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Forestier's performance is a tour de force of comic acting, maintaining astonishing alertness and energy from shot to shot and scene to scene.
For those who wish to decode The Names of Love, there's a sharp commentary on French prejudices, character types, history, and culture embedded in Michel Leclerc's droll autobiographical French comedy.
Sara Forestier is uninhibited in the role and has great comic energy. She won the Cesar for best actress for this performance.
Leclerc and company manage to raise serious points and deliver intelligent laughs at the same time, which is no small feat.
The leads are charmingly mismatched, but adorable enough to root for, as a couple. Forestier is a wildly uninhibited actress, sexy as all get out. She makes this girl dangerous, seemingly capable of anything.
Sharp-witted, sometimes surreal and largely autobiographical French-language comedy.
It's always entertaining, and it boasts a terrific performance from Sara Forestier.
Chockfull of ideas in a way that's both scattershot and more than a little exciting.
The film is sometimes funny and occasionally smart yet never quite what it wants to be - funny and smart at the same time.
Strained and mildly amusing. The real reason to see the movie is the delightful performance by Sara Forestier, who rightly won the French version of the Oscar for her portrayal of the carefree Baya.
Director Michel Leclerc's comedy plays like one of those foreign-movie spoofs Jerry and the gang would go to see on a "Seinfeld" episode. Only here, there's no "young girl's journey from Milan to Minsk" - just from madcap to moronic.

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