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Ray Harryhausen was better

Author: imagineda from Australia
18 August 2012

It's not saying much, but Ray Harryhausen's films had more charm than this stuff, and his original "clash" still rates better on IMDb.

Rosamund Pike is not bad, you can see Worthington has tried harder, and the other big names have done more than just phone it in .. but the film completely fails to engage, in fact there are some laughably bad scenes. The script is dreadfully boring, stakes are not really established and there is no emotional pull .. the relationship between the three generations of men is not explored anywhere near enough. Also, like a lot of these films, it's completely devoid of any fun or humour, which is a shame.

No doubt a nice little earner for all involved. But please, please don't make another one, or if you do, have the good grace to call it "Cash of the Titans".

Lastly, I'm Australian, and I can barely understand a word of Sam Worthington's dialogue. We seem to have established a tradition of gruff male action heroes that mumble their way through action films. Voice coach, Sam?

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Next: Therapy of the Titans

Author: jacklmauro from United States
15 August 2012

Yes, 4. It flows along briskly and Sam is nice to look at. The effects - and I cannot believe anyone still gets jazzed up over effects - are fine as well. The problems, however, include cutesy humor that falls flat (Pegasus whacking Sam with a wing, moments of hip chatter) because Worthington is too damn dull to make it work. Then, there's the really, really big problem of no logic or continuity in these things. As in - ALL the gods except bitchy Ares "fled" when trouble began? Ares is suddenly jealous of a demi-god? Cronos is a volcanic mountain, while his sons are awfully human in form? Best of all: Hades claiming that mortals get to go somewhere after dying, but gods just vanish, which begs the question of the real value in godhood. Yes, have fun with mythology (although why, with thousands of great Greek myths to choose from, they have to invent a story or drag in a Scandinavian beast, as in the 'Clash', is beyond me). But, really, you've got to have some damn logic. If Ares can pop out of the sky and kick ass, why does a stone labyrinth door seem to stop him? Anyway. Worst of all is the Oprah-esque dad/son bonding issues shoved down your throat. As I said about the first one - just make Sam naked. A little. PS I read most of the metacritic reviews and not one major critic noted the coy nod to the 1981 original, in the form of Bobu, the mechanical owl?

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Let Thy Wrath Be Mine!

Author: xtian_durden from Philippines
10 August 2012

"Wrath" made no improvement from the first movie's futile effort to retell the story of the Greek mythology. I'm ashamed for veteran actors Ralph Fiennes and Liam Neeson for participating in another Hollywood fantasy gimmick, but they played their part well, though a better director should've been involved, I still can remember them together in a masterful film, Schindler's List. It might be grand for its target audience, but for people who can recognize the difference between a bad movie and a good one would get bored with it. It's too soon and too short, just like the first movie. Persues (Sam Worthington) the demi-god and the main character, to play out the plot of the movie, he follows orders from other characters and also gives orders to them too, they follow it with some difficulty (perhaps to extend the movie and to give the audience the entertainment they're after for), and when it's done, it's done, the movie is over. They did indulge themselves once again with special effects. Let the wrath be for me!

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A flawed, but tolerable improvement over the original in my honest opinion!

Author: gavin-thelordofthefu-48-460297 from United States
5 August 2012

To those who hated the Clash of the Titans remake, I actually thought it was decent. Not great, but pretty good. Some of the visuals are nice, the action was perfect, and the acting is pretty good, but the story was lacking in it's emotion and character development, the dialog was terrible and the pacing was unbelievably rushed. So, when this came out in about almost five months ago, I regretted not seeing this in theaters, but at least I get to watch it on my TV and to my surprise, I actually enjoyed it and I think that it's an improvement over the original.

However, there are flaws that prevented this movie from reaching an eight. The story, like the original, is predictable with a few errors (the scene where Zeus dies is unnecessary. First of all, gods are immortal and they don't die. Guys, you can't do that to make an emotional scene because it didn't work) and is lacking in it's emotion and character development and is also more of the same from the original as well. The dialog is even worse than the dialog from the original by being so cliché-driven and the pacing is terribly rushed.

