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mereiriz14 April 2012
What on Earth happened here? The first two movies were great! I don't understand how is it possible that they could be turned into something this awful. The idea of making it into more of a comedy didn't help at all. Characters looked stupid and storyline was ridiculous and boring. After about 30 minutes I kept looking at my watch, but I kept going because I wanted to see the ending. What a disappointment! I'm really mad with the final result. Let's hope the 4th installment won't be so crappy.

I did enjoy the acting, though, because Daniel Martin (the actor playing Koldo) is one of my favorites from Spain, and the woman playing the lead role did a good job too, but the characters were lacking so much insight that at the end, talent wasn't enough.

I wouldn't recommend this to anyone, unless you're a big fan of the first two and want to see everything related to it!
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Not what I had expected.....
andychia313227 May 2012
If you've seen Rec 1 and Rec 2, you will be put into a very odd scenario. You will either love this movie because you are a hardcore fan or you will hate it with as much passion as I did even when I watched it with an open mind and lowered expectations.

I give the director and writers credit for attempting to try something different and add new material that could be categorized as "idiotic" and "Desperate". It seems the original story that I had been very interested in had gone into a complete tangent. The drama, sensation of fear within the first two movies are lost as this cheesy flick is what "Shaun of the dead" could get away with. But when you mix comedy into a serious movie then it becomes a mess to clean up.

The movie is slow, there's more time wasted on introductions and scenery and then you have a few minutes of chaos... I tried my best to like I truly did, again I watched it with an open mind and low expectations. I am certain that this movie will bomb so bad that a final installment maybe canceled or perhaps they will go back to their roots after the angry mob of viewers complain enough to wake the director up.

Bottom line,

See this movie if its free, netflix if its there, but don't go spending money on this movie, I watched over 10 people leave the theatre, I should have been one of them sadly.
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Guus Janssen20 August 2012
I'm really disappointed with what they did to the REC franchise. I really loved the first installment of the series which was one of the most scary horror movies i've seen in quite some time. The second movie of the series was quite good as well. There was a pretty good story and i fell in love with the shaky camera. When i saw they were going to create a third (and even a fourth) movie i was thrilled. I just finished watching it and i can't recommend this to anyone. The storyline of the first two movies is completely gone. There is no progression at all and it just feels like a stand alone horror movie. It doesn't contain any scares and you aren't startled watching it, it looks more like an action horror comedy which is over exaggerated on so many levels. And then the shaky cam, one of the things the REC series was so famous for, is gone as well. The first 20 minutes does contain the shaky cam but after that it's just filmed as any regular movie. People who loved the original two films should stay away from this one. I guess you could just skip to the fourth movie since there is no story telling here. You will be disappointed!
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adispune21 July 2012
When I saw the trailer at first I was somehow intrigued, when I saw the movie, I couldn't resist till the final. It was awful, nothing from what I saw on the first two. There's nothing related to REC and REC [2]. Comedy? You try to make one of the best horror movies a comedy? C'mon, you must be joking, at least you have nothing else to do in your life and you thought: "hey, why not screw up a good movie?" I don't recommend this movie at all, don't waste your time and your money, there's nothing scary in it, nothing to shake as you surely did at the first two (if you seen them), it's just a horror wedding. If you didn't see one till now - Have a watch, everything turns then into a Walking Dead, and The Walking Dead has some serious stuff in it.

All in all, this movie must be a joke, or the final installment will be the final joke.
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Awful Movie
ami_gdalo30 July 2012
Rec2 was a quite good thriller, keeping you anxious, with clever plot. REC3, was a total disappointment. No plot, exaggerating to the limits, with silly details destroying the thriller to a pointless splatter. It lucks the REC-cam mode and turns to another, almost funny, meaningless movie. I cannot forget the hilarious moment where the bride takes the chainsaw to cut her wedding dress - in order to help her fight and run comfortably - and finally she cuts only the part of the dress that is enough to make her sexy. It becomes more funny when you cannot understand whether is it about a contagious virus, a religious thing, zombies of vampires. It'a a pity that trilogy went down so bad. Don't spend your time watching this crap.
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During a wedding celebration a virus inoculated by biting becomes guests into bloodthirsty murderers
ma-cortes24 November 2012
This follow-up packs a sinister and horrifying atmosphere by means of shaky camera and videotape as well as the former Spanish films titled REC 1, and 2 . Horror story plenty of suspense, restless terror and in documentary style that itself takes place from point of sight from cameraman . The action now takes place miles away from the original location and partly in broad daylight , giving the film an entirely fresh yet disturbing new reality . A couple's wedding day turns into a horrific events as some of the guests start showing signs of a strange illness . It involves a couple named Clara (Leticia Dolera) and Koldo (Diego Martin) during their wedding celebration . All their friends and family are there at the church and some are filming the wedding. Everyone can see that the couple are so in love, so happy, yet so not ready for what is going to happen while at the reception . However , the infection has contaminated the building . An the couple occupying to spend themselves the night against the zombies as they find guests have been possessed by strange demoniac forces . They are brutally attacked by psycho people ; they soon learn that people in the building have been infected by something unknown .

