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Erased starts out strong...but for the rest of the running time, we are watching Ben catch up with us, and that makes for uninteresting cinema no matter how kinetic the action.
Time Out London
Don’t tell Liam Neeson, but someone had the gall to make a violent Euro-thriller about a rampaging American dad without him. And not a bad one either.
Slant Magazine
The film seldom pushes beyond the bare-minimum dictates of the thriller, only rarely offering up a memorable action sequence.
Village Voice
A thriller whose storytelling ingredients are so familiar that one could watch it with the sound off and still know what's going on.
Eckhart makes a decent Damon stand-in, but there’s nothing here than hasn’t been done (better) before.
The Guardian
This semi-efficient, Belgian-set timewaster fuses Taken with Unknown, and almost works.
Eckhart’s status as the most likable too-handsome man this side of Chris Isaak will endure long after this film is erased from memory — which starts immediately.
Erased is a snoozy, sputtering Euro chase flick—a sort of poor man’s Liam Neeson revenge movie.
All we know is that the only sure way to avoid the loss of any more I.Q. points in the world today is to stay away from movies like Erased.
The film’s glib disregard for collateral murder runs to farcical extremes.

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