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Wrath of Mythology

Author: drnrg35 from Mexico
21 May 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I have always been a big fan of the mythology movies. I grew up with Jason & The Argonauts and all the Sinbad entries with. Here is where I compare this latest Clash Entries with those movies. One one the particularly comes to mind is Sinbad & The Eye Of The Tiger. I get a strange sensation that Wrath.. got half of it's idea from the movie. Especially with it's monsters. Granted they were presented ion different fashion ,but basically the same ones. "Wrath" features the Cyclops on Chaos Island. "Eye Of The Tiger" features on Troglodytes; who resemble Cyclops in every way, except the one- eye feature, but one also decides to journey with Sinad and his crew to the Magic temple of sorts. here Our hero, Sinbad, encounters a towering golden mechanical Minataur called;aptly, Minoton. This is much like the Minotaur monster Persius encounters in the labyrinth. That in fact is actually part of the Thesus mythology tale; not Persius. Anway I see a lot of resemblances to that particular Sinbad entry throughout the Wrath sequel. Another movie , which I think inspires some ideas for Wrath is the 2011 firm "Inmortals". Not a particularly great film, but the comic resemblances are very obvious. Take for instance Micky Rourk's; King Hyperion character. Now try to follow me here. Micky Rourk starred in the Keira Knightly film; "Domino" and now he has a pert in a mythology film and he plays the villain. Another actor from "Domino" is Edgar Ramirez, who now plays Ares in the new Wrath film. Coincedene? Furthermore the plot of "Inmortals" actually revolves around the real story of Thesus and the Minotaur. I don't ,but when I pinpoint little things like these ; it just makes "Wrath" all the more silly. BTW, you also have fallen GODs in WRath, just like Inmortals. Asiad from one episode of Xena Warriour princess; I have never seen GODS die; now it seems they are falling like flies in every movie.

My final comparison of "Wrath" to "Inmortals" would be the scene in "Inmortals" where Zeus slays Ares for defying his command. It's almost as if Ares comes back to life in "Wrath" and takes his revenge in Zeus for killing him off in "Inmortals". Add to the fact that It's also an all out war between GODS and Titans in "Inmortals" and you basically have the same premise for "Wrath" except with a much juicer budget.

I like "Wrath", but feel a bit ripped of story wise after having watched "Inmortals"

Just a few things I did enjoy were the monsters. CGI or not , they were pretty fierce looking. I only wish they had milked the Minotaur-Persues fight a bit longer. I've yet to see a really spectacular fight scene with a demi-GOD and Minotaur.

As far as acting goes; the actors did a great job. The GODs; Neeson,Fiennes, and Nighy all had the right feel for their parts, but the mortals left much to be desired. . I still think Worthington isn't worthy of the Persius role and Rosamund Pike was really out of place. The rest were just extras: Even Kebell; who plays Posidon's long lost son, is misplayed, because his importance just fizzles out halfway through the film.

Anyway, I would recommend the movie to die hard mythology buffs to come up with their own conclusions. A one time watch wouldn't hurt, but somehow, all these CGI effects don't come up against the older stop motion techniques. Not without a good strong storyline and these new entries fail miserably in the story lines.

7 stars for action and cgi monsters, but only 3 stars for the way the story is executed.

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A very unepic epic movie...

Author: Gareth Johns from South Africa
14 May 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

When I saw the trailer to this movie, I thought I would be going to watch a movie on par with Dark Of The Moon. I expected a movie full of great action scenes and epic battles against epic monsters. But, just like in Clash of the Titans, I was left disappointed... With Perseus fighting gods, monsters and titans alike, the epic monsters were there, but every fight failed to live up to expectations with Perseus defeating the Titan Kronos by flying around him and then throwing a glowing spear down his throat... The story-line was never going to be great (and it wasn't) and many people go to watch films like this for the action, and Wrath of the Titans failed to deliver.