Highly engrossing horror , this ¨splatter¨ deals with a happy couple , Clara and Koldo , who are about to be married and is set in a timeframe prior to the other two 'REC' films . This sequel to one of the highest earning horror movies of the last years titled ¨Rec¨ is realized in similar premise to original and contains a good cast as Leticia Dolera and Diego Martin . This exciting terror picture displays horrific scenes, drama , some brief touches of humor , action, suspense, and is quite entertaining . The frightening story begins well and grows more and more until a downbeat finale . The horror moments are compactly made and fast moving . It packs tension, shocks , thrills , chills and lots of gore and blood , but the original is far superior . In a clever twist that draws together the plots of the first two movies, this third part of the saga also works as a decoder to uncover information hidden in the first two films . The movie isn't a sequel, but a parallel story to the events of ¨Rec¨ according to two scenes: when Koldo is in the control room behind him a little TV shows pictures from the first movie such as a street TV news with a sealed building, and when Tío Víctor talks to the camera about the hurt in his hand, produced after a bit of a dog apparently dead . The writers provide a well-knit plot with mystery and horror, giving full rein to Paco Plaza natural talent for the terror genre . Appropriate cinematography in documentary style by Pablo Grosso and atmospheric musical score by Mikel Salas fitted perfectly to action . The flick was finely produced by the chairman of Filmax and Castelao Productions , Julio Fernandez who along with his brother Carlos Fernandez are two successful producers and experts on Horror genre , producers of hits as ¨The machinist¨ ,¨ Fragiles¨, ¨Darkness¨, and many others. The picture was professionally directed by Paco Plaza (¨Second name¨, ¨OT¨ and "Films to Keep You Awake: The Christmas Tale" ) who along with by Jaume Balaguero are the main Spanish filmmakers expert on terror cinema , both of whom have realized the box-office big successes as ¨Rec 1¨ and ¨Rec 2¨ , among others . It's a standard terror and sometimes graphically gory and turns out to be an acceptable attempt to cash in the Zombie sub-genre . Rating : 6,5 Acceptable and passable sequel .

The original film was ¨Rec¨ by Jaume Balaquero and Paco Plaza ,two magnificent experts on terror genre , followed by ¨Rec 2¨ by the same directors and starred by Manuela Velasco ; subsequently an American version titled ¨Quarantine¨ by John Erik Dowdle starred by Jay Hernandez , Jennifer Carpenter , Steve Harris , being based on the Jaume Balaguero and Paco Plaza film . Furthermore , another film titled ¨Quarantine : the terminal¨ by John Pogue . And this third part , a prequel titled ¨Rec, Genesis¨ with similar crew and actors that leaves the door open for the final installment, the future 'REC 4 Apocalypse.'

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REC 3 you say....could have fooled me.
jamessigsworth24 July 2012
Warning: Spoilers
What is it with the third in a series of films? There are always exceptions to the rule, but generally the third film in a series is always a shocker....The Godfather 3, Jaws 3, Back to the Future 3, Spider Man 3, Superman 3 etc etc......

It appears the director of the first 2 REC films bore this in mind when making 3 and found the urge to break from this tradition just too difficult.

And so to REC 3. A film which will leave you stunned as events unfold before your ever furrowing brow and the first tear forms in the corner of your eye as every last ounce of credibility created by the first two films is sucked out of the series.....i do not exaggerate.

That said, I have only ONE problem with REC 3, and that is, it's called REC 3!!!!! If this film had been released under the title 'My wedding has gone to S**T', the new horror/comedy from the makers of.......it would have been OK. However, it is called REC 3, therefore it does not escape quite so easily.

I am not going to go into the first 2 REC films as the people, like myself, who have seen and loved them know why those films worked and why they should be heralded as great modern horror films, but it is for those same reasons that REC 3 is such a disappointment.

