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Gives us more than the usual zombie film does.
J. Davis17 June 2012
In the last year I've seen around a dozen or so Zombie films & if was to compare this one to them it would probably land in 3rd place. In the beginning it was a little rough, it gave us a quick take on what the situation was for the lead character Elvis, all zombie films usually struggle in the beginning as to why & how he is almost the lone survivor so I can't fault it for that. As the film progressed it started to focus on the characters more than the zombie outbreak, it reminded me of the Walking Dead series on AMC. It was nice for a change to have some character development in a film like this. You will have to be a bit forgiving as to the cheap make-up & effects for the zombies as they were pretty underdone but the low budget didn't cripple it much at all. About an hour in is where this film started to pay off, giving us a dark turn of events that brings upon an urgency to act for the leads & the action starts to ramp up along with the zombie population. Some people might want to turn it off early but I promise you that if you hang in there it will deliver you a solid effort and a decent ending for all zombie genre fans alike. It wasn't a bad way to kill 90 minutes.
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Middle of the Road Zombie Flick
brian-219617 June 2012
I sat and watched this with my wife this morning. I am a Zombie fan she isn't, so with some of the rubbish in this genre we did not hold out much hope! The positive thing is that we watched it to the end, with quite a few other zombie flicks we have not managed to do this. It is not a great movie but not terrible. The acting is fine, again not great, the storyline is very predictable. A goes into slot A, B into slot B. We knew everything that would happen from start to finish with no surprises whatsoever and we did not get anything wrong, Oh and we are not Mensa students! The camera work and settings were excellent for the budget and they used the location to the full. So is it worth watching? If there is nothing else on fine, We voted it a 5 out of 10, in reality we would have gave it 4.5 for the reasonable work they done. The reason we could not vote it higher was it was so predictable...
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A zombie movie with...wait for it...a brain!
stevek45112 July 2012
A lot of thought went into the script, and from the looks of it, a lot of love went into the production and performances of this way better than average zombie chiller. Suffice it to say that the story packs some real surprises, previously unexplored within the genre. The locations look sufficiently post-apocalyptic, and the humans appear to be honestly at the end of their proverbial rope. And that's a smart idea. Too many movies like this have a bunch of well-fed, good-looking actor armed to the teeth with seemingly endless supplies of ammo and enthusiasm. Dead Season does not disappoint. On the contrary, it serves up good scares, a good story and some good gore make for an nail-biting thought-provoking good time.
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Way More than I Expected
octoberdave23 June 2012
First of all, this movie has not yet been released. I looked it up and it comes out in July. It's currently June. Everyone who has reviewed it (myself included) probably acquired it via torrents. Whatever. I have no shame.

As for the movie, I absolutely loved it. Reading these other reviews, I really don't know what the heck people are expecting. It's a post-apocalyptic zombie movie, not The Godfather!

Are there zombies? Yes. Are there good kills? Yes. Is there action? Yes. The part I liked best overall, is it's not your average zombie horror gore-fest. What makes Dead Season a bit different is they actually go into more of the stories of characters, and the relationships that come up from having to live in this messed up society on the island. THAT was awesome.

The locations and shooting are beautiful, and the acting is really good. There's no big celebrities, but this isn't a huge studio movie. For that, I really like it. I kind of feel bad I got it for free!

All in all, if you want a solid independent zombie movie , this is one of the best I've seen in years.
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Zombie flick helped by good look and feel
soccerfanpete9 July 2012
Dead Season works primarily because it looks and feels better than it really is...which is what keeps one watching. Kudos to the production designer, location scout, make-up/effects team, gaffer and the cinematographer for keeping this viewer's interest up in this combo apocalypse and zombie tale. Wherever they shot this, the landscape, structures, and particularly the camera angles, shot composition and eerie lighting lent credence to the narrative. Some decent gore and gross-out effects helped out as well.