There are some positive things about this film. The visuals are nice and the cinematography is beautifully crafted. The costume designs are fantastic and the music is pretty good too. The acting is pretty much a mixed bag. Sam Worthington is decent, but he lacks his chemistry with some of the several characters while Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes are underused. Rosamund Pike did very good as Andromeda, Danny Huston did OK as Poseidon, but Bill Nighy steals the show by portraying the most interesting character Hephaetus. The strongest aspect goes to the action and while not in the same depth as the action in the original it's at least decent. The special effects and it's 3D sequences (I never saw the 3D version in theaters, but I heard that they've improved) are solid and well-choreographed.

I know all of you who gave this film negative reviews are going to hate me for this, but I actually liked this sequel. Honestly because I think it's underrated. Sure, it's flawed with the story's errors, but it doesn't matter. My advice, if you're bored on a rainy Saturday, go buy and watch this on a DVD copy. Otherwise, stick to other fantasy films.

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Nobody takes it too seriously, nor should you

Author: julian-mumford from New Zealand
27 July 2012

After a worldwide take of nearly $500 million, a sequel to the critically panned reboot of "Clash of the Titans" was perhaps inevitable, taking around $300 million the usual "law of diminishing returns" has applied here.

When we left Perseus, demi-god son of Zeus (Liam Neeson) he had defeated the Kraken, won the girl and all was well. He has now retired to the simple life of a fisherman, enjoying the company of his young son Helius, following the death of his wife.

Of course, the simple life cannot continue if we are to have an action movie and sure enough, he is soon called upon to rescue his father from the evil clutches of Hades (Ralph Fiennes) and Ares (Edgar Ramirez) who is using Zeus to retain his own immortality by appeasing his father "Kronos". Kronos for his part, has reduced power as the ordinary folk move away from worshipping the gods.

Kronos, a mass of fire and stone, is understandably a bit peeved at being cast into the dungeons of Tartarus, part of the Underworld, following his earlier overthrow by Zeus, Hades and Poseidon.

If you think this all sounds like one big "Greek Tragedy", then yes of course it is, the original in fact and yes there will be a test later.

Following an attack on his village and a quick bit of Chimera slaying, Perseus flys off astride his trusty Pegasus to see Queen Andromeda. Andromeda is now played by the shapely Rosamund Pike clearly having fun ordering Centurions around whilst speckled with fresh fake blood.

A quest is what is needed and Perseus is tasked with locating Hephaestus (Bill Nighy), the maker of the trident, lightning bolt and pitchfork with the help of Agenor (Toby Kebbell). Following an encounter with some rather large and angry cyclops, they locate the weapon maker who also incidentally designed and constructed Tarturus. This huge maze like structure, with of course a Minotaur thrown in for good measure, has a secret back door entrance left for Hephaestus to use during it's construction.

The party continue to be dogged by Ares who pops up at will to decimate the troops, seemingly whenever he is prayed for or too.

The dwindling group move ever onwards until the inevitable massive climax which aims to outdo the previous film's Kraken encounter. Whether that is achieved is debatable but the ending leaves everyone looking rather tired which does not bode well for the third and completing film, if there is to be one.

It is difficult to criticize a film that sets out to be daft, mocks itself at every opportunity, with actors and filmmakers having fun and puncturing any pomposity with a modern slang put down. Nobody actually says "whatever" but you get the idea.

Bill Nighy's character and scenes come across like "Monty Python and the Life of Brian" and there is no gravitas or sense of heft to any of the scenes or characterizations, despite the acting talent on display. Half an extra star added as no one actually asks, "what have the Romans ever done for us?".

You can imagine Greek scholars gnashing their teeth as this mash up of mythologies pays fast and loose with classic stories and "facts". Is this the worst type of Hollywood blockbuster, probably but you should be under no illusion when you buy the ticket.