I cannot stress enough that this movie does not work for me simply because it is called REC 3. I will highlight the points in which as a stand alone movie it would work, and then in brackets why it doesn't under the title REC 3.

Good solid acting performances (these become meaningless once the anger starts to hit), Hand held camera style as used in 1 & 2 (discarded early on in the movie), Infected appear early on in the film ( the behaviour of the infected changes - one minute they are running and leaping around, the next, ambling and shuffling like F**K monkeys seemingly confused as they thought they were supposed to be in a REC film no doubt), Moments of bloody gore (Braindead anyone?), a sprinkling of light hearted comedic moments ( Go F**K yourself buddy, this is REC 3 not Abbot and Costello meet the psychotic flesh tearing maniacs at Shaun of the Dead's step sisters wedding!!!!).

But perhaps the most disturbing part of the film is the ability of the priest to stop in their tracks the infected by spewing out passages from the bible over the speaker system. The director might as well have shown the priest sat on his ass whilst he does this, coffee in hand and flicking through the film review section of this months Hot to Trot magazine, only to find REC 3 isn't F**KING IN IT!!!! Words alone cannot describe the amount of will power it took at this point to refrain from allowing my finger to press the STOP button on the remote control.

In one foul swoop this single handedly makes a mockery of the presence and actions of the priest in the second movie. I mean, we are told that the events of REC 3 run parallel with those of 1 & 2, so why would one priest know this would work and not the other? A bizarre move by the filmmakers to say the least to seemingly make pointless your own previous work don't you think? 20 minutes into the film I actually stopped playing it and removed the disc to check it, hoping that some terrible mistake had been made and I had been given the wrong movie.....unfortunately the only mistake made was by the filmmakers.

Some will point out that 'it is a brave move by the filmmakers', and that 'they took a chance with a change in style' but that simply does not wash...they have dropped a massive clanger here and it brings into question their actual abilities (were the first 2 movies a fluke, or is this one just a blip?).

And that's about it. This movie left me confused, disappointed and angry because it is not a REC film. I would have scored it a 5 which is a fair score had the film been released under another name. Unfortunately it is called REC 3 therefore it gets a 1, simply because zero is not an option......such a shame.
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A priest prays away the zombies
John-841-13989221 July 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Seriously, all you need to know is that a priest prays away an oncoming horde of zombies. I can't even begin to comprehend how a movie like this gets made. They do away with the hand-held camera setup, which really is the core of the rec movies. I mean, it's called REC for crying out loud. The characters are flat, the setup is bizarre ( a wedding? Why?) and a bunch of the main characters dress up in knights armor to fight zombies. Knights armor. Why? No reason whatsoever. I literally cannot think of a sequel that so completely destroys everything about the franchise that came before it. At this point I'm just venting because IMDb requires ten lines of text for a review, when really all you need to know is that a flipping priest prays away an oncoming horde of zombies. What. The. Eff.

Oh, also, the main character is a bride and she cuts off the bottom of her dress with a chainsaw. What?
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This is a spoof right?
Tyronnosaur23 July 2012
Well where to start...I'm gob smacked that such a brilliant zombie/horror franchise has been defaced.

The film totally departs from REC 1 & 2 with the only link being that "Uncle" was bit by "Jennifer's" (Little girl from REC 1) dog which was impounded from the vets, resulting in the authorities awareness of the infection and quarantining the original building.

I'm not sure what the director was thinking with the black humour/comedy and if it was even intentional or I was laughing at the juxtaposition of mess and slapstick deaths. The camera work itself is NOT hand-held, which totally opposes the 'REC' style and therefore doesn't have the same impact of claustrophobia and paranoia. The acting however wasn't too bad and I feel sorry for Leticia Dolera & Javier Botet, but the appalling storyline and screenplay made it impossible to be a good movie.

In conclusion it's not an entirely doomed film, and is better than most zombie films, but it's just got too much to live up to with its predecessors' and is not of REC standard. I think it's safe to say the REC fans need Jaume Balagueró back! As Paco Plaza simply cannot do it on his own. - Tyron.
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A whole different "sequel"
mhidalgo-305-23365718 April 2012
If you have seen the 1st and 2nd parts, you'll notice a few matching events between those previous movies and this one. It's another parallel story, not the beginning as you could read from it's title: "Genesis", instead of a genesis, you get a love story that gets caught in the middle of a zombie-possessed infestation.