I give it an 8 because of the visual effect of the movie which clearly had to make up for a pretty limited budget...and which succeeds in that regard. As low-budget zombie flicks go, that's actually saying quite a lot.
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If 'Dawn Of The Dead' (remake) had a cheap no-frills little brother, this would be it.
This was a pleasant little surprise of a movie. It had some great blood and gore scenes along with a good story. It was a low budget film that actually delivers better than I thought it would. If 'Dawn Of The Dead' (remake) had a cheap no-frills little brother, this would be it. The story is a little similar but not the same (with the zombie outbreak and survivors trying to get to safety thing I mean). The acting wasn't that bad, actually it was pretty good (compared to some bigger budget films). The effects were good old-school style effects likened to the great 70's and 80's style slashers. It was entertaining and a good watch, so I give it a 7 out of 10.
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Hey I just met you and, this is crazy, but I'm a Zombie, your face looks tasty
sadonixa28 August 2012
I am giving this movie a 10 star rating because, as others have so rightly stated, it deserves FAR higher than the 4.3 it currently has.

My honest rating is an 8/10 stars based on the following...

I have seen more zombie related movies and television shows that I can even count, and a lot of them leave you wishing it had something extra... more apocalyptic feel, more gore, more character development, more SOMETHING.

This movie delivered on all of the things you would expect from a zombie movie without over indulging in one thing or another. It was a nice equal blend of bleak outlook for the characters, face smashing, character development and setting. The tone is dark, dismal, hopeless, and that is exactly what we expect.

The acting was good. It wasn't all star spectacular, but that actually worked well for this movie because the level of acting was akin to reality. They seemed to not be acting, and it almost felt like a documentary.

The setting reminded me of the recent video game 'Dead Island' without all the resort buildings and fancy bungalows. But it was tropical, it had zombies and it would be a very scary place to be.

There was something that happens with the zombies towards the end that was a fantastic turn of events. I don't want to spoil it for anyone, but a zombie movie buff would appreciate what happens. I wasn't expecting it and it certainly got me saying 'oh s*** OH S***' a few times.

Overall DEFINITELY worth watching. Fantastic movie if you are not insisting on a huge budget movie that delivers less than quality in everything else.

We need more like this!
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Not Bad
natebouchard31 July 2012
In case you're wondering why a rating that describes a movie as "not bad" would rate this 10 stars, the current rating is 4.3 and that's far from the case. Romero fanboys simply are impossible to please (and endlessly pretentious) while the gore-seekers were only thrown a couple of bones during the length of the film. Realistically, this is a zombie movie that takes place on a tropical island, often in the day time and thus is not filled with pop-out scares. It also focuses heavily on the characters who are smart enough to hole up in the safety of their compound as much as possible.

More than anything, I expect people disliked the fact that this movie makes too much sense. It's a bit of a damned if you do, damned if you don't conundrum. Either characters do stupid things and tense action ensues, or they hole up, plan wisely and people call it a boring movie. That said, I particularly liked one instance where the characters are drawn into acting reckless, but it leaves you feeling "Yeah, I'd do the same". Which left me a bit impressed.

Make no mistake, it's not perfect. The makeup is good and the camera isn't half bad either but the acting isn't amazing although it doesn't have to be. Things feel purposely flat and grim. This is certainly not a B-movie. It's too serious and lacks any camp moments. Some people may feel the setting works against this but I thought it worked quite well as a "spoiled paradise".

Overall, I watched it to the end, never groaned at a characters actions and enjoyed the moral dilemmas and zombie-face-smashing equally. More than I can say for a lot of this genre.
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Overall competent production.
G Reagan24 June 2012
I've probably seen most zombie related movies which include all of Romero's work, 28 days/weeks and the less serious 'Shaun of the Dead' and 'Fido'. 'Dead Season' fits right around the middle simply because it doesn't add much to what's already been done. It feels like an extension to one of the other movies where you follow the characters after they finally get away from the main population.

The acting is obviously a little uneven because only the four main actors have real experience which always seems to be an issue with indie films. The secondary actors are noticeably less experienced but not enough to be a problem, they are really just scenery for the most part. The rest of the production is so well done that it's shame the story is so generic.

If you're a fan of all things zombie and need a new one to watch then I would recommend it because it's well done overall even with the flaws.
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Run-of-the-mill entertaining zombie outing
GL8417 December 2012
After escaping civilization rampant with a zombie virus, a couple find themselves on an island sanctuary with a barbaric overlord ineffective in keeping the zombie epidemic off the island, forcing them to find a way out before they get overrun by the beings.

