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Season 1

Nar fantasizes what life would be like if he was a Na'vi from James Cameron's Avatar; the Fine Brothers are interviewed about their online Lost parody series.
Orkon Saves the Day
Nar calls on his D&D dungeon master, Orkon, to help save the Funhouse from Saug's draconic blood lust; Nar gets an update on comic books from Odin, King of the Gods.
7 Apr. 2010
Film Festival Fever!
The Funhouse holds a special "Dork by Dorkwest" film festival just for Nar; director Alexandre Phillipe is interviewed about his film The People vs. George Lucas.
19 Apr. 2010
Lobie's Big Change
Lobie, the Funhouse brain-in-a-jar, gets a sex change; Nar demonstrates how to slay a gorgon.
26 Apr. 2010
Axe Hardy
Nar's arch nemesis, Axe Hardy, is introduced when he humiliates Nar in an important audition; web personality Zadi Diaz is interviewed.
3 May 2010
Saug's Lament
Nar battles Circulon in an iPhone "App Off"; Saug is lovesick over a unicorn; film critic William Bibbiani discusses 3D films.
17 May 2010
The Janitor
A serial killer that is hunting down Hollywood TV execs has ties to the Funhouse; Nar inducts Nicolas Cage into his Nerd Worship hall of fame; new video games are previewed.
7 Jun. 2010
Pity the Fool
The Funhouse gets a new robot and the viewer's get to name it! Plus, Nar discusses the A-Team movie trailer with preview expert Anthony McLemore.
21 Jun. 2010
Dragonmaster Dan
Saug is hunted by the maniacal Dragonmaster Dan while Nar and Ryan attend the biggest video game event of the year: E3! Also, "Legend of Neil" star Tony Janning is interviewed.
5 Jul. 2010
Directed by Michael Bay
Michael Bay takes the Funhouse by storm to teach a thing or two about making blockbuster movies.
23 Jul. 2010
Lobie's Body Issues
Lobie plots to kidnap Angelina Jolie; Dugnot has news of the Robot Apocalypse; Nar interviews social media expert Kinsey Schofield.
29 Jul. 2010
Comic-Con 2010
The Fanboy Funhouse crew invades Comic-Con 2010 for convention floor and press line coverage.
16 Aug. 2010
The Axe Hardy Makeover
Nar gets a Hollywood makeover from his arch nemesis, Axe Hardy; the gang previews the best video games for the end of summer.
8 Sep. 2010
Little Girls Are Evil
Lobie is fed up with the sexist attitude in the Funhouse; Nar is hunted by an evil little girl; actress/host Casey McKinnon is interviewed.
20 Sep. 2010
23rd Century Mullet
Nar's filk music creates a wormhole that leads to a futuristic world of robotic mullets; Judalina Neira explains why girls heart geeks; Nar interviews the creators of BlackBox TV.
4 Oct. 2010
Can't Make Rent
The Funhouse gang faces eviction because Nar's blown all his money on video games; a three-year-old auditions for the new Superman movie.
18 Oct. 2010
A Funhouse Halloween
Nar gets suckered into celebrating Samhain with Doug the Druid; Dugnot throws a Halloween party with heavy metal band Bad Acid Trip.
2 Nov. 2010
Survival Jim
Survival Jim has tips on how to survive loneliness; Nar interviews Brett Register of 'Ask A Ninja'.
22 Nov. 2010
Saug's in Love
Saug has an internet crush on a video blogger; Nar interviews Jeff Lewis of 'The Guild'.
13 Dec. 2010
The Power of Blame
Dugnot's self help book, 'The Power Blame' hits the bestseller list and he is interviewed by morning zoo radio personalities Goober & The Viking; the Funhouse Gang starts to blame Nar for everything bad in their lives.
27 Dec. 2010
Death in the Funhouse: Part One
Circulon and his maniacal master plot to destroy The Funhouse, starting with Nar's hair; Nar interviews Beau Ryan of 'Radnerd'; The Gang lists the top video games of 2010.
27 Dec. 2010
Death in the Funhouse: Part Two
One of the Funhouse Gang meets a horrific death; Axe Hardy returns and challenges Nar to a final battle; the top movies of 2010 are listed.
8 Apr. 2011
Goober & the Viking Special #1
Morning Zoo deejays Goober & The Viking interview Nar.
5 May 2011
Goober & the Viking Special #2
Morning zoo deejays Goober & The Viking interview survivalist Survival Jim.

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