At some point the shooting style changes from the hand-held camera to director's view, which although refreshing, breaks the sequel style. I think the first two parts were scary, but this one became a mix of action, gore, with a touch of comedy that also breaks the sequel style, specially some illogical behavior under stress situations. Acting was OK, special effects were not disappointing.
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Rec 3 - A triple wreck
Sci-Fi-Man23 July 2012
First two movies were serious, found footage shot, and scary. This movie is a campy and gory silly bit of fluff, that I ended up skipping ahead to see if it got better. It didn't. Nice zombie effects, but the silliness of some scenes just ruins what I look for in a movie, immersion.

The first part of the movie starts out well, with "found footage" coverage of a wedding. But when the camera suddenly becomes "movie", that is when things begin to go downhill. I skipped thru the second half of the movie, as I had lost interest, but there are a few good scenes, and out of nowhere, some intense gore.

The movie should have been called Zombie Wedding, as it really has nothing to do with Rec 1 and 2 (despite some lame attempts to link them).
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Same Ingredients, Different Dish. Tastes Great To Me.
oscar_ray2_jimenez27 March 2012
I'm pretty sure this movie will polarize viewers more than REC and REC2 did a while back. It's bound to be a 'love it or hate it' scenario with just a few cases of in-betweeners, and I was well aware of it even before the theater lights went off. That said, I faced this without prejudice beyond having enjoyed thoroughly the two previous chapters, and even then, I knew about the tonal switch in this new one, so I went in prepared for what I thought was going to be both a big departure from the former installments and a silly romp with a lot of concessions to the box office. I'm glad to be able to tell now that I was partly wrong. Let me elaborate.

The movie takes some time to take off. It may seem aimed to viewers already familiar with the material, so it takes advantage of this by using that time to set the lighter tone of the story and introduce us to the new characters and the group dynamics associated with them. I'd say, however, that this movie may work even for new viewers, and doesn't need any previous knowledge of the franchise to be enjoyed, given it's self-contained nature, story wise. Fans of the saga will appreciate every bit and turn in its fullest, but there's no need to be and 'academic' in order to enjoy the big picture. Which is very enjoyable, IMHO. Anyway, the first act works very well. You could swear you're looking at real people on a real wedding, thanks in part to some fantastic set pieces and a bunch of very capable actors that are very evidently enjoying themselves. We are presented also to the first glimpses of humor there. To those amongst you worrying about this very public and discussed aspect of the story, fear not. I hardly found it over the top, and more akin to 'Shawn of the Dead' -exploiting certain aspects inherent to the absurdity of this fictitious situation in a 'real' world scenario- than to silly romps à la 'Scary Movie'.

Now, about the horror. Yes, there's less, in the classic sense of the word. The element of surprise is lost now if you've already seen REC and/or REC2, so that's normal. There's jumpy scares and the like of course, but even those have a certain air of self-awareness around them. The filmmakers know their trade, as evidenced by their former works and experience, easy to see when they confront those unavoidable conventions with impeccable timing and good cinematography -specially in the exterior shots. There's tense parts, however, that are equally well resolved, and the general sense of flow is successfully achieved with sparse dull moments, if any at all. The story flows at a good pace, maybe too good -and that's my biggest complaint.

I think maybe a bit too much story was put to rest in the cutting room. Not enough to disfigure the final results, but enough to be noticeable. There's no loose ends, or not any that I saw right away -and I tend to see those during my first viewing of a movie if they're blatant- but there's a number of secondary characters cut off from the story too soon, often off-camera, leaving evidence of some more screen time being lost somewhere. Maybe it was me sympathizing too much with them -a sign of good filmaking and acting by the way- or maybe it was a concession to the pace and flow of the movie that forced the hand of the filmmakers. That said, I hope there's an extended version of this movie lurking somewhere, as I'd love to watch it on a future if only to enjoy more bits of Carmen Contreras'-the grandma- excellent work.

About the cast, I found it suited perfectly, to my own surprise. I had certain reservations concerning the actors playing the main characters, Diego Martín and Leticia Dolera, but those prejudices were based on biased visions of each one's previous works and were swiftly put to rest after watching the very first scenes of this movie. They really carry the story, and do a great job out of it. Martín does a great job playing the groom with a knight-in-shining-armor complex, displaying a great comedic timing and a full set of subtle quirks than enriches his character with little nuances that turn a potentially dull role into something much more human and likable. On the other hand, Leticia Dolera does great as the bride, showing lots of versatility when confronting the more emotionally complex situations she's given to work with and also fitting the more physically demanding scenes as well. If you enjoyed her previous work, specially in 'Mad Dogs', then you'll love her turn here. I know I did, and my wife too, and we were both biased against her before watching her work here, so that speaks volumes. The rest of the cast is also excellent, with no weak links. Maybe the youngest actors struggle a bit with their lines, but it's barely noticeable given their limited screen time and nonetheless adequate.

