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An undemanding formula picture that's a lot of superficial fun and not much more.
May not be great cinema, but its broad, crowdpleasing qualities should make it a welcome night out for femmes.
The saving grace to the utter predictability in Christina Mengert and Joseph Muszynski's screenplay is reasonably personable characters and spirited acting by director Bruce Beresford's cast.
None of it quite works, but it seems Beresford did his damnedest to try to pull it off.
Slant Magazine
What saves the film from being simply a schematic mother-daughter reconciliation drama is both the reluctance and prickliness that Catherine Keener brings to her character.
Olsen, so good in "Martha Marcy May Marlene," is stuck playing a judgmental scold, while Wolff waves a video camera around and insists he wants to be Werner Herzog.
Miami Herald
The script is so pre-determined it seems generated by a computer program, not human beings.
Only the mighty Fonda cuts through the claptrap; the rest is just a long, predictable trip.
Village Voice
An incompetently structured film that pits hippies against squares with the usual wearying results.
So let's hear it for the giant wig of Pre-Raphaelite gray corkscrews planted on the noggin of Jane Fonda as a glamorous hippie grandma. The hairdo meets its match in the dull Ann Taylor togs encasing Catherine Keener: That's how you know Granny's daughter is an uptight lawyer.

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