The very definition of popcorn film-making, lots of it but lacking any substance whatsoever.


If you enjoyed the first film you will know what to expect and should not be too disappointed.

For those new to the series, this is a sword and sandals epic with lots of fighting, monsters and collossal amounts of CGI, with actors and film maker tongues placed firmly in their cheeks.

Nobody takes it too seriously, nor should you.

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Actually a better film than the original...

Author: JoeB131 from United States
25 July 2012

but that's a "leper with the most fingers" kind of praise.

So we pick up with Perseus left off, where his apparently immortal girlfriend died of "not wanting to be in the stupid sequel" disease. Meanwhile, he does hook up with the princess he had absolutely no interest in during the first movie, so there's that. (I really thought this was the biggest problem with the first film, if the hero doesn't care if the princess gets eaten by the monster, why should we?)

So the Gods have been betrayed and Kronos is about about escape from Taterus, and that would generally be a bad thing. And we get long sequences of CGI goodness with Liam what's his name calling it in. And it's usually a bad sign for your movie when you are checking your watch wondering how long the CGI sequence you don't care about is going to continue.

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It was simply okay; nothing more, nothing less

Author: Justin Matthews from Canada
21 July 2012

I went into watching this film with low expectations. The first one was pretty bad and I was hoping they stepped it up a notch. They did, in fact, they did a great deal. The story is pretty basic, a man living an average life with his family who just so happens to be a half- god is pulled into a war between good and evil. There is a main evil, and a henchman who does all his work. I know, the story does sound basic but they manage to pull it off smoothly. The visual effects are spectacular, but I think that was just the directors way of masking the mediocre acting and dry story. The movie did have its ups though, for example the fight scenes were impressive. My main problem was that the movie tried to use some comic relief, however it failed as the relief was NOT funny. Watch this movie if you're looking for a way to pass the time, but otherwise, just skip it.

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A huge disappointment for what was expected , but not bad a film

Author: Pdk3800 from United States
21 July 2012

"Go ahead, Kill Me.!!!!" Perseaus.

So I saw this June 27th, a day after its DVD release, on demand. Thank god. I did not spend the money on its theater because this film was not worth that much. It WAS better then clash, but for everything they put, it was a huge disappointment for what I expected but not bad a film. Espesially the final act. It wasn't bad and for what it was, you should watch it on DVD. What was interesting was that it was suppose to be May 18th and was suppose to feature more characters. Such as the Hydra, more of the Minotaur and a griffin. But they swithched a lot of it. Still, not a bad film

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Great special effects. Everything else is "eh..."

Author: kow626 from Orlando, FL
20 July 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Unlike Clash of the Titans, Wrath has a more capable director but it uses a cookie-cutter script like the first part. The special effects used to create The Kraken creature were top notch and that scene is the only reason I'd recommend to watch the first part. With that being said, the special effects used to create Cronus (and the Makhai) in the second part are the only reason I'd recommend watching it. Cronus was only featured in action briefly in a dream sequence at the beginning of the movie and full-on in the final act. Everything else about the movie was what you'd expect if you saw the first. Nothing special to write home about. It's completely predictable. One complaint was the dialogue of Cronus and the Makhai if you wanna call it dialogue. Were they speaking some ancient Titan language? Because their speech wasn't understandable. It just sounded like some garbled mumbling and grunting. Nope, it was never explained in the movie. No exposition, no subtitles. Don't you hate when they do that? They were better off not "speaking" at all.

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One of the worst movies i have ever seen

Author: Dimitris Zagor from Greece
15 July 2012

Please don't use Greek Mythology to create these bull.... Don't use names from the Greek Mythology to create a story that was never existed. If you want to use the name Perseas make a movie of the real story and not bull shits like this. The best thing i can say about this movie is that is awful.

Nothing to see except effects.

I really like Liam Neeson i thing is one of the good actors. I cannot see him acting to this bull...

If anyone knows the least about Greek Mythology he will laugh with the most horrible movie ever

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