In short, 'REC3:Genesis' turned out for me as a great escapist movie, paired in quality if not in tone with its two older sisters. The script is fun, well constructed for what it is, the dialogue flows with the action, there's mild scares, gore, great direction and cast, and works well both as a self-contained story and as a part of the saga. For a fun night in the movies, you can hardly go wrong if you're a fan of the genre and/or the two previous installments. Chances are, even if you're none, you won't feel bored or intellectually offended for what's on offer here, and this, in my humble opinion, is more than you can ask for in those days of remakes and ad nauseam repeated formulas. Just my two cents.
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What happened?
p_imdb-238-92638012 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Awful, can't believe the ratings.

I appreciated Rec1&2 very much, but somehow they managed it, that I left the theater after 40 minutes. Introduction is sweet but boring, but you accept it, as you think it is part of character development and thereby results in great care for the people when the show goes on.

No story what's o every after 40 minutes. How could it get any better? Some people stated something about a double twist at the end, but honestly I couldn't care less after being bored to death for 40 minutes.

Well, after a long wedding, the show goes on. In the style of "Shawn of the Dead".. They are everywhere, and they scream, they jump, they bite, they scream again. After a while I left the Theater, as it was to noisy and the lousy jump scares only work for kids, for everybody else it is just getting on the nerves.

Avoid this at all cost, especially if you enjoyed rec1&2 for being well paced, creepy, surprising and smart. This one is just noisy, loud and cheap.

Check the writer and director of Rec3 and compare to Rec1&2, maybe you'll notice something (The thinker left the ship on this one).
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My bloody, waggish wedding
marinadaniella_sousa10 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
"REC" scared the hell out of me five years ago. I was really terrified with the idea of being locked in somewhere with a horde of infected people, but I also became a huge fan o it. "REC" is so original and unique in the found footage genre (and in the non-Hollywoodian films) that Hollywood couldn't spent one year without copying it. Anyway, "REC²" was even more exciting, and I just couldn't wait for its next two installments, the Génesis, and the Apocalipse. Then, my so-awaited "REC³: Génesis" came months ago, and I left the theater amused and confused. When announced, it was supposed to be a prequel telling the origins of the infection/possession, and that is just what this film is not about. Plus, the events take place exactly on the same night of the the two first films, but Génesis shows something totally different from what we saw before. A dark, claustrophobic premise became something like "Shaun of the Dead" mixed to any soap- opera romance by its own creators, what is even more disappointing. Not that Génesis should be claustrophobic, but the idea could be better explored as in its previous films. Although it disappointed fans, "Génesis" is a good deal of fun gore, and features original elements that might be iconic among the horror universe. Leticia Dolera is really good (and sexy) in the role of Clara, the zombie slayer that fights for her happiness and her love in her "special day", in a funny, Spanish chainsaw massacre. Diego Martín is Koldo, the encouraged, armed groom. Both agonize as they're obligated to lacerate their own family, while looking for each other. The whole aspect and boldness of the infected is completely different from REC and REC², but it's creepier now. The acting of Dolera and Martín is wondrous, just as the special effects, now in a higher level of action and gore. On matters of continuity, it leaves more questions than answers. Primaly, because it's not a prequel. The genesis mentioned on it is actually under another context, nothing about the outbreak origins, which kind of betrays the saga, or the first impression the title transmitted when it was first announced. And yes, the film has some level of comedy, but not as "Shaun" has. When you consider "Génesis" another chapter of the franchise, it has almost nothing to do with "REC". But when you watch it ignoring everything you have seen before, it's not so bad. I'm not that sure it belongs to the REC saga, but it's still a horror movie. And a very good one.
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Totally awful - Huge disappointment
Niazch23 July 2012
Warning: Spoilers
compared to first two movies, REC 3 Genesis is totally awful.