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Crash Bang Whallop (Wrath?) of the titans

Author: Scott Emery from Bath, England
2 May 2012

Before I begin let me say I enjoyed the first film (6/10), I thought the action was pretty decent, the plot was wobbly of course, the acting was bad, but unlike most I liked the use of 3D in the film and thought it added something to it unlike most of the other 3D rubbish that year.

This film really did what I expected it do though. The scriptwriters/100,000 monkeys with typewriters obviously used all there decent(if that) ideas in the first and now the sequel kinda feels like its outta ideas. I'll try not to spoil the plot here for you, though it is irrelevant to the course of the film, but there's a part where all the power gets sucked out of Zeus REAALLY SLOWLY so to allow Perseus to have time to beat up all the rubbish demons and traverse his way through the deadly labyrinth (which takes up about 5 minutes of screen time cause the writers can't really think of any ideas other than "oh there trapped again for a bit") so it's kinda like they can't come up with a decent way to thicken the plot.

The main actor (Sam Worthington) annoys me a lot in this film as he can't even be bothered to get rid of his Australian accent for the film, which really kinda shows how much effort he actually put into it. Another thing is that there's about 3 characters in the film which are just there to thin things out, literally there's one guy who Perseus has to spend 10 minutes of screen time to get to it and then take him some where else. In the end this makes the film boring, that's the main difference between this and the last because of the three things I have just mentioned you just end up bored by the end because there was so much filler.

Not to be to much of a stab in the gut to the this film the three British actors (Neeson, Fiennes, Nighy) add something to the film in terms of screen presence or comedy and the action scenes are pretty decent with some OK use of 3D (NOT enough to make the film worth watching in 3D may I add). Also the massive fight off at the end was pretty damn good, though look out for the final battle as my friend Adam did notice that it has a similar feel to a gaviscon advert

4/10. Some decent shots, not nearly enough to make up for a bad film though

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Not a great film but better than one would expect given the original

Author: Sergio Campanale from United Kingdom
25 April 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

My first thought when I saw the trailer was surprise: Surprise that this film had been made at all! Unlike the 2010 remake, this does not carry the baggage of either the 1981 original nor even of actual events from Greek Mythology. It stands and falls on its own merits. While not a great movie, it is however an entertaining one, with some excellent use of 3D that had us all ducking from rocks and lava and feeling breathless on roller-coaster rides down tunnels and caverns. Plot-wise it follows on from the 2010 films universe rather than actual Greek mythology, so we still have the silly "Gods will die without prayers" idea fuelling the narrative. The most interesting thing I found about this film is how it attempts to repair some of the worst errors of the 2010 film, and in that it reminded me a lot of "The Mummy Returns", the 2001 sequel to the 1999 "The Mummy". That movie also took an established narrative, mythology and characters and played fast and loose with them often in a way that made any fan of them uncomfortable. The sequel then took that films worst mistakes as a starting off point, and reworked a new narrative that made them look like parts of a larger, more sensible story slowly unfolding rather than script gaffs. So too does "Wrath". Sam Worthington, who in the original was a meat-headed, stubborn idiot motivated only by hate and anger who has to effectively be carried by every other friendly character in the movie, here seems older, wiser, and calmer, a more mature Perseus who seems to be painfully aware of just what an asshole he used to be. His main antagonist, Ares god of war (a very good Edgar Ramirez) is made in the image of the "Clash" Perseus, a stubborn angry fool blindly motivated by petty hate, jealousy and rage, so in a way he is fighting the shadow of his former self, repeating his own tragedy, which is an interesting way to put a little drama into the story. Andromeda is also better served here. Perseus' great love of legend and 1981 movie, she was relegated to plot point in the 2010 film as newly created Io took her place. Gemma Arterton, flavour of the month in 2010, didn't come back for second helpings, so her character is killed off-screen, a quickly glimpsed grave all the reverence she is given, which allows Andromeda to now retake her rightful place at Perseus's side. Many have complained at Rosamund Pike's casting, but it's spot on. Being set 10-12 years after the first film, it would make sense to have an older actress play her, and she also bears a reasonable resemblance to Alexandra Davalos (2010 Andromeda). Her role as tough warrior and capable military commander actually fits in well with what we saw of her in the 2010 film, a smart and intelligent woman in a court full of idiots who is dumped by Perseus on a beach to become the great future hope of Joppa. The Andromeda we see here IS that hope become reality. Director John Liebsman also realises he has Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes to hand, and rather than using them as stunt casting actually makes them act, no great strain but enough to infuse the Zeus-Hades relationship with some actual feeling and pathos and again add a little sorely needed dramatic weight to the proceedings. Bill Nighy is also excellent as the half-mad recluse God Hephaestus, avoiding his usual stately menace and snobbish sneer for an Earthy "working man" heavenly metal-smith. Toby Kebell is the comic relief, played in Russell Brand mould, and brings a little humour to the film. The monsters are also a step up from the 2010 film. A Chimera (one of a whole force of them apparently) tears apart Perseus village effectively. The trio of Cyclops on Hephaestus island are well made, going back to the "big fat man with one eye" look rather than the scaly reptilian-bull style of the classic Harryhausen creation, and their fight with the heroes is exciting and well-shot. The Minotaur (or maybe it's just A Minotaur, one of a production line like the Chimeras) however looks awful, and its fight with Perseus is impossible to follow or understand. The "double soldiers" at the end are excellent, hacking and slicing their way through Andromeda's army like giant buzz-saws, and the big-bad, Kronos himself, is excellently realised, moving with real menace and power, dripping in scalding hot lava, pumping out black smoke and uttering fearsome cries in its ancient tongue. OK. So he doesn't last long, but he makes more of an impression that the Kraken did at the end of "Clash". All in all "Wrath" is an enjoyable little mythological B-film in the old "Peplum" traditions of European cinema, bearing little resemblance to actual Greek mythology and having a very simple "get the mystical weapon – kill the bad guys – save the world" storyline. The acting is good for this kind of film with a little drama and comedy as well. The effects are good (especially fiery Kronos) and it goes a long way to repairing the many ills of its disastrous predecessor. For a film which never needed to exist in the first place and for which there were no expectations whatever, these aspects alone make it a small but pleasant surprise.