This was a fairly enjoyable and entertaining zombie film that thankfully had a lot going for it before it gets bogged down by several flaws. One of the biggest flaws is the rather ham-fisted nature of the community on the island, not really serving much use as the rules are explained as need-to-know yet nothing ever gets mentioned due to the zombie attacks as well as the brevity in detailing how it functions since it gets overrun quite easily and not just because it's required to for the story to work. also, there's a huge flaw in the film's unneeded scene of command where they harvest a fallen comrade for meat but it's turned into an agonizing moral dilemma for the main guy for no reason and is then dropped altogether from the film as a whole, leaving it feeling rather curious for it's inclusion. Otherwise, there's a lot to like here as there's plenty of great gore, a host of great effects for the zombies, some impressive swarming scenes with the creatures around them and plenty of action to beef things up as well as a pretty innovative tactic for getting both slow, shuffling zombies and running zombies into the film,and aided by a great pace and beautiful locations, it's a strong effort.

Rated R: Graphic Language, Graphic Violence, Brief Nudity and an attempted Rape.
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Better Than You'd Expect
Michael_Elliott16 December 2012
Dead Season (2012)

** 1/2 (out of 4)

Better than average film starts off after a zombie apocalypse takes out most people. Survivors Elvis (Scott Peat) and Tweeter (Marissa Merrill) meet by chance and soon the two jump in a boat and head off to an island. Once there they find more survivors being led by a man (James C. Burns) who is up to something darker than zombies. DEAD SEASON suffers somewhat from its obvious low-budget but for the most part this was an entertaining film that managed to have some brains for it, which isn't the norm for this type of picture. Unlike most movies that turn up on DVD, this one here isn't about cheap gore and dumb action. Instead we're given a pretty interesting story that actually had me caring about the characters, their issues and the situation that they're in. I thought the entire story was pretty good and I enjoyed seeing what a group of survivors might be doing to try and continue their lives while everything around them is pretty much dead. A lot of credit must go to the performances, which I found to be very good. I especially liked Merrill who was great in her role and I hope to see more of her in the future. I also enjoyed Corsica Wilson who plays a daughter locked up in the village. The gore effects are pretty graphic for this type of picture as there are several damaging bites and heads being shot off. I think a higher budget would have allowed for some of the plot to be developed more but there's still no question that this film gets quite a bit done and the majority of it done very well. Fans of the genre should be entertained by this one.
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Another Zombie Movie
ebenstrydom17 June 2012
Another Zombie Movie.

I love zombie movies and the series The Walking Dead so when I see zombie movie I just have to watch it. I don't finish them all because some of them are just terrible and based on just blood and gore.

I Watched the movie with my wife and thought it was so bad, but we watched it all, we couldn't stop so it has to say something.

Most frustrating things were people doing things not logical and leaving weapons behind. Interesting take on the shortage of food but it does not make up for the bad acting and "special effects". Camera work wasn't bad so there is someone with a future that was involved in the movie.

Nothing special but be warned when you start U probably won't stop.

Acting not so great, story line not so great.
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I don't understand the high scores some are giving this
I feel like one of the very few that is going to tell you the honest truth about this movie. I've seen 10 stars, 8 stars etc. There is no saving grace here this movie is in all honesty below "B" level or at least a B-. The acting is college level, the director and cinematography are barely adequate and the effects are very poor.

I'd like to know what motivates people to give this movie a high score. It's not a matter of opinion, it's either they stand to gain from it or they have no standards whatsoever. Playing the Romero Fanboy card is just silly. It has nothing to do with Romero but it has everything to do with competence which is in short supply here in every aspect.
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Pretty good portrayal of a survival attempt
fureetutawk21 October 2012
It's good if you aren't wanting a hero Could have been worse, or better. Personally, it would have been better with a female lead who was actually heroic rather than careless. It was as if she refused to believe that it is the deadliest situation the world has ever faced, getting other people killed with her thoughtlessness, from disregarding safety procedures to running, screaming, through gates not warning the guard who unlocks them that his friend running behind her is now a zombie. While she pretends to care about other people and hating the group leader for making cold, mean decisions, she lets someone take blame for her actions, and doesn't mourn the results of what she did. she repeatedly fails to care about other people herself. I suppose it's an interesting comparison about human nature, but with these kinds of movies I prefer a little more winning and less fail.
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It's A Nice Try
darqueimages19 August 2012
I don't want to be too harsh here, but it's so hard to hold back. First, I have to remember that: 1. There was a set budget for this film. 2. Indie directors. So here goes... As far as films go within the zombie genre, this was not the worst. It wasn't the best either. We're somewhere in the middle here. The acting, while not superb, wasn't all that bad. Story? Not so bad either. There were, as with most zombie films, some weak spots in the storyline and plot...but, I didn't sit down to watch this film expecting anything better. As with the majority of films we see in this genre, we get a demonstration of the best sides of humanity and the worst sides.