REC 1 and 2 were a great example of a topnotch horror movie. in the first two movies we saw horror scenes shot with hand held cameras which added to the horror of the scenes, great storyline and directing , I loved everything about REC 1 and 2.

in REC 3 , there is no story and no horror at all, and with the cheesy comedy scenes like stupid Johnny Sponge or the bride running around with a chainsaw cutting through zombies , this movie is a ridiculously cheap zombie comedy.

a huge disappointment.
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Silly, Gore and Deceptive Trash
Claudio Carvalho28 January 2014
On the day of the wedding of Clara (Leticia Dolera) and Koldo (Diego Martín), their uncle Pepe Víctor (Emilio Mencheta) comes to the ceremony with a wounded hand that was bitten by a dog. Soon the infection turns him into a zombie and he attacks the other guests. Along the day and the night, Koldo and Clara seek out each other while they see their families turning into zombies.

"REC3 Génesis" is a silly, gore and deceptive comedy of zombies. Director Paco Plaza has changed his style in horror movies; maybe he is fan of Robert Rodriguez or Peter Jackson in the beginning if his career and made a tribute to trash that is neither original nor funny. For those that do not understand Spanish, it may seem that REC means "Zombie Movie" in Spanish since in common with the two previous REC are the zombies only. It is not funny the priest controlling zombies preaching; actually it is terrible sequence. My vote is four.

Title (Brazil): Not Available

Note: IMDb does not accept the brackets of the title.
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Red wedding
petra_ste15 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Following the masterful Rec and its passable first sequel, Paco Plaza - co-writer/director of the previous two with Jaume Balagueró - chooses for this third chapter high-octane camp and gory black humor, with surprisingly watchable results as zombie-like creatures assault a wedding ceremony. Over-the-top action replaces eerie atmosphere: you almost expect Bruce Campbell to pop up, and indeed, we do have a chainsaw scene.

Highlights include absurdly pretty Leticia Dolera's arc from frail, doll-faced bride to ferocious zombie hunter, and a twist which is kind of brilliant for the manner it's subtly set up and cruelly paid off.

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Rec3Genesis review.
brien_assiter30 November 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I cannot understand the reviews above. Rec3Genesis appeared on Film 4 here and i simply bust a gut laughing all through which was the idea. I've seen the films of Iglesias and this in the same frantic mold! I wont go into details but i simply love it!!! For me it was perfect! Funniest parody of all the zombie movies I've ever seen. Not Rodriguez, Tarantino could come close to this! The one scene where the priest has taken over the broadcast system And is reciting Genesis which stops the mad zombies in their tracks while our heroes the happy couple escape but are wasted by his Grandfather also a zombie who being deaf and having lost the batteries of his hearing aid could not hear the sermon and so his blood lust raged on unabated!! Fabuloso, loads of tongues being bitten out, extreme blood letting super fun! First time iv'e seen Plazas work (i'd rather call it extreme play!) So...I guess i will have to find the first two of the Rec series? Oh, gimme me more of these please!
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An instant classic
Eduardo Sandrini12 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Rec 3: Genesis is no doubt a difference film in style compared to the other entries in the series. But if you are a true fan, you'll understand why.

The movie tells the story of Clara and Koldo, a couple that is about to get married, and how the infection reaches their wedding party.

The director Paco Plaza utilizes for this film the same first person shaky camera-work during its first part pre-title screen. That puts you close to the characters, specially the groom and the bride, and you quickly empathize with them. The acting is also extremely good and convincing and that helps a lot to make the "found footage" even more believable.

After the title screen, the movie shifts its style to a "normal" feature film. The decision was definitely made due to the huge limitations imposed by the POV approach. Now with total freedom, the director can follow more than one character at the same time and, moreover, play a little with the horror genre by mixing it with black humor with clear references to the cult classic Evil Dead II like, for instance, in the way the bride fights the infected in the underground scene. These homages are thrilling and, most importantly, work perfectly with the story and the movie as a whole.

Presenting a perfect mix of comedy and horror, the movie also has some hilarious moments, such as the how the groom finds his weapon of choice in a small church.

The references to the first two films are also cleverly shown during the projection without stopping the movie to give explanations, which would compromise its pace.

As a result, this entry is certainly the best in the series and builds a lot of expectation for the final part of the Rec series.
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Awesome mix of emotions, gore and religious thoughts sprinkled with a pinch of LOLable comedy!
Watched this film a couple of days ago, and i should say that the makers have improved a lot from the previous films, in the technical aspects and the direction. The first twenty minutes of the film followed the conventional found footage way of story telling, but later it got changed to the normal track. The script was awesome, and so was the acting. The guy who played Koldo deserves special mention, his emotions were apt and terrific. The other characters, including the female protagonist did good jobs. And a couple of one-liners in the midst of all those gores, would bring the house down with people laughing. The comic timings were so awesome. The film featured some good gore also, but i being a gore fan, felt that the gore and the violence should have been more. Though the scare quotient was nearly zero, the movie was outstanding, but do not expect the same way of storytelling they used in the two previous films. On the whole, it was an awesome experience, bringing the series to a completely new level of a more serious film making. Cheers to the entire crew, for such a fantastic one. I would rate it 8/10.
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Star-crossed zombie lovers- Kinda brilliant
benegesserit2013 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This review contains spoiler, please do not read it before watching the movie.

