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Giorgio's Italian Restaurant, Sacramento, Cali.

Patrick and Kristina go on their first date, which she immediately interrupts by telling their server his dead relatives say hi. Uncle Ed says "roll tide." The waiter explains Ed was a 'Bama fan. He openly scoffs. "You're so ferocious in your lack of faith," she says, asking why he can't just believe.

At the office, Van Pelt's computer seems to crash and then she sees a streaming video of a someone breaking into a house in the middle of the night and creeping up on a woman as she sleeps.

On his date, Patrick is dazzling Kristina with stories of the time he intentionally went to jail when he has to excuse himself to go to the bathroom and breathe.

Van Pelt calls. On her computer we see a video of Red John's bloody smiley face on the wall.

At the office he and Kristina watch the video, which shows a woman waking up and screaming, then being killed. It's been posted on-line. It comes with a message: "I am becoming what I am meant to be/Your children's children will worship me."

Kristina says she thinks the woman died recently and they'll find her soon, near water. Rigsby gives a report of a college student being found in the Bay Area.

Jane pulls Hightower aside and asks that Kristina not be allowed to tag along. "Red John is mine," he says. She agrees.

Kristina gets a sense of Jane's feelings and excuses herself. At the elevator she tells him no hard feelings and kisses him good-bye on the cheek.

Marley Sparrow's house in Oakland Jane looks over the victim, then around her room. He gets a read on her then announces it wasn't Red John. He wants her papers sent to CBI.

Pacific Heights University, Orinda Jane checks out the candle and teddy bear shrine her friends left for her. The roommate who found her says she was gone snowboarding for two days and Marley was supposed to come but didn't because her police officer boyfriend Grady Ship was supposed to come up from San Francisco. The roommate Ruth and her boyfriend Dillon had never seen him because he always waited in the car when he came over.

Her academic adviser mentions teaching a serial killer class last year in which Red John was mentioned.

Meeting later at a bar the team reports that Marley's cop boyfriend was using a made up name, Grady Ship. Jane recognizes it as an inmate who did time with a friend of Red John's.

Jane notices Kristina on a TV at the bar. The sound is off but the captions show she's urging Red John to get help, telling him he can change. Jane runs out of the bar.

Later, in Hightower's office, she expresses her "dismay" at Kristina going on TV and Jane tries to get her to understand that she's done exactly what he did: acted like he understood Red John on TV, which led to him killing his wife and daughter. Kristina argues that because Jane was lying and she was telling the truth, Red John won't come after her. Jane wants her protected.

Van Pelt finds an address for a "GS" written in Marley's notebook. Rigsby and Cho head there and find a boarded up warehouse. There are dozens of Red John smiley faces all over the walls and a bucket of blood. Something crashes through the skylight at them and they run after a man. He gets away on a motorcycle but he drops a lens cap.

Jane thinks it means the killer is a voyeur, a fanboy. He tells them to go to the university film club.

They end up back with Marley's advisor. She gives them the class list she promised Lisbon and also one for the film club. A dude named Wesley is on both lists. She says he's sweet but strange.

They check out his dorm and find it completely empty. Lisbon reports to Jane and Kristina that Wesley looks good for it, but Kristina doesn't think so, Marley didn't mention it. Jane scoffs again.

Lisbon gets a call from the FBI in Nevada, they have a Red John case.

She tells Kristina: Red John killed the woman who interviewed her.

Lake Tahoe, Nevada

Jane checks out the scene and looks at the hacked up victim. He declares it's Red John. Jane wants to get back to Kristina's.

Back at CBI HQ, Rigsby and Cho have found Wesley's mom drives a black SUV like the mysterious Grady drives, according to Ruth and Dillon.

Jane goes back to Kristina's. She thinks Red John only wanted to create fear and now she's safe. He tries to get her to to own her mistake, but she asks him to leave.

Franklin Heights, Cali. A nosy neighbor tells Cho and Rigsby that Wesley's mom disappeared three days ago. They bust in and find hungry cats everywhere. There's a shrine to Marley in the bedroom and a Red John smiley face in lipstick with the initials G.S.

They take the shrine back to HQ. Jane's distracted but Lisbon asks for his help figuring out where the photos were taken. He gives them a location.

Jane calls Kristina. Van Pelt answers, saying she's taking a nap. She goes to get her and Jane can only listen as Van Pelt realizes that Kristina isn't there.

At HQ, Lisbon says Kristina took her bag, a passport and credit card. Jane thinks Red John could still have her. Hightower tells them Missing Persons will find her.

The team goes to follow up on possible locations for Wesley and Lisbon and Hightower tell an amped up Jane to stay put.

He examines a photo on the shrine then gets in his car and drives to Salinger Mill. He finds a corner that matches the photo. He leaves Lisbon a message telling her where he is. He decides not to go into the abandoned hotel then changes his mind and goes in.

Inside, he's quickly jumped from behind.

After a drive, he wakes up strapped to a chair with Saran Wrap. Creepy Wesley/Grady Ship starts telling him he'll have the honor of dying for Red John, except that he fumbles the line and says to someone in the distance that he wants to try it again. He gives his pre-death speech again. When he picks up a knife Jane suggests he stop and try the line again, with feeling. Jane remains completely calm like a director then tells Wesley it's OK, he knows they've got his mom and are making him play a part. He calls for Ruth and Dillon.

They come out from behind the camera. He says they're the only ones who mentioned Grady Ship. Ruth says she did the killing and Dillon filmed, but Marley deserved it.

Jane calls it a lame slasher movie, but Dillon says it'll have real blood. He tells Wesley they're just going to kill him when they're done. Ruth calls it art. Wesley is scared and apologizes to Jane and raises his knife.

A gun shot rings out and Dillon goes down. Then Ruth is shot through the chest and Wesley is hit in the leg. Ruth is begging for her life when a man with a squeaky high voice stands over her and says: "If there's one thing I can't tolerate, it's cheap imitations of my work."

Jane, still strapped to the chair, is forced to watch as Ruth's throat is slit. Wesley, still very much alive, looks at Jane, petrified, as the man comes over. We haven't seen his face yet and he asks Jane if he knows who he is. He does.

He puts his face close to Jane's and he's either horribly disfigured or wearing a mask. He says: "Tiger, tiger burning bright, in the forests of the night/ What immortal hand or eye could frame thy fearful symmetry?"

He goes away for a moment, then pops back. He tells Jane that Kristina would want him to send her love. He says "roll tide" and leaves.

Two Days Later Lisbon checks with Jane, asking him if he's sure Red John said nothing at all. "Nothing," he says.

Jane goes home to his twin mattress on the floor and repeats the poem Red John recited. (It's William Blake's "The Tiger.")


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