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Wrath incomplete

Author: kdorsey321 from United States
19 April 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie review is on the movie: "Wrath of The Titans," starring Sam Worthington(Perseus), Liam Neeson(Zeus), and Ralph Fiennes(Hades). This movie came out on March 30, 2012. I actually was able to watch this movie in the movie theater. When I saw the previews to this movie I was a little skeptical. I was skeptical because the first movie of its kind ("Clash of The Titans 2010") also looked great when it came to the previews, but it ended up being a little disappointing (my opinion). The previews to "Wrath of The Titans" look great! Despite my doubts due to the first of it kind, I still decided to give this movie a honest fair shot to be great and rated fairly.

To my misfortune, this movie ended up basically giving me the same feeling the first of its kind gave me. This movie was a little confusing to me. I thought they could have done a better job of clearing up what was going on in the movie. At times I wasn't even sure who Perseus was fighting. I'm not a genius, but this movie shouldn't have been to complicated for me to figure out. There were times were I just wasn't sure what exactly was going on. I also felt like the story/plot could have been better. After I read the description of the movie, I was finally able to piece everything together. I felt like I shouldn't have had to do that to know what was going on in this type of movie. Usually, when there is a second coming of a movie that involves action like this series, there is more action in the second movie. I look for that. I felt as though the action level was pretty much on the same level as the first movie (Clash of The Titans). I wanted more action. When that big lava creature came out at the climax of the movie, I was just praying it wasn't going to go down as easy as the "Kraken" did. My prayers was answered....but only just a little. This big lava creature lasted about five seconds longer than the Kraken. What's the point of having a creature that huge if its not going to last long?? I also thought the acting was average at best. This movie was a subpar action/fantasy movie all the way around to me.