As a faithful reviewer of the Rec-Quarantine saga, here is my next (and hopefully last) review on Rec 3- Genesis this time. Well, history kind of repeated itself. When I watched Rec 2 I thought it would turn out to be a lame and ridiculous stuff, but it the end it was quite cool. The same goes, in an even greater extent, to Rec 3.

This movie is much more like a side-story, using a man bitten by the dog of Rec and the evil entity possessing the zombies from Rec 2 to create a movie that seems totally lame after the first about 10 minutes. And after that, they were able to turn things big time again.

First of all, they dropped the hand-cam thing after the first 15 minutes and they made up a story so surreal with scenes and characters that even Tarantino would love. By the end of the movie, we won't learn anything new, but the use of minor things makes the whole thing quite brilliant: like, the man in the Sponge Bob costume, the bride with the chainsaw, the groom in the armor with the shield... I must admit that there were many times when I just couldn't stop myself from giggling about some scenes.

In conclusion, the story is like a fairy-tale turned into a zombie movie and there's no one expecting for a happy ending. Yes, the thing is quite crazy but still so unique that I just couldn't dislike it. However, I don't think they should push the story to another sequel, but whatever, if it happens, I'll be there to watch it!
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A Great Horror Movie!!
Jeffrey Yehezkiel27 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
As a fan of the previous 2 films, i can say that i love this third installment. Rec 1 is about how infection started with little possession stuff coming near the end, with an original camera POV. Rec 2, still in camera POV explains further that this infection is truly a possession, given how one of the infected can mimic little girl's voice to lure the victim, and by the end i was stunned by that worm-like thing as the source of it all. And Rec 3 is about the side trip from main story and further explain how the infection turn into possession by evil entities. This time they're adding a romantic story. The first 20 minutes is in camera POV, but quickly turn into regular movie view because Koldo destroy the camera in panic situation (well, who doesn't?). the regular view will continue with Rec 4. By now Rec is no more than a franchise, not movie concept like Rec 1 and 2, something i'm fine with, given i care more about the story than the view.

Honestly, i know nothing about the cast. But i love with what they're doing with this movie. Leticia Dolera is the real star of the show. her acting is superb in every scene, so does Diego Martin as Koldo. I love how determined they are in finding each other in the midst of chaos and terror. I can feel the emotion going between them, especially at the ending. When after all they've been through, in the end all is in vain. Clara still got infected, Koldo decide to die with his love rather than leaving her, and both die after got shot by the army. this scene in my opinion is very sad. It shows the undying love they have for each other. And if you pay closer look, you can see that at brief moment before her death, Clara turn to human once more, seeing how she embraces Koldo's hand one last time. Even though her eyes is still like that of the infected, but her expression says otherwise. This scene is so sad i cried a little even after a second and third viewing, i love it!

There are no particularly bad scene with this movie, but there's this 1 scene that bothers me. The sewer scene, where Clara split one of the infected's body in two with a chainsaw. It's like cracking cookies. It could be better. That's it, the rest of the gorefest is fine. The laughing zombie uncle is the creepiest one!

Last words. If you cling to the first 2 movies for their camera POV, this will be a disappointment to you. but if you look at the story threads, you will love this movie like i do. This is a love-it or hate-it movie, and i choose to love it.
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Not sure why all the hate - a perfect cult classic
lindsaytomcat6 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I'm really unsure why there's so much hate surrounding this movie considering it has all the elements of a cult classic - wry humor, unnecessary gore, ironic social commentary, good storyline... I'm guessing its because they deviated from the originals that were excellent in their own right, but so what? That storyline was played out, they knew it, so they came up with something different.

I have a feeling it WOULD be a hit if it wasn't under the Rec title. Seriously, its worth watching. It was suspenseful but doesn't take itself too seriously. (Unlike the previous 2 movies) Almost reminded me of Army of Darkness.

I also loved the ending - I thought the bit with the hearing aid was brilliant, as was the tie-in at the very end when you hear an extraction team going in "quick and easy."

