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Boxoffice Magazine
As entertaining as it is educational.
The message here is vital, though, and Siegel retains the gift of making you dream of making a difference.
A remarkable documentary that's also one of the most beautiful nature films I've seen.
Among the film's more intriguing revelations is the key role California's almond crop plays in the nation's bee industry.
The documentary begins to lose its shape as Siegel ponders the spiritual and cultural impact of the honeybee, but it does succeed in flagging a potentially critical problem.
A creative exploration of the global honeybee crisis replete with remarkable nature cinematography, some eccentric characters and yet another powerful argument for organic, sustainable agriculture in balance with nature.
Village Voice
True to form, Queen of the Sun presents inspiring and direct solutions from the likes of journalist Michael Pollan, activist Vandana Shiva, and biodynamic farmer and author Gunther Hauk, but it also glosses over the question of how migratory beekeepers, among others, would make a living if those fixes were enacted.
A fine enough piece of work, but it's a shame Werner Herzog didn't get to Gunther Hauk first.
Slant Magazine
Queen of the Sun is honey pornography with an activist heart.
Where have all the bees gone? That's the question Taggart Siegel's documentary attempts to answer by interviewing organic farmers about the phenomenon known as colony collapse disorder.

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