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Reviews & Ratings for
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65 out of 126 people found the following review useful:

Light years ahead of Clash Of The Titans

Author: Sheldon_Cooper_PHD
29 March 2012

That was really fun!

COTT was really bad and disappointing. In WOTT, Worthington is much better (I love the guy, but he was bland in COTT, and he says so himself, very professional guy), pretty intense, loved the scenes with his son Helius, nice moments with Zeus as well, he gets his ass kicked and kicks some major ass.

Neeson is great, Fiennes is really at ease, Kebbell is good, Nighy great as usual, Ramirez great (even though critics don't seem to think the same thing).

Incredible CGI, really, Kronos, Chimera, Tartarus, great set pieces, great monsters, beautifully shot, Liebesman really has an eye for the visuals, sometimes hand-held and shaky cam is used, and it works well. The action was for me most of the time mind-blowing, especially the last third of the movie.

Story is much better, even though dialogues are weak, it's more light- hearted. The 3D (and I'm pretty much a 3D lover) is great, lots of pop out, great depth, works really well with the scenery, creatures, action scenes. There are some really bad-ass scenes throughout the movie.

All in all, a truly bad-ass, kick-ass, fun movie that will get destroyed by the critics who seem like they can't just enjoy a blockbuster for what it is.

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4 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

How low can you go

Author: drizzetd from Haifa, Israel
17 June 2012

After i saw the first movie of the series i said to myself what was i thinking of going to see this movie, it was badly written and none of the players were good, and i still had hi hopes for Sam Worthington. I came to this movie with the knowledge that the director had learned his lesson and can only improve the scened time, but boy was i wrong. The plot first of all is even worse then before, and the effects just can't make up for the plot. Although the cast is very rich and full of well known and great actors, none can really save one of the worst films of the year if not the Melania.

I am sorry i went to see it and promise you no more.

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6 out of 9 people found the following review useful:

There's actually Titans in this film and they kick ass . (awsome!!!)

Author: micahbosarge from United States
29 March 2012

First let me say that this is no 300 or Lord of the Rings epic as the multiple trailers would have you believe but it definitely surpasses the first one in every way. Plot,acting,action,F/X,and 3D are all what you should expect from a popcorn movie like this the only thing that would have made it more entertaining would be blood and gore added to all the hacking and slashing that goes on or at least more decapitations and dismemberment's but then the movie would have lost millions due to limited viewing .

My review on the plot. (NO SPOILERS PRESENT) Many people including my-self complained about the paper thin plot clash of titans had so when I heard that Wrath of Titans was being directed by Jonathan Liebesman the directer of (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre The Beginning,and Battle:Los Angeles) I was skeptical that the plot was going to be any better because as good as Battle L.A was in the action,and F/X, the plot was almost as thin as Clash of Titans was but i,am happy to report the plot is a lot better in depth and they actually included Titans in the plot.

My review of the acting. The acting is a lot better than the first manly because of the writing and the script and I think Sam Worthington in maturing as an actor and as a result he gives a fine performance rivaling avatar,the only one i had any problem with was Rosamund Pike her performance as Andromeda the worrier princes was a bit wooden and not very believable but the rest of the cast was at their very best.

My review of the action and F/X. The action was top notch and non-stop and far better in every way than the first one the only thing missing was blood after the blows.The F/X was amazing nothing looked fake the creatures,the set pieces, every stick and stone, looked amazing perfect eye-candy can't wait to see it on bluray.

My review of the 3D. The 3D was applied in post production just like the first one so I was scared the the 3D was going to be a bust but to my surprise the 3D was good but no comparison to avatar or transformers 3 but all in all the 3D was good.It gave depth to the movie most of all in the action scenes when the cyclops popped on screen he literally popped out of the screen and that was amazing.

All in all this is a perfect movie to kick back relax with a large popcorn in one hand and a large coke in the other with your feet prop up on the seat ahead of you unless occupied and forget your problems for 99 minutes and after the movie you will fill as you can conquer the gods so i give it a 7 out of 10

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8 out of 13 people found the following review useful:

Why all the hate?

Author: brazil-60 from New York
31 March 2012

I thought this movie did it's job! It was a great sequel, that delivered what was expected. The sole point of a movie is to entertain, and Wrath of the Titans did just that. The final scene was just epic, although I wish it were a little longer. I honestly don't see why so many people are hating on it. It had everything an action film lover would want. The action scenes were ridiculously well made, and the computer graphics were one of the best I've scene in a while. The acting was great and so were the characters. For those who liked the first movie, you'll like the second one too. Very entertaining and I tip my hat of to the producers and directors. Good Job!

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30 out of 57 people found the following review useful:

Awful : 150M gone to ashes

Author: Paul TABET from France
10 June 2012

No spoilers ahead : this movie has everything I hate about Hollywood blockbusters, that is characters as thin as the paper I use make my cigarettes, dumb plot, horrendous CGI in almost every sequence, good actors turned bad ( Neeson going from Shindler's List to this garbage is quite a deception ), other actors that cashed 10+M whilst having no previous acting experience, terribly stupid dialog at times ( you look 10 thousand years younger )... Avoid at all costs and go for Jason and the Argonauts to see what making movies is about.

