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Once it gets going and commits to its time-worn inspirational formula, it's not half-bad.
Boxoffice Magazine
Like James in the ring, it doesn't pack a lot of power, but it comes out swinging and sweats for applause.
Kevin James's latest comedy doesn't promise any bing or bang, only boom. Take it at its word.
A cloddish, harmlessly drecky comedy from the Sandler factory of crude mush.
Hands of stone meet heads of air in Here Comes the Boom, a sports story so daffy it may as well star Kevin James.
The first half hour of Here Comes the Boom is so good moviegoers might be fooled into expecting something better than an obvious wish fulfillment fantasy so patently implausible it's almost insulting.
All banality, though it delivers some goodwill even as it pulls a muscle trying to get its premise going.
Village Voice
Boom was produced under the auspices of pal Adam Sandler's Happy Madison Productions, which has a tendency toward broad-comic morality tales and multiplex populism that often shades into remedial-level pandering.
Here Comes The Boom seems to have made it from the pitch stage - Kevin James does MMA to save his school or something! - to the big screen without an iota of inspiration, ambition, or personality seeping in at any juncture.
Slant Magazine
As a comedy, the film aims low and manages to miss the mark entirely.

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