame Street Count which was appropriate since I too was counting off the minutes wasted in SSC fashion.

I could not wait for this horrible and disgusting movie to end, and you will hate yourself for wasting even 40 minutes of your life at 2x speed. To drag it out another 10 minutes (which was pointless since 99% of the audience had already left), fake fan reactions were added to the credits, hence the additional F-words.

I gave it one star just to show I voted.
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A rated-R movie written for 6 and 7 year-olds!
MartinHafer22 October 2015
I will admit up front that I did not finish "Breaking Wind", although I tried. The reason is that the film was probably the filthiest and unfunniest film I've ever seen...and it's the sort of stuff 6 and 7 year-olds would find funny but a sane parent isn't going to let kids this age watch the movie. This is because the jokes are NEVER funny and all I saw were jokes about a wide variety of sex acts, farting, people being bitten on the buttocks--and the barrage of this sort of stuff was CONSTANT. It wasn't funny the first time and it wasn't funny when they were repeated ad nauseum. And this is the basis for every supposed joke!! Now don't get the idea I am a complete prude--a movie can be a bit racy yet funny ("Step Brothers" comes to mind--it's crude but also funny). But this wasn't the least bit funny or clever and the shock value disappears immediately because EVERY joke was about the same small repertoire of material. It's really hard to imagine anyone getting paid to write this and I am pretty sure everyone in the film must have felt embarrassed because it was so incredibly unfunny and stupid. Overall, an assault on your intelligence and a film every bit as unfunny as cancer.

I usually don't say things like this, but Craig Moss...NEVER write another film. Please!
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Lunatic Rambler30 January 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I felt so sick watching this. Just like everyone else here, the sexual connotation in this movie just totally made me puke. Here I was sitting there with my sister thinking, this would be a cool parody to watch and have a laugh over Friday night and boy we were wrong! We felt so disgusted by it! A parody supposed to be funny and we wasted 75 minutes of our lives that we will never get back again watching this lame movie. And a chubby Jake leading a few other chubby werewolves that was just like sad. Plus a little Cullen? Like what? Just a disappointment! there were no jokes in this, we didn't even laugh, I mean how can we? When every lines were literally about sex, blow jobs and cums? 👎👎👎👎👎👎
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What the hell?
HighJunk Reviews24 June 2012
Breaking Wind...(sigh) Knowing that this movie is supposedly a spoof of the Twilight Saga, I thought that this COULD have been a decent comedy, like Vampires Suck. Now don't get me wrong, Vampires Suck was a horrible movie, but if you just have fun with it, Vampires Suck will have a few chuckles with you.

But Breaking Wind is just bland and unfunny. I kept saying to myself, "Don't be serious, it's a comedy", but not even Danny Trejo saved this piece of crap.

If you think that I'm being to harsh for a spoof movie, think again. There are literally fart jokes every 5 goddamn minutes. Who the hell in their right mind would think fart jokes are funny? The writers must have been retarded.

But their is a silver lining though. And that's Jacob, or more specifically, Fat Jacob. I don't know why but I just found him funny. It must be because he's fat. Hmmm.

Overall, a very crappy movie. Why the producers would think to finance this movie is beyond me. Didn't they even bother to read the script? And why the hell are the Johnny Depp characters in this? Ran out of ideas, probably.
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The worst movie ever made
cdmont72919 November 2013
I won't go into any details. The movie is called Breaking Wind for a reason. I could have made a better spoof of Twilight with a smart phone. This is the first review I have ever written because I felt compelled to warn people that they may in fact have a stroke during this pile of trash. The spoofs of old, like Airplane and The Naked Gun have given way to the worst of the worst, and this movie is so bad I do not even have a word for it. I assume this movie is like going through drug withdrawals because I was in the floor in brutal pain and agony. I made it to the end without croaking, but it was close. If you plan on watching this, then have an oxygen tank ready along with speed dial to 911 in case of impending death.
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HeatherHarris1618 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I start out by saying that I quite enjoyed all the Twilight movies and Vampires Suck as well. Watching this movie was a complete joke! The humour in this movie could not be classified as humour AT ALL!! The farting and pooping jokes were grossly exaggerated, and quite juvenile. I did not laugh one time during the first half of the movie, and got quite tired of even trying to enjoy it that I turned it off half way through. It was a very sad attempt at a parody. I have NEVER watched a parody that even came close to being this disappointing. My rating is a 2/10 and that is being quite generous indeed. If you are planning to watch this movie I would NOT recommend it for anyone other then youths because I'm sure they are the only people that would find that "brand" of joke funny.
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