At least the first one had the Kraken that was nice... This one has nothing ! Shame on anyone involved in this.

Thinking that 150M were put in this dumb sh... whilst people are starving makes me ashamed to live in the same world as the guys who committed themselves in this project.

Only thing that makes me even more horrified is the people giving it a note between 8 and 10 and pledging for Oscars for such a piece of crap.

Wake up guys !!! Cant you see you're made to swallow crap ? Boycott any further Hollywood blockbuster crap for Christ's sake !

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3 out of 4 people found the following review useful:

Crash of the Titans

Author: Thatguy Withtheface
4 September 2012

This is what you get when you let bad writers, write a bad screenplay, for a sequel to a good movie, and put it in the hands of a bad director. All the good actors and special effects in the world can't save it. There's a lot I'd like to say about this, but, ah heck, there's not enough story to ruin. Here goes.

One thing I liked was they brought the equivalent of Burgess Meredith's character into this one, played awesomely by Bill Nighy, but that sadly doesn't save the rest of this mess. For the rest, they go right back to the formula that bugged me in the original, (and that I liked that they did away with for the remake) a bunch of random events that kind of mix into a main story at some point.

Opening scene, they take away the wife Perseus had at the end of the first one. They also make his motivation not that he doesn't want to be a god, or not have anything to do with the gods, but now it's that he thinks he's too human to be a god... So basically, EVERYTHING the first one does, this one turns on it's head. Basically, this should've just been its own movie, it was 100% pointless to make this a sequel. Something that really bugged me was, why not keep Perseus awesome sword from Zeus and shield from the scorpion in this one? Who would get rid of such great weapons? Aries is treated like a god even though he is only a half god like Perseus, which just makes no sense. In this one, they put the princess back into the action like in the original, which actually makes sense for this one and would be cool, if she ever actually did ANYTHING. The love interest is non-existent through the movie and then jumps out of nowhere in the last 3 minutes of the film. Where the first one had a lot of great characters and motivation in the team, and really felt like a buddy journey film, this one was just a bunch of red shirts that die off fairly quickly and are very forgettable anyway. The titans were very underwhelming, even boring. The only cool one was the first one that was on EVERY commercial and billboard. The last "Titan" moved so darn slow that I have no idea why they even had to hold it back, it would take the thing a freakin year just to move a mile. Then we get to the gods. They introduce weapons that are super important, yet were never even seen in the first one. Maybe a line or two of dialog as to why they didn't use them in the first one? They only use them on other gods? ANY bad excuse would've done! Also in the first one, the gods had freaking AWESOME war armor even though they never fought. So why in this one, where they DO fight, did their armor look like it was designed by Arnie Grape? The hardest part of watching this movie is trying to figure out which is worse, the writing, or the directing. Sequels like this should just not be made.

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6 out of 10 people found the following review useful:


Author: Mckenzie William Howells from Britain
7 April 2012

Slaughters the beauty of tales that have been told for millennia in a purely desperate act for box-office success. Disappointment. Consider this a success if you look for action, because that is all you get; there is poor dialogue, a story line (that could have made this a classic) that is told cumulatively within 5 minutes and acting as if it were a love story - You're Demi-Gods, not some lads on holiday looking to beat the thief that stole your dads' wallets (Toby Kebbell) !

Cerberus (guardian of Tartarus) was not even to be seen, even though the unraveling of events took place on his porch! Kronos, the much feared and anticipated Titan who was frequently mentioned baring dread throughout the film, only lasted 5 minutes while free!

This film is a disaster; it controls a masterpiece, and amazingly ripped it to shreds - somehow. Was Jonathan Liebesman trying to sculpt his reputation in the form of Kronos? It's certainly as dead as him after this one. Liebesman could have made a classic; the storyline would have held with a great degree of entertainment for 2:30hrs at least, which would have explained the history of the tales in the film and the purpose of the evil perspective as well as the good, but instead quick action was preferred, or was this because of the incapabilities of Sam Worthington to perform like an actual actor, rather than a hero who knows he's a hero but doesn't live like a hero (idiotic I know) every minute of the film. I mean, where is the substance?!!!

Please do not complete a trilogy, I think some of Greece's ancient tales still live, don't murder them too.


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9 out of 16 people found the following review useful:

The best 3D experience yet and a completion to a tale we've all hoped to find an ending to.

Author: Romal Singh (elromal) from India
30 March 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

And finally the story continues!