Typical catastrophic viral film with a typical ending in my opinion. There was an opportunity to this film to be so much more if not for the small budget it had. Is it worth seeing? Yes. Fans of the genre will definitely appreciate some of the points made in the film. I rate it a 7 out of 10 and I'm being generous since this was, after all, a low budget indie film.
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Really - don't bother!
darrenwoodall3 April 2013
I rarely feel compelled to write reviews about movies as most are neither particularly good or particularly bad. However, on this occasion I cannot help but feel I need to warn the rest of you potential victims that this movie is a complete waste of space.

Directorship - OMG! Acting - Oh dear! Storyline - Hmmm!?!?! Effects/Action/Gore - Don't get me started! Camera work - Poor at best.

How anyone could have likened this to The Walking Dead series (of which I am an avid fan) needs a smack!

Honestly, go do some knitting with your grandma, you'll feel ultimately more satisfied.

Enough said.
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Better than the current 4.2 Rating
Daniel Platt15 July 2012
This was genuinely not that bad, the script wasn't too bad and the acting wasn't terrible either. It portrayed life in a land of zombies far better than many other zombie flicks have done, where tough decisions have to be made for the sake of survival. Picture the TV series LOST but with zombies instead of others and you might find some common ground with this film. I would genuinely give it a solid 6/10. My only major gripe was that these zombies kept "washing up" but had no bloating or anything to suggest that they have been in the water for days/weeks.

Would Recommend.
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Mediocre rip-off of Romero's Day of the Dead
Logan-2219 June 2012
Dead Season is a mediocre rip-off of George A. Romero's Day of the Dead (1985, not to be confused with awful Sean S. Cunninhgam remake in name only from a few years back). We've got the tropical island (check), stupid, horny military dudes (check), mad doctor experiments (brief, but check), fenced-in compound (check), and zombie gore (check). What we don't have is a good movie. Oh, and the other film it rips off is Romero's terrible Survival of the Dead (by setting people up to go to an island of presumed safety).

The acting is okay, as are the zombie makeup and gore effects, and the music and cinematography are pretty good (a little too much shaky-cam here and there, however).

The weak link is the script, which is not only slow and predictable, but frequently makes no sense. The most egregious example being that the cast spend the whole movie fighting slow zombies and then, for no reason at all, all the new zombies that get made out of the survivors at the end are super-fast 28 Days Later-style killing machines (complete with bloody eyes). This would have been okay if it were explained, but it isn't. It's just sloppy writing.

There is pretty much zero character development. Unlike Romero's Day of the Dead, where even the lamest of the military goons had at least a scene or two spent developing their personalities and maybe giving them a memorable line or two, the goons here are completely forgettable, interchangeable zeros. So who cares when they die? And the two leads aren't very interesting. The redhead is annoying, and the paramedic dude is too nice. They don't grow or change or do anything cool, at least not enough to make me root for them. The screenwriters need to read a copy of Blake Snyder's Save The Cat! and/or Jeffrey Schechter's My Story Can Beat Up Your Story! to learn how to write a good screenplay.