One last point to detract from all the haters - even though it took on a totally different style it still perpetuates the storyline from the first two movies. I suppose some people were hoping that the third installment would dive even deeper into the info released in the second flick but honestly, that would have been boring as heck.

(Think the Excorcist sequels / the "Damien" sequels / etc. Instead they moved the story along in a different and entertaining way and kept the loop open for another potential (final) movie in the series. I only hope the jeers don't prevent them from making a inclusion.
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Plaza does a pretty good job of breathing new life in to a tired genre!
Hellmant14 September 2012
'REC 3: GENESIS': Three and a Half Stars (Out of Five)

The third film in the popular Spanish horror series, that runs concurrent to the events of the original film, with a set of entirely new characters. This one revolves around the zombie outbreak happening at a wedding reception and is played out pretty tongue-in-cheek, rather than the more serious tone the original two films took. I haven't seen the original film, or it's sequel, but I have seen it's American remake, 'QUARANTINE' (which I've heard isn't nearly as good as the Spanish original). Fans of the original two films, for the most part, have been quoted as being fairly disappointed with this third entry (primarily because it's so different) but as a standalone film it's received rather high marks from viewers. That's why I thought it couldn't hurt to see it before the other two films and for the most part I was pretty entertained.

The film begins as a 'Found Footage' style film (like the original two films) but then it changes to the traditional third-person view about twenty minutes in (which is another variation from the original two films). It revolves around the wedding of Koldo (Diego Martin) and Clara (Leticia Dolera). Everything is going beautifully except Koldo's uncle appears sick, and drunk, and says he was bitten by a dog. When he falls from the balcony on to the dance floor, at the reception, family and friends rush to his assistance. That's when he starts biting and vomiting blood on other guests. Other infected zombies storm on to the dance floor and chaos ensues. Koldo and Clara are separated and spend the rest of the film trying to reunite as everyone keeps dying (and becoming infected) around them.

I found the film to be kind of refreshing; it was slightly different than any zombie film I've seen before. It sort of played out a little like a 'DIE HARD' film set at a wedding reception with a zombie outbreak. I liked the humor and I liked the changing of film styles (from action and horror to comedy and romance as well as hand-held to third-person). I also liked the gore and I thought they found pretty cool (and somewhat original) ways of offing zombies. I really liked the religious tie-ins as well. It's subtitled 'GENESIS' because a priest explains that the zombie outbreak was predicted in the Bible under 'Genesis' and he finds a way to fight zombies using prayer (which is pretty cool). It's directed and co-written (along with Luiso Berdejo and David Gallart) by Paco Plaza (who also co-directed and co-wrote the first two films) and I think he did a pretty good job of breathing new life in to a tired genre. Nothing too impressive but fun nonetheless.

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what the actual f*** was this piece of crap
Merkin Perkins11 August 2012
Warning: Spoilers
So, Rec 3 was playing at the Melbourne International Film Festival. As both a huge horror fan and huge fan of Rec, I had to go.

I was so excited to see this film. Finally, we were going to learn of the origins of the infection! We were going to learn about the Medeiros girl, who she was, how she came to be the first infected, what the Vatican had to do with everything, the experiments that were conducted, how the enzyme was isolated... We were going to learn SO MUCH COOL STUFF about how the infection happened!


What happened instead was a random story about a random couple that got married and the uncle of the groom was randomly bitten by some random dog that was apparently randomly infected with the virus. Cue random outbreak of infected people and the film randomly going from hand-held camera filming style to 35mm motion picture film gauge. Cue the bride brandishing a chainsaw and going all Bruce Campbell from The Evil Dead trilogy on the zombies while her husband stumbles about in St. George's heavy knight armour like he's Sir Lancelot (I'm not even kidding). With lots of tongue-in-cheek humour that made me feel like I was watching a modern-day Grindhouse movie. And a priest that "stops" the zombies at the end by reading a bible over the PA system.

No explanation of how the virus got out. No explanation of how the virus started. No information about the Medeiros girl. Nothing at all really related to the previous two movies apart from vague insinuations that led nowhere. Nothing explained at all. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zippo. Zero.

The ONLY good thing about this movie is that the two main characters - the bride and the groom, both of whom I couldn't stand - die at the end. Had one or both of them survived, I would have felt even more p*ssed off and ripped off than I already did. I couldn't even appreciate the reasonably well done gore because of how p*ssed off I was at this film.

My rating: -10/10.
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