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Plot Keywords

train crash group of friends
ohio small town
make up disappearance
black out telling someone to shut up
gas station super 8
pendant father daughter relationship
seaching for a missing dog monster abducts woman
death of wife colonel
father son hug evacuation
deputy sheriff aspiring actor
held captive listening to music on headphones
child in peril watching a zombie movie
explosion hole
container truck newscast
film reel cover up
alien sparkler
eaten alive vomiting
battle tank rescue
military tank
younger version of character boy slaps girl
air force colonel car on train tracks
digit in title family relationships
cartoon on tv impalement
coming of age science teacher
scene during end credits fictional town
middle school teenage director
1960s flame thrower
first love 14 year old
father son relationship stoned
model train year 1958
father searches for missing daughter car crash
flash forward home movie
forest fire driving on train tracks
teenage hero aspiring filmmaker
looking for a missing pet two word title
uh 1 huey helicopter vomit
last day of school diner
film within a film zippo lighter
murder of a police officer train explosion
train truck collision escape
break in teen romance
telepathy father son relationship
crash site police station
pickup truck teenage boy
walkie talkie child driving car
cube child's point of view
elbowed in face no opening credits
hanging upside down gas station attendant
pistol missing dog
monster climbing through a window
group of children year 1979
real life brothers playing brothers water tower
father searches for missing son escape from custody
toy gun air force base
misfire blood
watching a home movie bandaged hand
necklace teenage girl
gash in the face firecracker
fire alcoholic
amateur filmmaker impersonating a soldier
forbidden love exploding house
murder walkman
town meeting real twins playing twins
girl father daughter hug
drug addict teen bedroom
sole black character dies cliche movie makeup
machine gun flamethrower
male slaps a female grief
face slap cherry picker
amateur radio sheriff
revolver safety record
video camera sergeant
soldier boy
filmmaking locket with photograph
1970s ham radio
cb radio subterranean
secret marijuana joint
map of united states jealousy
u.s. air force train station
lens flare cemetery
friendship movie director
sabotage title appears in writing
military arrest bus accident
rifle butt smashed into face making a zombie film
investigation teenage romance
exploding train arson
hit with a rifle butt lethal injection
hippie pack of dogs
spaceship car hit by a train
attack bicycle
death of mother title spoken by character
number in title

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