Dead Season takes itself seriously (a bit too much so, as there are not enough lighter moments to give you a break from the overall grimness). It's not a bad movie, just not a very good one. It's better than any of the nonsense the SyFy Channel produces, but that's not saying much. Zombie fans will no doubt be able to sit through this film and be moderately entertained if they have nothing better to watch.
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What if zombies were real?
stevek4511-576-9487811 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Now here's a scary movie that stages an intriguing premise: Instead of shuffling, shambling, mindless brain-eating freaks, "Dead Season" holds its audience with a much more plausible fright: the all too real victims of a raging epidemic. Instead of special effects, the filmmakers have poured their imagination and energy into crafting a story that engages and challenges with just enough twists and turns to keep things from getting predictable. The day-to-day issues of how to eat, how to stay away from infection, and how to hold on to your sanity and your humanity are covered intelligently and convincingly. Yes, "Dead Season" does have some genuine scares. But it also has a heart, a mind, and--with the exception of the infected--a soul.
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Bang-up zombie horror winner
Woodyanders20 August 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Rugged medic Elvis (an excellent and convincing performance by Scott Peat) and feisty Tweeter (an equally fine and credible portrayal by gorgeous redhead Marissa Merrill) are two uninfected human survivors of a worldwide zombie outbreak who decide to flee to a remote island in order to start new lives for themselves. However, said island turns out to be already populated by a strict military group who force the pair to prove their worth in order to remain alive. Director Adam Deyoe, who also co-wrote the tough script with Josh Klausner and Loren Semmens, relates the gripping story at a brisk pace, ably creates and sustains a dark, gritty, and serious take-no-prisoners tone, builds a substantial amount of nerve-rattling tension, delivers a handy helping of in-your-face graphic gore, and stages the exciting action and zombie attack set pieces with real rip-roaring skill and flair. Moreover, Deyoe provides a touching human element as well as a harsh and provocative Darwinian survival-of-the-fittest central theme that give this film an extra potent dramatic punch. The sound acting from the capable cast rates as another major asset: Peat and Merrill do praiseworthy work in the leads, James C. Burns excels as ruthless hard-nosed administrator Kurt Conrad, and Corsica Wilson does well as Conrad's surly teenage daughter Rachel. Jeffrey Peters' sharp cinematography and the moody score by Louis Chalif and Scott Friedman further enhance the overall solid quality of this strong and impressive little number.
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gavin69422 August 2012
This is a film about a couple of people (Elvis and Tweeter) who meet up during the devastation of a zombie outbreak. They come across a guy who has some supplies and keys for a boat. They leave the Florida mainland and head towards an island. When they get there they are taken by a group of survivors to a gated complex with others living there. They soon fit in and find that there is more going on here than they thought. It soon becomes a fight for survival, and not just against the zombies.

Surprisingly, Dan Hicks is in this film. You probably will not see him, but it is interesting to me that a noted horror veteran showed up for this endeavor. His appearance may be the best thing about the movie.

Aside from some sound issues, the film is pretty good. Not a life-changing experience, but a zombie film with more going on than just zombies. There is a back story (though it remains rather murky) and a "shocking" twist (that does not really make much sense). It is a thinker... sort of.
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The most boring zombie movie I've ever seen
Mari Morgan11 June 2015
This movie is one big nothing. I expected a little bit more, general idea was good, but everything is so, so poor. Acting is bad and unconvincing, there is no proper reaction to anything that is happening. And much isn't happening at all. Scenes are so boring, that I had to watch it with long pauses. I needed three days to complete this, and yes, I wanted to complete it, regardless how boring it was.

You cannot properly understand the lines, the scenes are just jumping from one to another, sometimes zombies are slow and sometimes they are fast, and not much things make sense in this movie...

I've seen around one hundred zombie films. Good ones, bad ones and really, really bad ones. And I truly recommend passing this one.
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A Zombie Movie that doesn't suck
smcameron-582-53000815 January 2013
For most of what counts as a zombie movie these days this gets a 6. As a movie I would give it about a 3. But I like zombie flicks! Usually most that I find on Netflix, Syfy or other streaming sites turn out to be pretty much garbage that I can't get much more than 10 minutes into. However Dead Season held my interest and offered a decent story, not completely horrible acting, and a plot that at least moved. It's a pretty scripted mix of most of the popular zombie takes you have seen. A little dawn of the dead, pretend the island at the end wasn't swarmed with zombies and the sequel had a lower budget! Then call them "Walkers", hmm. If you need a fresh fix this is not the worst place to look.
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I've seen worse but not by much...
RandomFlux8 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
An extremely poor attempt at cashing in on the 'Walking Dead' phenomenon. There are no redeeming characters or qualities to be found here. "Tweeter" always looks like she just swallowed a bug and the people who are surviving on an toxic island with no steady supply of food are all overweight. Watching is like stumbling through a midnight forest in the dark as you jump from scene to scene. Awkward dialogue. And why didn't they just label the food "Soylent green" and make it a bit MORE obvious. Ha!

It's a good movie if you enjoy pointing out all the incongruities but other than that don't waste your time.
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