There were some things that I did like about the movie. I thought some of the action scene that we received wasn't too bad. I really like the creatures in the film. I thought the creatures were pretty cool! The big one eyed monster that was in the forest was interesting to look at and two headed beast seemed like a creative monster to be induced in the movie series. The two head monster (Chrimera) had a horn on one of its heads, wings, and an incredibly long, for no reason tail and it was cool!

Overall, I'm not going to say it was the most horrible action/fantasy movie I've seen, but wasn't good enough to get pass a 6 on my radar. I'm giving this movie a 6 out of 10. I wouldn't see this movie in the movie theater. Its still in the movie theater and I'm telling you not to see it! I wouldn't buy this on DVD unless you are a huge fan of the series. I would say its worth a shot to see this when it comes out on Netflix if you have Netflix. If you have Netflix, wait for it to come out on Netflix. If you don't have it on Netflix and your really curious to see for yourself if it was good or not, wait for it to come out on Redbox for a dollar.

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Delivers the goods

Author: sgtking from United States
4 April 2012

As effects become more advanced, more epic films are made each year. This is a double-edged sword. Some are simply style over substance and will be forgotten quickly. Others manage to rise above that and standout. The 2010 remake of 'Clash of the Titans' did quite well financially and OK critically. There never was a sequel to the 1981 original, but in this day and age if a film is a success it's inevitable. This was exciting news since there is much more Greek mythology to cover. It took couple years, but the story continues and the result is quite good.

Pros: Good work by the cast. Pretty good score. Grand production and costume designs. Impressive effects. Fast pace. A few exciting action sequences. More obstacles for our characters this time out.

Cons: Lacking in plot. Some irritating shaky cam moments. Some bad dialogue here and there. Not a lot we haven't seen before.

Final thoughts: I personally was hoping for a sequel. There is so much more to Greek mythology they just had to take the opportunity. It may not be one of the best of it's kind, but 'Wrath' is solid entertainment for fans of Fantasy and Adventure.

My rating: 3.5/5

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Wrath of the Titans Review

Author: wwillcox561 from United States
4 April 2012

Wrath of the Titans was a pretty decent movie. I happen to think that it was only slightly better than Clash of the Titans for a couple reasons. To start off with, the CGI was amazing and on point. The fighting sequences were significantly better than its predecessor. Perseus is a great character who is probably one of the only characters that actually has some depth to their acting besides Liam Neeson. I feel like this makes a pretty good story using Greek mythology except that they didn't provide enough background information on other important gods. The only real problem that i had with this movie was that I saw it in 3D. It wasn't used as well as I thought it might be. Towards the end of the movie my eye's began to strain and instead of enjoying the awesome action scene I developed a headache.

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Author: WydeOpen from United States
3 April 2012

Wrath of the Titans (review by Jonathan McMillan) Studio: Warner Bros. Run time: 99 minutes.

Plot: Perseus braves the treacherous underworld to rescue his father, Zeus, captured by his son, Ares, and brother Hades who unleash the ancient Titans upon the world..

Cast: Sam Worthington, Liam Neeson and Rosamund Pike

Rating: Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of fantasy violence and action

Bottom Line: ***

Review : I have to admit I was very apprehensive when I got the call to review the screening of this sequel to the 2010 lackluster remake. Although the first movie was somewhat entertaining, it didn't live up to the expectations of my 10 year inner-child who fell in love with the 1981 original. As a matter of fact in my review of that film I stated that remaking the cult classic was a classic example of not knowing when to quit while you're ahead.

And to top it off, in an attempt to capitalize on the success that Avatar, the producers of 2010s remake added 3D effects in post-production which made the movie a visual train wreck that was absolutely torturous to watch. However after seeing the trailer to Wrath of the Titans, my interest was piqued by the scope of the special effects and the hopes that Warner Bros. studio learned from their mistakes.

I'm very glad to say; my hopes were not dashed.