For those of you who grew up watching several reruns of Clash of the Titans (1981), the story of Perseus has always been an incomplete one — so Andromeda is saved, the Kraken destroyed and then what? The Wrath of the Titans answers that question and how! Yes, it's complete chaos in terms of the how the original Hellenistic myths and their portrayals have been mixed up, but at least an attempt is made to satisfactorily complete a cinematic tale that began more than two decades ago — and thank God for that! Wrath of the Titans is a sequel to Clash of the Titans (2010) and outdoes that movie by leaps and bounds. The cast remains the same with Sam Worthington as Perseus; Ralph Fiennes as Hades; Liam Neeson as Zeus; Danny Huston as Poseidon and Rosamund Pike as Andromeda. The new characters to look for are however Édgar Ramírez as Ares; Bill Nighy as Hephaestus; and the talented Toby Kebbell as Agenor, imprisoned thief and demigod son of Poseidon who joins Perseus on his journey. This tale begins a decade or so after the last tale ended. Andromeda is now a queen and Perseus has fathered a son, Helios. A war rages in the heavens and the underworld between good and evil and the gods are extremely weakened by the lack of faith and prayers from the people on earth. Taking advantage of this weakness, a pact is formed between a god and demi-god to take revenge for all the inequalities meted out to them. The plan involves releasing Kronos from the impenetrable prison Tartarus created for him in the underworld by Zeus and the other gods, after the first battle of the Titanomachy. The movie is rich in amazing CGI effects and quite vividly and intricately tells the tale of the increase in power of Kronos as he gains power within Tartarus and unleashes terrifying monsters on earth as they escape from his underworld prison. Quite incomparably the best 3D experience we've seen till date, don't be surprised if you find yourself ducking debris thrown at you from the screen! Perseus is called to action again as Zeus is betrayed and Poseidon killed. The age of the Olympian gods is on the verge of ending and hope lies in the hands of two demi-gods, one Perseus and the other the hilarious, Agenor. Perseus goes to war once again only to save his son Helios and in a wonderful change of events is taught a lesson or two in the journey. Watch out for an amazing gripping narrative stuffed with high-octane action sequences, which simply do not allow you to leave the edge of your seat. Sam Worthington has not changed much from the previous installment, he's still as dull as ever, but the gorgeous Rosamund Pike shows you a side of her as the warrior-queen Andromeda, a side we'd love to see several times again. Édgar Ramírez as Ares is however the true star and stands out even though he's not much of a hero in this tale. Much needn't be said about Ralph Fiennes and Liam Neeson who do fabulous jobs with the restricted characterisation they are given. The film may not go down in history as a classic and be revisited as much as the 1981 original was, but it's definitely one of the best 3D experiences yet and should be watched on Real 3D or IMAX for the optimum visual pleasure.

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23 out of 44 people found the following review useful:

Chix Chat on Film review: A Titanic smack down.

Author: Emma Dinkins ( from Texas, United States
30 March 2012

The Wrath of the Titans came with action right out the gates of Tartarus. I was a little surprised that the fun began so quickly, but it didn't last. We get this great battle as Perseus (Sam Worthington) faces the Chimera, and then we are taken to school for a Greek mythology lesson. This film does look deeper at the Gods, specifically the relationship of the top brothers. The three major Gods seen in the Clash of the Titans have returned, including Liam Neeson as Zeus. Fortunately, his role is so much more expanded this time around and not completely defined by one catch phrase. Releasing the Titans was exactly what takes place in this story and it is pretty spectacular to witness. Practically every mythical creature ever conceived in Greek mythology was on display and in some battle with Perseus. Since he pretty much lost everyone who fought beside him the last time he now teams up with some new comrades, Andromeda (Rosamund Pike) who is leading the Greek army into battle and Agenor (Toby Kebbell) who is a bit of a scoundrel. The entire film took a very somber serious tone, I kept thinking man this is dramatic. It wasn't until well into the 99 minutes running time that we get some comic relief from Hephaestus (Bill Nighy). The tone lightened up for a minute, then Ares (Edgar Ramirez) makes a really cool entrance and then into the labyrinth we go, which was absolutely stunning. I was very impressed by the special effects in this film. Aside from how realistic all the titans appeared, a few other things crossed my mind, one that I really liked and the other I considered must have been for realism. This series is the first time that I have seen Pegasus as a black beauty, which coordinated very well with how dirty everyone stayed throughout the entire film. In battle who has time for a shower before, 'action'! Good thing Perseus is a demi-god otherwise he would have never survived all the times that he was hurled into a rock or a stone pillar. This story is not plot driven, it's not character driven and with all the different accents in Greece, which were a bit distracting, but if a film could stand solely on the special effects and the realism that you would expect in the chance that you meet a Cyclops then this it that film. It was entertaining, I'm a Greek mythology fan and I give it a green light.

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1 out of 1 people found the following review useful:

It is worse than Clash of the Titans

Author: Rutegar Strong from Greenland
12 September 2014

I watched original Clash of the Titans as child. It was fun movie with lot of adventure. When I hear new Clash of the Titans was made I became excite and run for cinema to see. It was disappoint. Not terrible but not very good. So Wrath of the Titans release and I think it must be greater than Clash of the Titans! I go to see at local cinema with my mother who is big fan of Liam Neilson. After watching movie mother shake her head. I ask about mothers condition. She say to me she love Liam Neilson as favorite actor and see this movie make her heart heavy. It is like she learned Liam Neilson paid money for secret time with ladies of night. I comfort mother and promise her to study English and make review of this movie! Then others with love for Liam Neilson can understand not to watch! So I do not recommend this movie! Story is not interesting. Effects are too much and not striking. Acting is poor especially of Sam Worthington!

2 of 10 **

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