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Oliver Laxe goes full-on meta by casting himself in the role of a visiting moviemaker who travels to Morocco to shoot footage with disadvantaged children living in a shelter.
The New York Times
I can't say I enjoyed it, but I acknowledge that You All Are Captains has something to express that can't be said except the way it's said, and that way there be art.
We've been here before; you may now yell "Cut!," print it and call the concept a wrap.
Village Voice
When onscreen Laxe loses control of the film-within-the-film, off-screen Laxe's voice is subsumed into dreamily beautiful footage following a "script" laid out earlier by the kids. Or so it seems - by that point, we've seen enough of Laxe's brilliantly constructed deconstruction of "truth" versus "fiction" to know to question the authorship of every frame.

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