Finally, movie making technology has advanced to do justice to the stories that the Greek storytellers captured our imaginations with for thousands of years. Wrath of the Titans is 99 minutes of 3D computer generated imagery that accurately projects on screen what the world of "gods and titans" must have looked like. Rather than the original intent of the Greek myths to serve as moral parables, the plot of Wrath of the Titans serves only to show the truly awesome capabilities of what Hollywood technology can do now-a-days. The cinematography renders astonishing beautiful landscapes upon which two- headed fire spewing monsters and the sort, wreck havoc and attempt to kill our Perseus (Sam Worthington of Avatar) and his crew.

Technically the film is about Perseus' heroes journeys to save the Olympian gods Zeus, Possiden and Hades (respectively played by super actors: Liam Neeson, Danny Huston and Ralph Fiennes) from the wrath of their mythological father the titan Cronos.

Nevermind the plot and it's stars though. The movie really is just a vehicle showcasing a world of amazingly "realistic" rendered one-eyed creatures 20 stories tall called cyclops' who attempt to smash our protagonists with towering tree trunks. A world where a half man/ half bull creature called a minotaur stalks our hero's in a bafflingly M.C,Escher-esque ever shifting labyrinth. I whole-heartedly believe scenes like these are what todays 3D technology is made for.

Unlike the 2010 movie, the audience which will enjoy this movie will be broader than (as I said in my last review) "a very specific target audience – those made of snips of snails and puppy dog tails" because the CGI and 3D special effects are so awesome that this movie is overall, very entertaining. Don't look for it on the the list of Best Picture nominees during Academy Award season, however I wouldn't be surprised if it did win some Oscars in some of the technical categories.

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Feel the Wrath That Came After the Clash

Author: Iver Neset from Oslo, Norway
3 April 2012

Wrath of the Titans is a sequel to the 2010 movie Clash of the Titans. I personally enjoyed Clash of the Titans. I thought it was a fun movie to watch. I saw it with my friend, and we both found it enjoyable. But the sequel, Wrath of the Titans, is definitely an improvement over it's predecessor.

Wrath of the Titans starts off a few years after Clash of the Titans. Perseus has decided to live like a normal human, and he's got himself a son. But when he finds out that Zeus, his father, and all the other gods are becoming mortal and weak because the humans have lost their faith in them, he literally goes to hell to put things back into place.

Just like the previous film, the story is crap and just an excuse to have some epic battles shoved in. The battles were cool, the characters were likable and the special effects were brilliant.

Now one of the coolest things about Wrath of the Titans is the 3D, and how it's handled. Things pop out at you, you go through tight corners while you feel like you're really there. There's one shot were I literally jumped because something just literally came out of the screen.

Overall, Wrath of the Titans is a good movie to watch, and it's entertaining to watch in 3D.

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1 out of 2 people found the following review useful:


Author: Ryan Eberhart from United States
5 January 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

If you haven't guessed by now I am attempting to connect one movie to another in some way or another. Connecting the previous movie to The Wrath of the Titans is actor Sam Worthington. Although I could have connected using Liam Neeson or Ralph Fiennes, I chose to use Sam Worthington.

Worthington reprises his role from Clash of the Titans as Perseus. Liam Neeson reprises his role as Zeus and Ralph Fiennes reprises his role as Hades. In Wrath of the Titans Hades teams with Ares (Edgar Ramirez), the God of War, to take down Zeus and Poseidon (Danny Huston) and release Kronos.

In order to save Zeus Perseus must team with Agenor (Toby Kebbell) and Queen Andromeda (Rosamund Pike). Agenor is Perseus' cousin, a son of Poseidon. Queen Andromeda was saved by Perseus in the previous movie, she became queen when both her mother and father were killed.

Just like the last movie I liked the mythology of it all. Although it is completely different using creative license by the writers. Since the writer wrote Io as deceased, Gemma Arterton did not reprise her role. However, Rosamund Pike is an equally beautiful substitute.

The graphics are awesome and spectacular. Especially when Kronos is released from his prison and brings his wrath down upon Zeus, Hades and all human-kind. Perseus saves the day after killing his brother, Ares. The action scenes are pretty cool. The labyrinth is pretty cool also.

I give this 10 stars out of 10. Excellent movie!

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