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Make no mistake, though: The Perfect Family is Kathleen Turner's show. And when a series of crises forces Eileen to re-examine her values and beliefs, Turner rises magnificently to the occasion.
It's still a kick to watch Kathleen Turner don a housedress and trade soothing pieties with Richard Chamberlain. The Perfect Family feels like it could have been more than that, but I suppose counting its blessings is the more Christian thing to do.
Watching a consummate pro like Turner navigate an uneven script, veering from farcical determination, her cheeks puffed like those of a demented chipmunk, to utter devastation, can be immensely entertaining, particularly when she's backed by an able cast, as she is here.
This debut feature by Anne Renton doesn't quite find the proper tone to convey its heartfelt message.
Renton's approach is, to its benefit, fair and never strident. But it's also gentle and cautious, often to a fault.
Turner seems stifled by the joyless role of a woman whose only purpose is to be taught the error of her sanctimonious ways.
While they have all the materials needed for a sharp satire, they're too timid to arrive at any real revelations.
The film's single saving grace is Turner, who channels that legendary Catholic guilt like there is no tomorrow.
Having the far from goody-goody Kathleen Turner play a holier-than-thou mother bent on winning a devout church title is an inherently hilarious premise.
A useless film in every possible way.

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