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  • Father Eddie R. Lawson turns up and invites himself, to Evan's delight even before he comes trough with the repeatedly delayed check to reimburse the disastrous stock investment. Hank wants him out even with the money, but can't evict him due to health symptoms. Evan receives action figures for marketing purposes and jumps at Eddie's for once free 'whale spotting'. Jill gets the gang to help with a yard-sale, disposing of all her ex's things at her home. A neighbor sells armadillo leather crafts there. Ms. Newberg's stepdaughter Blake came present her fiancé, yoga chain owner Jamie whose girl pupils delight Evan enough to strain his muscles too, but suffers various heart problems. Rajan and Divya consider prenuptial and sexual compatibility. Police officer Tanner and his wife Sherry's marriage crumbles as both have syphilis symptoms.

  • After having her heart broken, Newberg's stepdaughter lands in the hospital with a condition directly related to her relationship woes. Divya attempts to bring romance into her relationship with Raj.


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  • Open with Hank stitching up Eddie after punching him at last episode's freeze-frame. Eddie admits that his check didn't cover what he owned them. Hank demands that he leave, but Eddie has signs of a concussion so he is allowed to stay.

    The next morning Hank finds that Eddie has already left. Hank sees that boxes of "Hank Bobble-head" dolls have arrived, as part of Evan's marketing strategy begun before the money trouble.

    Hank and Evan go to a party at top client Mrs. Newberg's mansion. It is a welcome back party for her stepdaughter Blake. Mrs. Newbert tells them instead of finishing cooking school, Blake is now dating a yoga instructor. When Mrs. Newberg finds out Hank and Jill are no longer together, she introduces him to Blake and her boyfriend Jamie, who actually owns six yoga studios. We learn Blake calls Mrs. Newberg TwoTwo, a childhood name derived from her being Blake's "second mother." Evan has been leaving the bobble-heads around the party and Hank is not pleased. Jamie rushes over to tell Hank that Blake is "in trouble."

    Blake and Jamie had been doing yoga, then fooling around romantically when she lost her breath. Hank says her vitals are normal.

    Hank, Evan and and Divya help Jill with a yard sale. Evan meets a neighbor (Sherry) who makes leather goods. He hits on her. She introduces him to her large cop husband. Divya tells Jill she and Raj haven't consummated their relationship. Jill thinks Divya should find out if they are sexually compatible before they get married.

    Hank and Evan are pulled over by Sherry's husband John after the yard sale. He puts Hank in the back of his squad car and gets in with him. John tells Hank he has a rash on his stomach. He doesn't want Sherry to find out, so he makes an appointment to visit Hank's office.

    Hank examines Blake and tells her that her symptoms line up with amphetamine use. After noticing a rash on her neck, Blake confesses that she's been taking a whole host of products to try keeping Jamie interested in her. Hank wants to hook Blake up to a heart monitor for the next 24 hours.

    Hank gets a call that Eddie is passed out in a locked car on the beach. Hank and Evan break the window. An angry Eddie wakes up and tells them he was just taking a nap. Eddie tells them he waiting for the rest of their money to arrive. Grudgingly Hank invites Eddie to stay with them.

    Hank tells John he will run a battery of tests. John tells Hanks he hasn't cheated since they've been married, but fooled around a little when they were dating. Jill calls Hank and tells her that Sherry has a rash "down there."

    Divya and Raj discuss their "compatibility." Divya meant sex of course, but Raj thinks she means a pre-nup. Divya lies and says that is what she meant as well and they agree to have one drawn up.

    Hanks meet with Blake. She tells him she hasn't been wearing the heart monitor due to vanity.

    Eddie tells Evan that he didn't realize the account Evan gave him the password for was all of their money. Eddie now says it will be a few weeks until he get the rest of their money. Hank walks in and tells Eddie the way he left their family was "gutless and pitiful." Eddie leaves.

    Evan walks back in and tells Hank that he thinks people can change. Evan says he thinks Eddie was a great father when he was around. Hank doesn't know how he could forgive what Eddie did to their mother. Hank says he'll never forgive Eddie.

    Sherri follows John to Hank's office and Hank tells the both of them they have syphilis. Each thinks that the other has cheated.

    Eddie gets a tee-time for him and Evan at an exclusive golf course. Eddie wants to connect Evan with potentially lucrative clients for Hank-Med.

    Divya goes to Blake's house and removes her monitor. While there Divya reads a text message from Jamie breaking up with Blake. Mrs. Newberg walks in while Blake is crying.

    Hank and Jill watch John moving out his stuff. Sherri has kicked him out. Hank and Jill start fooling around. Hank gets a call from Mrs. Newberg saying that Blake is having a heart attack.

    Hank finds Blake in cardiac failure at Mrs. Newberg's place. He has them take her to the hospital. Test results show that over the past 24 hours Blake's heart monitor was clean. Hank tells Blake that she didn't have a heart attack. Instead she had a reaction to deep emotional stress. Apparently Jamie wasn't good for her heart.

    Divya tells Raj that actually she doesn't want a pre-nup and mentions her interest in sex.

    Hank and Divya discuss how Sherri and John could both have syphilis. Evan shows up and tell them he's landed some "whale" medical clients. Hank wonders if Sherri has been making belt out of armadillos.

    Sherri confirms that while in Texas she was scratched by an armadillo. Hank says they probably have Hansen's Disease (leprosy) which shows as a syphilis positive. It will be cleared up by antibiotics.

    Hank tells Blake she will be okay with therapy and a reduction in stress.

    Hank and Evan get the final check from Eddie. He has paid them back in full.

    At a thank-you lunch with Mrs. Newberg she tells Hank that Blake has returned to cooking school. Mrs. Newberg has decided to focus on her love life and is now dating surprise! Eddie.

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